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NWA Democrat-Gazette Best of the Best 9 Sunday, October 29, 2017 BY DAVE WOODS NWA Democrat-Gazette A lice Walker may be Village Inn's biggest fan. The longtime marketer has been singing the praises of Village Inn since the family friendly restaurant opened its doors in Fayetteville 20-plus years ago. She understands area residents' attraction to the place and its sister restaurants in Bentonville and Ft. Smith. "I think it's because our food is made to order," she said. "It's made fresh as you order it and we have an extensive menu. If you bring a family there is going to be something for everyone. We have customers who eat with us every day because of the numerous menu choices. People know what you are going to get is quality fresh food. While the food brings people back, the staff – many who have been with the operation for years – have created a Village Inn family. I would put our staff up against any staff in the restaurant business," Alice bragged. "Carol Gray in Fayetteville knows all of her regular customers by name and if they don't come in to see her, and if she knows that they are usually there, she makes a phone call to check on them. It's like a family." While family is important it's really all about the food and Village Inn is famous for its wide selection of homemade dishes. "We want our guests to have the best dining experience possible," she explained. "They reward us by becoming our friends. We have our menu staples, we have quarterly specials and things that are on the menu for a limited time." And, as Alice pointed out, there is pie. Lots of pie and it's free on Wednesdays with purchase of an entree. "It's one of our favorite promotions," she said. "It's a favorite of the NWA Democrat-Gazette's readers as well. We started it back about four years ago.We've been lucky enough to have won the Best Pie category in the Best of the Best contest I don't even know how many years. Were very good at breakfast, but we are even better at our pie selection. It's a sweet honor." It takes a Village Inn to feed a family ★★★ Finalist ★★★ Pie

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