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December 1, 2010

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D������� 1, 2010 The Kitchen DivaBy Angela Shelf Medearis Stress-Free Holidays The holidays are meant to be a joy- ful time of celebration with family and friends. But often, all that celebrat- ing -- and the work it entails behind the scenes -- can lead to some serious holiday stress. According to nutrition expert Gloria Tsang, founder of, foods can be used to calm the nerves, rather than resorting to popping a pill or trying to cram “relaxing” activities into an already overpacked sched- ule. “We all have certain foods that just make us feel good,” Tsang says. “But there are also foods that really do have calming properties based on how their specific nutrients are used by the body.” Here are a few of the foods that will help calm those frazzled holiday nerves: Tea: Just holding a warm mug can calm us down, but not if it’s full of caf- feine. A warm drink can help soothe frazzled nerves, especially on a cold day. Instead of sipping coffee, which is packed with agitating caffeine, opt for green, white or black tea instead. It contains half as much caffeine as coffee, and is loaded with beneficial flavonoid compounds. Skip the cream and sugar to make your cup of relax- ation calorie-free. Whole-grain pasta/popcorn: Many high-carb foods are already thought of as “comfort” foods. But did you know that the whole-grain versions of these old favorites also contain good carbs, which can boost serotonin (the “feel- good” brain chemical) to help reduce stress? Go for whole-grain pasta, whole- grain bread, brown or wild rice, or pop- corn if you need a dose of comfort. Dark-green vegetables: Just one more reason why your mother al- ways told you to eat your broccoli -- it contains high levels of B vitamins, a group of stress-relieving vitamins that also can calm anxiety and depression. Other dark-green vegetables like kale, chard, collard greens, bok choy, aspar- agus and green beans also fit into this category. Nuts and seeds: Nuts and seeds can take the edge off gnawing afternoon hunger that may itself be stressing you out. Plus, they contain high levels of B vitamins and magnesium -- another mineral involved in serotonin produc- tion. Too many of these tasty snacks can add a lot of extra calories to your diet, though (for example, 15 cashews contain about 180 calories), so stick to not more than 1.5 ounces of unsalted nuts or seeds per day Citrus fruits: Fruits like oranges, grapefruit, kiwis and strawberries are all excellent sources of vitamin C -- a potent stress-busting vitamin. Plus, the vitamin C found in citrus fruits is involved in the production of collagen, which helps keep your skin firm and reduces wrinkling, helping you hide the effects of stress you’ve already lived through. With so many extra tasks to take care of -- from holiday shopping to prepar- ing that big holiday meal -- the holi- days can be surprisingly stressful. By adding these top stress-busting foods to your diet, you can calm your nerves and reduce your stress levels without having to pop a pill. That should help keep your holidays merry and bright. Angela Shelf Medearis is known as The Kitchen Diva! She’s the executive pro- ducer and host of “The Kitchen Diva!” cooking show on Her new- est inspirational book is “10 Ingredi- ents for a Joyous Life and a Peaceful Home -- A Spiritual Memoir,” co-writ- ten with Pastor Salem Robinson, Jr., Visit her Web site at (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. Now Open in Quartzsite! WiGo Communication Computer Sales & Accessories Computer Repair Center Cell Phone Service Provider & Accessories 395 N. Central Blvd. Wireless, Keyboards, USB Cords, Data Storage, Routers, Switches, More! Open Mon-Fri. 10-5 928-927-5958 ���.D�����M��������.��� P��� 35 TYSON WELLS MARKET SQUARE Oct 1, 2009 - March 30, 2011 QUARTZSITE SHOWGROUNDS Oct. 1, 2010 - April 31, 2011 Annual RICE RANCH “Yawl Come” SHOW Nov 1, 2009 - Feb 28, 2010 MAIN STREET TRADERS OPEN YEAR ROUND Nov 1, 2010 - Feb 28, 2011 HI ALI SWAPMEET Nov 1, 2010 - Mar 28, 2011 MARKET PLACE SHOWGROUNDS Nov 1, 2010 - Feb 28, 2011 PROSPECTOR’S PANORAMA Nov 1, 2010 - Feb 28, 2011 GREASEWOOD SWAP Nov. 1, 2010 - April 1 2011 CLUB & ORGANIZATION FAIR Nov 4, 2010 - Senior Center ROCKIN’ IN QUARTZSITE! Sneak Preview of Rock Art Nov. 6, 2010 - Artist Gala, Tyson Wells 5-8pm 7th ANNUAL CHRISTMAS LIGHT PARADE Dec. 4, 2010 DESERT GARDENS 10th. ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL GEM, MINERAL & JEWELRY SHOW Jan. 1, 2011 - Feb. 28, 2011 THE MAIN EVENT Jan. 8, 2011 - Jan. 23, 2011 Steam Engine Show JanTBA 20TH ANNUAL HI JOLLY DAZE PARADE Jan. 8 TYSON WELLS ROCK & GEM SHOW Jan. 7 - Jan. 16, 2011 TYSON WELLS SELL-A-RAMA Jan. 21 - Jan. 30, 2011 BIG TENT SPORTS, VACATION & R.V. SHOW Jan. 22 - Jan. 30, 2011 45TH ANNUAL Q I. A. POW WOW Jan. 19 - Jan. 23, 2011 BIG TENT HOBBY CRAFT & GEM SHOW Feb. 2 - Feb. 6, 2011 TYSON WELLS ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR Feb. 4 - Feb. 13, 2011 BIG TENT CLASSIC CAR SHOW Feb. 5 - Feb. 6, 2011 5TH ANNUAL WILLPOWER/PAWPOWER ATV PARADE and THE ARIZONA CENTENNIAL KICKOFF - Feb. 12, 2011, Town Park QUARTZSITE QUILTERS QUILT SHOW Feb. 11 & 12, 2011 Senior Center QUARTZSITE MASTERS TUFF GOLF- TBA 7th ANNUAL “IT’S CHILI IN QUARTZSITE” Chili Cook-Off & State Salsa Championship Feb. 26, 2011 ROCKIN’ IN QUARTZSITE! 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