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NWA Democrat-Gazette Best of the Best 18 Sunday, October 29, 2017 By Dave Woods NWA Democrat-Gazette M ark Marquess has been in the home building business since 1981. He and his team have built more than 2,000 homes and developed more than 300 lots in Northwest Arkansas. Mark has been able to provide over 2,000 satisfi ed customers an enjoyable home buying experience. "We're an affordable home company," Mark said. "The difference in us and the rest is that we price it with all options in our homes. Our company's motto is 'Yes… it's all included.' They don't have to worry about coming in with out a whole lot of options." Having a home style and design for every buyer's need and budget is an important part of his business strategy. "We have three different divisions of the company," he said. "We have our production homes, we have semi- custom homes, which start at about 2500 square feet and go to 3500 square feet in our subdivisions. Then we have our custom home division, which are built on the buyer's lot separate from our subdivisions. They go from about 3000 square feet up to 6000 square feet. We design the home and they pick everything and we in turn build it for them." Riverwood Homes is truly a regional company, Mark said and he is proud of his companies reputation around the area with subdivisions from Centerton to Bentonville to Rogers to the Fayetteville and Springdale markets. "We're solely a Benton and Washington County company," he said. While Marks business introduces him to new faces almost every day, in the offi ce familiar faces surround him. "My mother is the broker of our real estate company," he said. "We have myself and my wife in the ownership of the construction and real estate company. Now, we have our son and my daughter working, too. It's a company that's been handed from generation to generation and that's the success of it. We are hoping that it will go on to future generations in our family." While Mark has been building homes for decades, Riverwood Homes is a relatively new addition to his portfolio. Opened in 2009, Riverwood homes was created out of necessity. "I was still developing," Mark remembered. "I got out of the construction side of the business in 2003 and thought I was done building homes. Then the great housing depression hit and we had some subdivisions with no builders left. I had to go back in the building part of it. It's just where the good Lord wanted me to be." Mark's new company started off in 2009 by building 35 homes. Now, they produce more than 200 a year. A testament to the success and reputation of Riverwood Homes is when a former home buyer brings in a child or grandchild to buy their fi rst home from his company. "Truly the test of time and the compliment is when we have people I sold a home to 25 years ago bring in their grandchild to buy a home from us. We've actually got three generations of home buyers out there now. That's the true test." The key, Mark added, is quality customer service. "The best take away is that we stand buy any customer that has a problem," he said. "Whether it's today or fi ve years later. We are proud of what we do and stand behind what we do." ★★★ Winner ★★★ Builder Family behind Riverwood Homes building a future

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