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February 1, 2012

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Page 40 LOUISE FROM PAGE 22 As an example of Whole brain activism, my husband and I, are inherently more from the opposite sides of the brain. We started a project called "Save the Applegate Environment" from river mining to protect the Coho Salmon, the Blue Heron and our citizens of the valley from the excess of 240 dump trucks daily going up and down our narrow country road. My husband worked on all the analytical parts while I worked on the community out-reach. Through a newsletter, I focused on uniting the com- munity with "Wins of the Week". Our spir- itual connection was we spent time along the river in prayers and held scared cer- emonies. It was through having an Apple- gate River ceremony to bless and protect the river that we first met Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim. It worked, we won! Our victory was sweet as it was the first time our opponent had ever lost. We won because we used "whole brain activism." We combined both sides of the brain, with spiritual connection. Imagine how our earth will change as a fully balanced whole brain awakens in all of us. There are so many things today that cause humanity to be very afraid of our future. Hope erases fear as we welcome this change. We could all use some more "wins" in life. There is a way to help activate this change through whole brain exercises. The brain and the heart are both muscles, which grow stronger and brighter with practice. When you are using both sides of the brain you gain more clarity. Utilizing only one side of your brain can blind you from seeing the whole picture. Drawing the fig- ure 8 over and over again activates both sides of the brain. As you are drawing, imagine both sides of your brain lighting up, like turning on light bulbs and this will increase your brain activity. Years ago my daughter suffered from a serious brain injury when she tripped on a cardboard box behind her in her high heels, hitting her head first on a counter then on the cement floor. In her recovery process, she used the figure eight technique and ev- eryday crawled across the floor many times back and forth. Just like it is important for a baby to crawl in order to increase his/her learning ability toward reading, crawling stimulated her brain neurons to fire up. I also made her an imagery audiotape to lis- ten to everyday, which invited her to imag- ine the left side transmitters, crossing over to the right side and the right side trans- mitters, crossing over to the left side. She had a complete healing. I have heard Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim (one of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers) tell a person to take the 14-inch journey to their heart when she notices that they are just using their ana- lytical mind. I have also seen her point to her head and say: "God gave you a brain to use" when she sees they are just using their heart and emotion. As we awaken in this new era, let us be- gin by becoming more balanced as healthy whole brains and see the world with new 7th Annual ATV/UTV PARADE Sat. Feb. 11, 2012 There is no fee to participate! The theme this year is "Celebrate the Centennial". Prizes awarded for decora- tion with Best interpretation of Theme! Line up begins at 9:30am behind QIA building, off Mesquite (trailer parking available). Parade starts at 11am, ends at Town Park RULES: 1. Vehicle must be manufactured for off-road use. No street bikes. 2. Nothing is to be thrown from vehicles in the parade. 3. Anyone under the age of 18 years must wear a helmet and have a signed parental permission slip in the vehicle at all times during the event. RELEASE OF LIBABILITY: I hereby certify that: A. I am over 18 years of age and have adequate liability insurance to cover myself, and any rider, for any injury to any person; or, to any property caused by my participation in this event. B. I accept and assume all risks involved with my participation in this event. C. My equipment is in good mechanical repair and safe operating condition. D. I am in sound physical health and do not have any medical or physical conditions which could interfere with the public health safety or welfare related to this event. E. I hold harmless and indemnify the Town of Quartzsite, Arizona Centennial of Quartzsite Committee, their members, officers, and agents from any and all liability arising from my participation in this event. F. I have read and understand this entire document, and I agree to be unconditionally bound by its terms and requirements. __________________________________ Driver __________________________ Date Parent / Guardian Permission Slip I am the Parent / Guardian of (print name) _________________________________ and I hereby give my permission for the above to participate in the event. I take full responsibility/li- ability for his/her actions during the event. ___________________________ Parent/Guardian ____________ (_____)______-___________ Date Cell Phone ENTRY FORM: Please bring completed Entry Form with you to registration. eyes. The Dalai Lama said, "The world will be saved by the western women." As a western woman I have pondered the Dalai Lama statement. Asking my self how will we do this? My first thought is my sense of gratitude to have been blessed with liberties, which my sisters around the world have not had. We have had the right to vote since 1918 and the freedom to explore an era of femi- nism in trying to have the same equal rights as men. We awakened our masculine side and created a disowning of our feminine side. Progress was made, but even wear- ing pants and doing what was once clas- sified, as men's jobs did not give us what we were longing for, which was respect and a sense of worthiness. We discovered that leaving our homes and families was not so healthy. Time for connecting with family, nature, Divine, and being creative had been replaced with an overwhelming amount of stress. Stress awakened our spiritual desire and quest for inner heal- ing and self- improvement. The roots of our Native Americans ancestors, who lived on this very soil in which we live, started calling us. Indigenous wisdom, balance and love became the western women's new goal. She re-examined and re-committed with her personal spiritual beliefs, while at the same time honoring her sisters' beliefs to be as valid as her own. Western women are a collection of all col- ors and all beliefs yet we join together for truth to prevail and unshakable faith to be found. We returned full circle back to our natural feminine nature. This time embrac- ing the wise woman within and our beauty will not fade but only become brighter. If we are to save the world it will be through the power of love. February 1, 2012 The wise man is awaking in men as well! We have all been evolving together. All humans are feminine and masculine to a degree. We now understand to disown or disrespect one side of our nature can cause us to lose touch with what is important in life. This is the era of awaking to a balance of both sides of our nature, which creates a loving balanced whole brain society. Take the whole brain challenge and fol- low the steps below. Answer this question: How Do We Bridge the Gap from Poverty to Prosperity in 2012? The first step begins with perception in the eye of the beholder. How we view pov- erty and prosperity. What makes a person rich, what makes them poor? The second step is what do we really want? What would really make us happy? If we have a hard time knowing what we really want, then ask what is it that we really do not want? The third step is the key for evolutionary change, verses ending up back with the same problems we were intending on cor- recting. Look at all our answers and ask will this be good for all humanity and the next seven generations? Are we serving the whole or the "I"? Namaste, Coach Louise Rouse ©Copyright 2012 If you are interested in becoming a certified planetary coach email planetarycoach@gmail. com for new course dates. For an introductory coaching session call 541-821-6213. No More Ratchets! No More Bungees! Hook, Pull and . . .One Finger Release ����������������������������������������������� �������������������Everyone Needs A Quickie! Rice Ranch #E-7 (3rd Booth behind the Office) For a FREE Mary Kay Facial contact Peggy @ space A-21 • 520-686-1556 American Made! Flags Galore 'N More Flags * Flag Poles * Windsocks Rice Ranch Space A-21, next to Gamblers 520-686-2105 Everything Must Go! Selling OUT!

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