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August 05, 2021

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"Thousands," With one word, Ray Rice wrapped up 45 years of teaching martial arts. His presence on Main Street, Forest City is highlighted by words like "attitude," and "humility," painted across the fronts of his two storefront studio. His classes have touched thousands. He has traveled the world and the United States fi ghting and participating in workshops, but his heart, no matter where he is, is with Jesus and his hopes that his students will learn, "discipline, character, and morals." He showed a fi sh logo with the words, "Jesus. Don't leave earth without him." He blames an early failure to pray and study the Bible on some setbacks. After kicking off his teaching efforts in 1976, his fi rst studio was a total loss to fi re with no insurance in 1982. He worked extra jobs to keep the school open and learned hard business lessons along the way. To say that he never gave up is pretty obvious. A sign out front during class reads, "The years teach much that the day never knew." 45 years looks pretty good on paper. More than 16,000 days held their share of pain and disappointment. "Disappointment is the devil's most powerful tool," he said, remembering how hard it was to bury his parents and show up for work, "with a smile on my face." He added, "Grief can really take a toll." But Rice lights up like a candle when he talks about his two sons, Brandon and Cory who have both earned black belts in Karate and his friend and co-teacher, Charles Carson, who has been with him for 44 of those 45 years. "If you look up loyalty in the dictionary, his picture is next to it," Rice said of Carson. He is also deeply grateful to his wife, Anita, for the support she has shown through those more than 16,000 days during which time his studio was egged, his house and studio broken into, and so- called "friends" swindled him out of personal fi nances. Now, almost 66, he faces another challenging bout, prostate cancer. He feels laser treatment and early detection will give him a good outcome. Among the most inspiring friends were Jack Adams, "Like a brother to me," and Stanley Webb, Jeff Twitty, but adds, "There's a bunch of them." Another of the dozens of slogans written on his walls is "Tough times never last. Tough people do." He also grins to remember Tommy Hicks, whose Amazin' Shopper preceded Rutherford Weekly. Hicks would often match Rice with fi ctional opponents like Chuck Norris and would predict battles between Rice and other local notables. Hicks put Rice's picture on the Hanes Tower in another of the former publisher's favorite gags. Continued on page 5. HOST CITY Welcome Wednesday, August 11 Bobby Bell Pavilion--5pm! 126 West Marion St. Shelby, NC Join the WELCOME PARTY for the eight regional Champions! FREE concert by The Embers featuring Craig Woolard Visit for more information ISSUE NO. 31 • August 5, ISSUE NO. 31 • August 5, 2021 • 2021 • • 828-248-1408 • 828-248-1408 Our 29 th Year • Over 25,000 Weekly Readers ©Community First Media Community First Media 719 S. Broadway, Forest City Right off Exit 182 from US74 828-229-3123 828-229-3123 MONDAY-FRIDAY 9:30-5; MONDAY-FRIDAY 9:30-5; SATURDAY 9:30-3 SATURDAY 9:30-3 •LONGBOARD SKATEBOARDS •LONGBOARD SKATEBOARDS & PARTS & PARTS •VAPES •VAPE JUICES •VAPES •VAPE JUICES DELTA 8 PRODUCTS DELTA 8 PRODUCTS DETOX SUPPLIES DETOX SUPPLIES Vapes & Vape Juices Thousands Inspired Ray Rice Fought Tough Battles in 45 Years IN GOD WE TRUST! IN GOD WE TRUST! Article by Pat Jobe Ray Rice stands next to his sandwich board sign that sits on Main Street when his studio is open. It's full of encouragement and mementoes of his 45 years of teaching and competing.

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