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May 5, 2010

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P��� 4 Political Choices Dear Editor: I was very surprised by the state of D����� M�������� THE PEOPLE’S VOICE towns in this tough economy. The Council is doing an amazing job con- sidering the serious problems inherited from the past. Many issues concerning people are politics here when my wife and I moved here last year. It’s hard to imagine how anything gets accomplished with constant bickering and disruptive dis- sident behavior. Quartzsite’s doing better than most really hurts our town and finances. The Council has good balance already which is healthy. Foster’s election would likely lead to just miscommunication, like Water and Sewer increases. Unless the Water and Sewer system pays for itself, the State will give it to a private company and rates will skyrocket. We have NO other reasonable option. The political choices in this election are pretty simple. If you want your town to move forward and become a better place to live, then the current Mayor and Council are the best choice. The alternative is to move backward to the politics of yesteryear (and the seri- ous problems that brings). Foster and other Reform people are costing the town considerable money with constant complaints, rumors, lawsuits and recalls. Each recall costs $5000-$7000. The residents pay those costs, which should make us furious. Why do we allow Quartzsite’s already stretched budget to be used for these constant needless expenses? “THE PEOPLE’S VOICE” Letters to Editor Policy Desert Messenger encourages letters from its readers. Letters should be no longer than 300 words, and may be ed- ited for grammar, content and length. We invite you to not only see a problem, but search for the solution to share with the community, keeping the benefit of all in mind. Letters considered libelous, in poor taste, on a personal issue, mean spirited or dominated by Scripture quotes will not be published. To avoid confusion over people with common or similar names, writers must provide a full name and indicate the name they are known by. Writers must provide a full street address and phone number. Rvers can provide the location of park/BLM land, etc. Street addresses will not be published. Phone numbers are for verification only and will not be printed. Mail letters to: The People’s Voice, Desert Messenger, P.O. Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85334 or E-mail to: 928-785-7204, 541-218-2560 firing of Town Manager, Police Chief, Building Department, etc. Losing these excellent, experienced people would be a DISASTER for Quartzsite. Bill Moore was formally dismissed from Town Council. Why would we want him on the Council again? We cannot afford to go back to old- style politics that caused the mess we’re in now. We need to all work together to help Quartzsite become a thriving, self-sufficient town. Please Vote on May 18th. Ron Jones, Quartzsite Animal Clinic goodness Letter to Editor: We recently lost our wonderful dog, Crystal, “the Amazing Wonder Dog”. Dr. Hadlock put her to sleep for us. She was approaching 15 years old and had many problems relating to her age. Dr. Hadlock was very humane in the way he treated her (and us) and we appreciate his kindness. The people who were waiting at the Recalling people for different views in people and it needs to be in the news more often. It occurs to me as the days have passed how little our animals leave behind in the way of material things. She had a food bowl, water bowl, treats, leash and bed. Her toys and tennis balls had not been used in a very long time. That was about it. How can that be? It seems that they need so little and give so much. ish YOUR BEST FRIEND and help our shelter in whatever way you can. Ellen Condit , Quartzsite resident Animal Clinic that morning let us to ahead of them when they heard why we were there. There is a lot of goodness C & B LOCK & KEY 33 YEARS EXPERIENCE 928-927-6589 Mobile Service Only Available Now TRANSPONDER AUTO KEYS (Electronic chip keys) Jeep, Chrysler, Ford Chevrolet, Toyota & many more! Betty Crenshaw, Owner General Store Quartzsite FOR ALL YOUR GROCERY NEEDS! OPEN 7 DAYS 8AM-6PM SALES RUN THURS.-SAT. (NEW FLYER TUES.) 410 E. MAIN ST. Fresh Meats (retail & wholesale) 928-927-6310 A.P.S. Pay Station AZ Lottery & Pick Fish & Game Licenses Beer & Wine didates that are running for office and encouraging the public to vote out the incumbents. After seeing the signs they have posted around town, I too might be hesitant to show my face in the community if I were them. These candidates are asking for your vote. Should they be elected, they will be making decisions that affect this com- munity. The same community that they have yet to participate in. What true good can come from this? I urge all voters of this town to think the “Walk for the Innocent” this morn- ing. It was a wonderful experience and a joy to mingle with the kids of our com- munity. I was also pleased to see the turn out of parents and citizens, along with the mayor and a few of our council members who joined in the walk. What I did not see were those can- Participants in community Editor; I had the opportunity to participate in Remember to always love and cher- Thank you, M�� 5, 2010 we are creating for the children of this town. Michelle Lukkasson, Quartzsite Citizen CEO’s opinion on PROP 100 Dear Editor, I generally oppose increasing taxes. Several years ago I spearheaded a three year tax to assist La Paz Regional Hos- pital in its recovery efforts. It allowed us a time of recovery and to position ourselves for the future. Because of that, we have been able to add more services and specialties to serve our communities. Being able to end that tax was also very rewarding. Arizona voters face a critical decision over the next several weeks. Prop.100 asks voters to approve a temporary - three-year - 1-cent increase in Arizo- na’s sales tax. The funds generated by the tax increase will protect our edu- cational, health-care and public-safety organizations from the full impact of spending cuts our legislators and gov- ernor recently made to balance the state budget. This sales-tax increase is modest, temporary and will help our state’s core institutions to stabilize as the state’s economy recovers. If voters reject Prop.100, our physi- long and hard on election day and take a good hard look at the progress our current council has made to improve this community. The primary reason for this is that they are participants in this community and are concerned for the success of this town and the future cians, hospitals and other health-care professionals will be subject to an ad- ditional 10 percent cut in payments for care they provide to patients enrolled in our state’s Medicaid program, the Arizona Health Care Cost Contain- ment System (AHCCCS). As a result, hospitals and other caregivers will lose $342 million per year in state and fed- eral matching funds. Without these revenues, hospitals will face tough choices. We may be forced to cut back on services to our communities and eliminate jobs - decisions that not only harm health care, but take our econo- my in the wrong direction. This 10% cut is already law; if the sales tax mea- sure fails, it will happen.  SEE LETTERS PAGE 5

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