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July 18, 2012

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July 18, 2012 LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 Please do plan to attend the Commu- nity Building ground breaking; this will be cause for celebration. Bye for now. Patricia Anderson Quartzsite Town Council Issues with county assessor During my research I have found many troubling issues relating to the current "Assessor's Regime". Particularly dis- turbing is the offi ce's lack of knowledge, lack of concern for, and abuse of State Statutes. These are the laws that gov- ern and protect us from abusive power. For example, if on your Notice of Value statement, the Assessor's offi ce made a change in the legal classifi cation, added personal property to your real proper- ty value, or changed your use without sending you a notice of error (per ARS 42-16252), they are in violation of the aforementioned statue. Another statute that the Assessor has been in constant violation of is ARS 42-13053, the Exception List. This statute states that if any property goes up or down in value more than 15% it must be double checked and reviewed by the Assessor prior to sending out the notice of valuation. Ms. Schuler, when confronted, admitted that she had never fi led an exception list and didn't know what it was. This seems strange because the valuation of her property went down over 17%. There- fore, anyone whose property went up over 15% can fi le a notice of claim (per ARS 42-16254). Check your records because you can fi le a notice of claim on an error made on any of your past three years of valuation. The two statues above are just two of many that the Assessor's offi ce con- tinually violates. What the Assessor offi ce doesn't want you to know is that once they violate a procedural stat- ute, thus denying you due process. It is your right to appeal your Notice of Error or Notice of Change, which you should receive prior to receipt of your Elect new valuation notice. If you were not properly noticed (per ARS 42-16252), any action the Assessor takes after that is null and void. Therefore, your claim will be automatically reviewed by Ari- zona Department of Revenue. Any public offi cial who violates the statute is subject to investigation and pros- ecution (per ARS 41-11052). I was appalled by the treatment that many citizens received when request- ing "public information" from the As- sessor's offi ce. I believe that we are the only county in the State of Arizona that doesn't have a Website to the Asses- sor's offi ce. How can we be expected to do research on our appeals if we can- not compare our valuations to those of surrounding comparable properties? What don't they want us to fi nd out? For information regarding ARS 42- 1009 (public access to valuation and as- sessment information visit http://www. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. William "Squeak" Kossnar, Parker Candidate for La Paz County Assessor Email: For real When you look for the bad in some- NO friendship to begin with! Everyone has people in their lives that others re- ally do not care for, but let's not judge each other on that. Yet some call me a traitor because I talk to their enemies? Well, guess what? At least I'm real. As far as I am concerned, there are Page 5 good ideas on both sides, and bad ideas on both sides. I'm not the smart- est person when it comes to politics, but I am not the dumbest either. But one thing is for sure, I know right from wrong and I know what respect and disrespect is. If you think I am going to change, then you are sadly mistaken. I can at least say I am real and I have people who don't like me, then I am doing my job by being true to myself and the people I call friends. Let's all just get along. CLAPPERTON ELECT KING E. Just a Quartzsite citizen, Lisa Lee FriendsofQuartzsite Sincerely, one, you will surely fi nd it. I have al- ways been told it is a lot easier to fi nd the bad in someone, than to see the good. But it seems to me that here in Quartzsite it's who you talk to or don't talk to. Well, I'm here to tell you how I see it! I don't care which side you are on, this town has become so divided. I judge a person on how I am treated, and if a person treats me with respect, then they are going to get the same from me. I have friends on BOTH sides and they were my friends before all this mess started. Because I still speak to both sides, I am being judged. Well, you go ahead and judge me, 'cause I'll contin- ue being me. If a friendship is based on who I like or who I don't like, or who I talk to or don't talk to, then there was Blain HAROLD LA PAZ COUNTY DISTRICT 3 SUPERVISOR WWW.ELECTBLAINHAROLD.COM • 520-975-3866 Email: Paid for by Committee to Elect Blain Harold District 3 Supervisor Quartzsite of 928-927-6589 Mobile Service Only LOCK & KEY 37 YEARS EXPERIENCE C & B closed till mid Sept. We'll be Thanks for all your support Looking forward to seeing you all in the fall. Betty Crenshaw, Owner Elect King Clapperton for Supervisor Email: District 2 Supervisor La Paz County, AZ Paid for by Committee to HANDYMAN Residential and RV Experienced Plumbing & Electrical Service & Repair. Minor Carpentry & Yard Work. All Work Guaranteed - FREE Estimates! • Qtz. Business Licensed Call Bud 928-583-3905 Read Desert MESSENGER ONLINE @ Quartzsite Learning Center 695 N. Kofa Ave. Quartzsite, AZ 85346 (928) 927-8299 Begin working on your general education requirements or complete an entire degree from the Quartzsite campus: - Business - Education - General Studies - Criminal Justice Register now for summer or fall courses!

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