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May 5, 2010

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P��� 14 Science 2ND AND 3RD GRADES: 1st place: CHEMISTRY: 1st place: Fair 2010 KINDERGARTEN THROUGH 1ST GRADE: 1st place: 2nd place: Braydon Hull 3rd place: Katie Cushman Ashtyn Timberlake 2nd place: Daniel Cushman 3rd place: Angel Baeza 2nd place: Wylie Owens & Rose Lowery 3rd place: Norma Mendivil & Amanda Nenigar EARTH: 1st place: Taylor Watson 2nd place: 3rd place: Elizabeth Bishop ZOOLOGY: 1st place: Wayne Behrendt 2nd place: Brian Johnson 3rd place: Rhiyanna Timberlake Maricela Baeza & Stephanie Galarza ENGINEERING: 1st place: Shai Walker 2nd place: Olivia Graham 3rd place: Monique Sequra-Romero & Porsche Gresham HEALTH: 1st place: 2nd place: 3rd place: PHYSICS: 1st place: Jade Thompson & Stephanie Claytor Nicole Kimberlin Zachary Self 2nd place: Shane Lancaster 3rd place: Alexander Cavazos Kline Ritchie Destiney Hayes Maleiah Jaggers-Sharp Overall 4-8 grade all categories 1st place: Taylor Watson 2nd place:Tied Alex Cavazos & Nicole Kimberlin 3rd place:Shai Walker Overall K-3 grade 1st place: Maleiah Jaggers-Sharp 2nd place: Ashytn Timberlake 3rd place:Angel Baeza Above: Overall Winners Advanced to Yuma Science Fair Fri. April 30th. D����� M�������� M�� 5, 2010 Quartzsite Elementary School

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