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May 5, 2010

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M�� 5, 2010 Turn Your Mess into Your Success Have you ever made a mess of some- thing? Or found yourself in a trouble- some state? When you are suddenly caught in the midst of chaos, what you do, and how you think contributes to your dilemma. Your thoughts can support you or tear you apart. Positive thinking is a great habit to have, espe- cially in times such as these. Whenever you can take lemons and turn them into lemonade, you are on the right path. Turning a mess into success can occur through careful plan- ning or sometimes, simply by living. The answers are usually always right in front of you, just waiting for you to discover. Here are three examples: Paula lived at Wal-Mart in her car without a cent to her name. Plastic bags were always draping the parking lot. Sometimes she became fascinated as she watched them blow in the wind. One early morning she was watching a bag dance in the wind. She felt called to chase it. It became a game, as she joy- ously collected dancing plastics bags. Paula loved to crochet. It was some- thing that her grandmother had taught her. But she could not afford any yarn. One night she began cutting the plastic bags in strips, tied them together to use them as yarn. She began crochet- ing rugs, then purses. One night a new camper was parking for the night at Wal-Mart before going to a barter fair. When he met Paula and saw all her work, he told her she could sell her items at the barter fair too. He offered D����� M�������� THOUGHTBUSTER.COM to give her gas money and to share his booth. Now Paula teaches and sells recycled items. Vicky is a single mother who survived a painful divorce. She made many mis- takes and learned many lessons. She often thought, “if only I would have known before what I know now”. Won- dering how to support her children she hired a coach. Her coach encouraged her to write what she had learned from her divorce experience. After her coach read what her writings, she encour- aged her to create a small affordable guidebook for mothers going through divorce. Then she would be able to use her book as a platform for helping oth- ers. Vicky was not sure if she was ready to help others yet, she needed a job right away. Her coach asked her what she was considering. Vicky said she just saw an advertisement for selling Avon. This was a perfect opportunity for a stay at home mom. Her mother used Avon products always raved about them. She began selling Avon keeping in mind that it was a stepping-stone to her future business. After seeing how helpful it was to have a coach herself, she decided she wanted to be a coach as well. Her coach began training Vicky to also become a coach. Soon she self- published her small booklet. Then she made a postcard size business card advertising her book and offering a free coaching session. Now she is a success- ATTENTION VETERANS Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services has trained personnel to assist you in obtaining benefits you may be entitled to from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. These services are available to active duty personnel, retired veterans, former service personnel, their dependents and survivors. Call Lee Borgen at (928) 505-4616 or visit their website at AMERICAN INDIAN JEWELRY & POTTERY Open Daily 8-5 Sunday 9-4 closed Tues ful divorce coach, and no longer sells Avon. David was managing a restaurant, but could not get good help. He always had to hire and fire someone just to end up with the same problem. As he talked to other business mangers he heard a lot of the same complaints. Employees showing up late, stealing or texting all the time on their cell phones. He started researching online and in the libraries for books or clues on how to inspire his employees to become a win- ning team. Once he started applying his new found skills he saw a huge differ- ence. Everyone was so much happier. He began telling the other business mangers about his success. They all wanted to know more. Seeing how valu- able this information was he compiled it into a workshop for companies. Now he owns his own company teaching managers what he once needed to know himself. Every problem has a need; every need fulfilled is an opportunity. If you have been reading my column then you know about my 22-year-old son who died suddenly from a heart P��� 9 attack. I could not find the support that I wanted. I tumbled falling into my dark night of the soul. However, with my coach- ing toolbox I re- membered how to survive. I took my mess and turned it around to expand my coaching practice through helping others in grief. Instead of just busting thoughts, I am now America’s Grief Coach. My new website will be up and running by the next issue, and my book will be published in June. When you turn things around to help others you feel good inside, like finding your purpose in life. If you want help in making your mess your success, thought busting or grief relief, email Life is good, Coach Louise Coach Louise Rouse and Copyright 20010 You’re invited to the screening of the inspirational documentary FINDINGS JEWELRY BEADS Black Hills Gold Jewelry, Mountings, Gems, Minerals, Southwest & How-to Books 1250 W. Main, Quartzsite 928-927-6381, Fax 928-927-4814 (across from McDonald’s) Friday, May 7 • 6:30 pm Senior Center, 40 Moon Mt., Quartzsite Suggested donation $5 (for the Grandmothers’ travels) Presented by Desert Messenger • • 541-218-2560

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