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July 18, 2012

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July 18, 2012 ASSESSOR' CORNER 1) A message from your Assessor to the Taxpayers. There seems to be some confusion regarding the State Aid to Education (as shown on your tax bill) and the Home Owners rebate. These are one and the same. Since Parker Unifi ed School District does not, at this time, have a primary tax, properties located in the Town of Parker and Upriver do not receive the state aid to education credits. All other owner occupied properties in the county pay a primary tax to their schools and are eligible to receive the State Aid to Education credits (home owner's rebate). If you go to the top right hand side of the tax bill it says Tax Summary. It will show the primary tax, then the state aid to education is applied reducing the amount of taxes. Some property owners in La Paz County thought they would receive an affi davit along with the notices of property valuation that were mailed out in March. The affi davit would require anyone with more than one residence to declare a primary resi- dence. House Bill 2486 was signed by the Governor and has totally changed the process. Each county assessor shall review assessment information, to ensure proper classifi cation of residential dwellings. If the assessor has reason to believe that a parcel of property that is Class Three, is not being used as the owner's primary residence shall notify the owner. Beginning in 2013 and during each elective term of offi ce the county shall send notices to each property classifi ed as Class Three. This is just part of what's in House Bill 2486. Bottom line no affi davit is required for 2012. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our offi ce. 2) Now that the appeal period is over, we have been receiving calls "When will we receive an answer to our Ap- peal"? The Assessor has a deadline of August 15, 2012, to notify all property owners of his decision for the "2013" tax year. The Assessor mails all deci- sions out on the same day. However we plan to answer all of the appeals that our offi ce has received before the August deadline. Within 25 days of the mailing date of the Assessor's decision. Taxpayers who do not agree with the Assessor's decision will have the opportunity to fi le an appeal with the Board of Equalization. Please remember that burden of proof lies on the taxpayer. You must provide information to show that you are NOT being valued the same as other properties in your area. This burden of proof applies to all levels of appeals. If you fi le an appeal with the Tax Court within 60 days of the administrative decision the adminis- trative appeal process ends pending a determination by the court. Friendly reminder that the Tax Bills for "2012" will be coming to you in September, if you need to change your address or make any other changes, now is the time to do it. As always, you can contact out offi ce at your con- venience, we will be more than happy to assist you. Sharon Schuler & Staff Until next time 1112 South Joshua Avenue, Parker Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 7am - 6pm La Paz County Assessor's Offi ce Phone (928) 669-6165 Page 11 Report finds Summer risky for youth drinking and drug abuse Submitted by Quartzsite Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition More teens start drinking, smok- ing cigarettes and marijuana in June and July than in any other months, the U.S, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration said in a new report. The report states that on an aver- age day in June and July, more than 11,000 teens ages 12 – 17 use alcohol for the fi rst time – December is the only other month with comparable levels. Throughout the rest of the year, the daily average for fi rst- time alcohol use ranges from 5,000 to 8,000 adolescents. young people about the real risks of substance abuse and effective mea- sures for avoiding it, so they will be informed and capable of making the right decisions on their own." The Report, "Monthly Variation in Substance Use Initiation Among Adolescents,"(http://www.sambhsa. gov/data/2k12/NSDUH080/SR08 0InitiationSubstanceUse2012.pdf) is based on SAMHSA's2002 to 2010 National Survey on drug Use and Health reports involving interviews with 231,500 adolescents between the ages of 12 to 17. Excerpts taken from Similarly in June and July, an aver- age of 5,000 youth smoke cigarettes for the fi rst time, as opposed to the daily average about 3,000 to 4,000 during the rest of the year. In terms of fi rst-time use of marijuana, more than 4,500 youth start using it on an average day in June and July, as op- posed to 3,000 to 4,000 youth during the other months. "More free time and less supervi- sion can make the summertime an exciting time for many young people, but it can also increase the likelihood of exposure to the dangers of substance abuse. It is critically important to every opportunity we can throughout the year to talk to our BUYS & SELLS GOLD Nature's Nuggets We pay 80% of Spot & Up Gold Sand Concentrates Placer Gold 24 Mesh Size up to Nuggets JOSEPH BRUNO • BACK FLOW SPECIALIST 115 N. Emelia, PO Box 581, Quartzsite ABPA Certified No. 29-00027 928-916-4965 775-790-3260 In Quartzsite over 15 Years! Quartzsite Licensed Business 928-927-5479 Call Richard Read Desert MESSENGER ONLINE @ 425 N. Central (Hwy. 95) SUMMER HOURS: Monday thru Fri. 8am-noon RV DUMP Cash or Credit Card Auto pay PROPANE OPD Valves Custom Hoses Recertification Refills Tanks R/O Ozone Water RV Potable Water with full hookups R/O WATER 5 GAL/ $1 WATER R/O ICE RV PARK 928-927-3714 Local Resident! Serving Quartzsite area!

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