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September 04, 2013

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22 CLASSIFIEDS Stray or Feral cats? September 4, 2013 By Beth Praast having cats in their yard, and these simple tips will help you divert outdoor cats away Part 1 of a 2 Part Article from certain areas. • Place a tight lid on your trash can. ExDo you have a stray or strange cat hanging posed trash bags will attract other wildlife *for items under $999 (30 words, 1/mo./private party) around your home lately? Do you know the as well. $ difference between a stray or abandoned 30See if neighbors are feeding the cats. If • words 4.50/ad or cat and a feral cat? Here are a few tips to they are, please ask them not to do this or $ make Twice are doing it on a regular sure they for 8 help you determine the difference. schedule. A feral cat is a domestic cat born in It is a cat's natural instinct to dig and dewild. They have had no human contact, 928-916-4235 - 541-218-2560 and like any "wild" animal will be leery posit in soft or loose soil, moss, mulch, or of any human. For the most part, a feral sand. So if this is a problem: PROPANE TANK 100 lb OFFICE RENT orange and lemon peels or • cat will not approach you. If you have laidFOR Scatter fresh 32 FT. TRAVEL TRAILER vertical, food for it, the feral cat will for Chiroprac- with 28 ft. metal awning. out any 25 gallons, usable. Perfect not spray with citrus-scented fragrances. Coftor, walked fee grounds, New paint or oil and out. $65/OBO. 352-895-2744 approach the food until you have Massage Therapist or pipe tobacco,inside of lavenReasonable New carpet & tile. Ready to away from the food you've put Professional. der, lemongrass, citronella, or eucalyptus down. JACKET Jeff Gordon,No purring, very little are all natural cat deters. Feral cats are silent. NAS- Rates, $300/mo. Includes move! $3,000/offer. CAR sounds unless of course it is a water, trash. the herb rue to repel cats, or sprinvocal race driver. Exc.condi- electric,male • PlantALSO 928-671-0778. ROOM FOR kle & Private tion. $50. 928-927-5687. who can sense a female in season (that will RENT dried rue over your garden. RV Space for • Use plastic LAPIZ & MFG. OPAL, silver be discussed in another article). The feral rent. Centrally carpet runners spike-side up, QUARTZSITE BARBER located. 928-821-3770. cat can appear well groomed and therefore covered lightlysetting hinged can be found in soil. They necklace and is usually mistakento 250 E. earring set by Calvin stores. SHOP has Moved for an abandoned or lost at local hardware or office supply Begay, cat. It is noteworthy, that feral cats are noc- Or, set chicken wire623-249-0523. dirt Main St. (between RoadNICE MOBILE HOME, 64 $500. firmly into the turnal. The silent vocals$11 nocturnal be- & fridge, fully runner & Chevron) and ft. New heater with sharp edges rolled under. havior is in-bred like many other wild ani- • deck, stor- block or seal any location the Ladies Haircut! Open Tues furnished, large Physically HOUSE FOR RENT 3 bedmals. They hunt in928-821- when it's safer, swing. Could room, 2chickendoublewide, - Sat. 8am-1pm. the night age shed, nice cats are entering with bath wire or latand they do not make any vocal sounds to ticeattached. are certain the with are not be moved, wheels once you 1400 sq. ft. cats fridge/ 3770. alert any predators of their location.Moon Mt. RV Park #39 freezer, washer & before inside. Be sure to search for kittens dryer. 55+ Cats have been Rentals. $11,500/offer.509-489-0157 Large front deck. $650/mo AL'S RV PARK living outdoors near hu- confirming that the cats have left–espemans for centuries and can survive on their cially during spring, prime kitten season. Available from $350/month. 1st, last + $250 deposit. 776 or 509-595-8602. own. Do porches, that just because the cat Feral cats cannot be socialized, please Large not think swamp Granada Dr., Q Mt. Vista is outdoors, perhaps sheds.heat or X 60 MOBILE HOME,a feral cat to your local pound, coolers and storage in the 14 extreme do not take Estates. 928-916-8201. cold that it is suffering. Feral cats are quite 1 bath, setor animal sanctuary unless they Call 928-927-6715 or e2 bedroom, shelter, up happy with their lifestyle. Like in 55+ park Quartzsite. Re- advertising or promoting a all animals, are currently SMALLER 350 B ATV, mail feral cats make their homes modeled. Big wrap-around 500cc Quad. Runs, brand where they program called, "Trap-Neuter-Returnfind shelter and food, often inscreened porch. $16,000/ new not doing the feral cat close prox- Program". You are motor, needs battery. TOW BAR FOR SALE. imity to humans. any favor, and you are not 805-215-2564. doing your local Like new, never used to tow. offer. 928-671-0778. Only $300. Quartzsite has quite a large population of shelter any favor. Fits feralChryslerknow or? $125. cats. I T&C that not everyone enjoys The most humane way of caring for or CLASSIFIEDS FOR PUBLISHER'SRV PARK CARETAKER WANTED for SALE: 7 SPACE NOTICE: All 2 bdrm, plus real estate 2advertised herein is bath mobile security purpose on 30 acres onsubject to thenear shopping/ near Quartzsite. Some light 1 acre Federal Fair Housing Act, Large trees & cactus, chores in trade for FREE RV library. which makes it illegal to advertise "any preference, limitation, quite park, CUP for 9 spaces. space. Available immediately. or discrimination because of race, Good income, low maint. Call for details. 