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December 1, 2010

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D������� 1, 2010 By Jedidiah Free As I sat at my campsite yesterday, en- joying the warm weather and sunshine, a roadrunner scurried by, followed shortly by a small flock of mountain quail. Later, a ground squirrel romped in my woodpile, as if trying to entice me into a game of hide-and-seek. I had forgotten about those times, sit- ting quietly in the desert letting its peacefulness calm my soul after a long stressful summer working in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Some things in the desert never change- like the old and familiar stately Saguaros. There is some comfort in knowing that, and being thankful for it, in this world full of change. Here in Quartzsite, many things have changed since last winter. Lots of changes happened in the politics of the town. Many of our favorite businesses have undergone changes, too, some big, some small. At the Palo Verde Café, my winter-season employment, there are awesome new menu items like the Tuna Salad and the Quartzsite Pita, and a new spaghetti dinner spe- cial on Wednesday nights. And lots of new faces, mixed in with the old famil- iar ones. The Main Street Laundromat has be- come the Main Street Laundromat and Eatery. Michelle and Jerry have been hard at work building a new restaurant with interesting vegetarian options for those of us who are not carnivores. They still have the same great coffee and chili, and you can sit inside or outside. And, as always, clothes and people can go in there dirty and come out clean. Even in my own life, some things have changed. I have a new kayak, which has opened up doors to explore places here that I haven’t been before, like Martinez Lake in Imperial Refuge or the Bill Williams River near Parker. And, of course, if Tyson Wash Floods again this winter, I could always kayak to work if need be. ���.D�����M��������.��� The old and new in Quartzsite And I have a new alternative power system, and a cool battery-operated fridge (no pun intended), so I am set for the winter out in the desert. My old system from last year had several issues, but Craig, at Discount Solar on Plymouth and Main, did wonders for me to get my old system working even better than when it was new. When I arrived here last week, I was surprised to see so many people here already. I recognize many of the rigs out in the desert from last year. Some people are in the same old spot, some have moved, and some new people have moved in. There are old friends to catch up with, and new friends to make. It will be a good winter. I chose a new camping spot this year. I like change. For me it is exciting to see so many changes here in Quartzsite, and I am thankful for change. But the roadrunner, the quail, and the ground squirrel remind me of the things that don’t change. The ancient, towering Sa- guaros are symbolic of the things about the desert that have been the same for thousands of years- the peacefulness, the quiet, the wide-open spaces that free your spirit. Even when the busy season starts and Quartzsite town is bustling, the desert is a refuge from the craziness. I am thankful for that. Time passes slowly here. It is easy to feel re- laxed and tranquil. That is something that I hope will never change. HAM RADIO Amateur Radio Bible Net 145.600 MHZ 8:00 AM Every Day Except Sunday Open to all HAMS Please check in with us. WE’RE BACK & CAN’T WAIT TO SEE ALL OUR FRIENDS!! Don’s Rocks Decorative Landscaping Hauling, Dumptruck & Backhoe Services Call Don 928-927-3080 208-255-6955 665 W. Tyson Street, Quartzsite Pastor Bruce Swart 928-927-5808 P��� 25 Changing Hearts...Changing Lives Through Worshipping God & Serving Others NOW SERVING BREAKFAST! Everyone Welcome! • Tuesday & Thursday mornings • 7:30 - 9:30 am $3 suggested donation Come and enjoy a great breakfast with friends, old or new, in a relaxing atmosphere! • Sunday: Christian Education 9am Worship 10:30am Evening Worship 7pm • Wednesday: SERVICE TIMES: • Thursday: 12 Steps to Freedom 7pm • Friday: Women’s Bible Study - 10am Bible Study 7pm Church Discipleship Class 10 am Grow in your relationship with God Fire Station

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