951-532-5604. color, religion, sex, handicap, familNew status, or & backflow valve electric national origin, or intenial just installed. any such preference, tion to make $149,500 for WANTED: PARK MODEL/ quick sale! discrimination." limitation, or 928-916-3514. nice trailer to rent from Oct. thru April. Professional couple Will send photos on request. working in SALES w/ small MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY! WANTED:QuartzsiteCLERK very well Reader's General Manager needed Nov-March behaved hypoalWANTED: OFFICE SPACE. lergenic Bookstore. Call to oversee daily operations Oasis dog. Call Steven or Accupuncturist Truck Stop! Helen at 602-625-6612. of busy 24 hrlooking to share 928-927-6551 or apply in or rent a business space from person. Ideal candidates will exOct. strong Quartzsite. hibit thru April inleadership 1999 DODGE CARAVAN, runs Call Steven 602-625-6612. good, needs body work $1500. skills and thrive in a fast- MOUNTAIN-BIKE Sync 928-927-9551. paced environment. Com- Reaction Backlash, aluFULL SIZE COKE MACHINE. petitive salary + bonus plan minum, 29in-wheels, diskComplete has Dollar Bill WOODEN DROP LEAF with robust benefit pack- brakes, 18-speed. New. Changer, asking $50. No deliv- dinnette set with padded swivel age! Apply at Texaco, Cost: $220, sell $175/OBO. ery MUST pickup. Allan (Ace) chairs. Like New $350. Sears 18221 Tom Wells @ I-10, 352-895-2744 Chandler. 928-927-6409 treadmill. Excellent condition Ehrenberg today!! $250. 928-927-9551. FOR RENT: 2 BDRM, 2 BATH TOW DOLLY Wheel-straps, BUS DRIVER WANTED. chains, extragreat condition, mobile in RV park, with add- GAS DRYER, tire. Some Palo Verde Valley Transit rust/peeling. Older unit but on. $600/mo. plus elect. Also $150/OBO. 928-927-9684. Agency in Blythe space for well-built. $750/OBO. one RV/5th wheel is looking for$175/mo. with Class 352-895-2744 WATERFALL rent, a driver plus elect. ANTIQUE B Commercial license with BEDROOM set w/new box 440 E. Sunrise. Sonrise Passenger 928-916-3514 or EAZ-ALIGN foldaway cond. spring & mattress. Exc. towRV Park. Endorsement. Apply at 125 W. Murphy, bar, with safety chains, $1200. 928-927-9551. Blythe, CA 92225. Sub- bolts, clip-pin. Good used mit MVR FIND WATER to drill condition. $125/OBO. 352NEED TO from Motor VePOLES FOR ARIZONA ROOM, hicle Division when"Water 895-2744 a well? Never fear the you some panels, many extra fitapply. is MustCall Jonback- tings, $100. 928-387-3187. Witch" here. pass at ground check. 928-927-5196. 1999 FLEETWOOD MOBILE home, porch model, 16x70. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, big deck, furnished. Many extras! Located at Desert Gardens, 55+ park. Call to see, 928-927-5771. COZY CRADLE BABY SLING is a convenient, comfortable, secure and safe way to wear your baby! We offer Pretty Pink DOWNSIZING BIG TIME! and Go Green for an affordable I have to downsize and am $17. Forthe following items: selling more info visit: Kitchen table and chairs, 9 drawer dresser, several OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR, shelves, spices, Tupper$500. Compac laptop computware, humidifier, hoses er with Windows Vista, $200. with nozzle (9 different setLexmarkyarn, crafting$25. All tings!), color printer, items, in great condition. Prices neall sort of fun knick knacks, gotiable. 928-927-6021. 1 large original framed painting, outside chairs, 72 TRAVELEZE TRAILER/ small outside table, lamp, park model, $2000. 32' x 8', end table/shelf, crystal deck w/4' x 8' tip-out. Includes goblets, jewelry, essential from and shed. Must move oils, herbs and other assorted Black Rock RV in Brenda. 928items. Prices range from 387-3187. $1 to $25, (except painting which is more), HANDYMAN ZANE no REASONABLE it. Professional, Fix it or build offer refused! Call 801-502-7088 located year-round, references, in Apt 22 rates, reasonable Senior Apartwork ments. Please call before guaranteed. Happy to help! coming over. Free estimates. Not a licensed contractor. 928-97-5240. 928-927-5687. In Quartzsite. FR�E �����I�I��S* eliminating a feral cat colony is to humanely trap them and see that they are neutered and vaccinated and then released back into the wild. If you don't want the feral cat in your neighborhood, release it away from your home. This ensures that the cats will live longer, healthier lives. Females will not get pregnant or need to nurse, and male cats will not fight or prowl for mates. It's so important to always remember, a feral cat is wild, for Sept. 18th do not attempt to tame or domesticate it. If you have found very small kittens that are feral, they could possibly be soedition of cialized and adopted out to good homes. There really is no hard and fast rule on how many weeks old is "too old" for Desert a kitten to be handled, or how long the socialization process will take. Typically, the older the kitten is, the longer it will take to socialize her. ThisMessenger addressed at a subject will be later date in a different article. In Part two we will discuss and learn about stray, abandoned, or neglected cats. Stay tuned…. DEADLINE: Wed. 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