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February 1, 2012

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February 1, 2012 Submitted by Dottie Palmer STEP SIX: Prepared Environment. Creating a pre- pared environment in your home will make recy- cling faster, handier, and more automatic. After the resources to be recovered have been rinsed with the rest of the dinner dishes, they are ready to be stored until delivery time. This up to you, your space, your style, your design, your budget. There are many recycling gadgets and containers for sale. I like to recycle in cardboard apple box tops and bottoms because they nest nice- ly and they are reused, recycled and light weight. Paper grocery bags will hold an amazing amount of mixed paper, newspapers, magazines and junk mail. I placed a box cutter in my recycling area. It is handy to split the tape on the cardboard boxes to be flattened if they are not be- ing reused at the UPS pick up area. The lighter the material the bigger the container can be, as in plastic bags. Hats off to the stores and groceries who recycle them at their front door and recognize us a nickel at a time for bringing our own reusable bags. LOCALLY: La Paz County Regional Solid Waste Landfill is located at mile marker 128 North of Quartzsite on Highway 95. They are open 7:00am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday. La Paz County leases the land from Bureau of Land Management and the land fill is operated by Allied Waste Systems. There are layers of regulations to protect the environment: Paperglassaluminumtinplastic BLM, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, La Paz County and Allied Waste Systems all have regulations. Hazardous waste is not buried or recycled at this location, with the exception of asbestos. Safety is emphasized for the 12 people employed here and the citizens of La Paz County and the commercial drivers who deliver waste. Delores will answer the phone at 928-916-1253 and assist you with your questions. Dean Pankows- ki, the operations manager, urges us to do a couple simple things when recycling at the landfill or at any of the eight transfer stations in our county. Please place the material to be recycled in the correct bins, remove the items from their plastic bags, and don't put trash in the recycle bins. There are transfer sta- tions located in Bouse, Cibola, Eh- renberg, Parker, Quartzsite, Salome, Vicksberg, and Wenden. Each site has their own hours. They all have bins for trash and bins for recycling. The landfill does not recycle anything which is thrown in the trash. We are making that decision. HEROINE: Teri Martin from Delafield, Wisconsin, started Gift 'n Grow in 2009, when she discovered none of the gift bags she had saved to reuse were made in the United States and none were made from recycled material. She offers 100% recycled paper gift boxes and gift bags made in the U.S. To encourage reusing, she has included an I.D. code, to track the bag's journey. The contents and whereabouts of the gift bag can be tracked on her website. She designed her bags with her love of trees in mind. Pine, oak and cherry trees are printed on the gift bags. These gift bags are available na- tionwide and on her website. WEBSITE: YOU: are invited to submit your creative recycling story to me with permission to print your name each edition. I'll select one to inspire the rest of us. I can't wait to hear your great ideas! Thank You. WINNER: Sandy and Ray: We use a gallon size tin can to burn the address labels we remove before we recycle the mail. That protects our privacy and our shredder. The adhesive material on the labels gums up the shredder. If we don't recycle we are throwing it all away. Dottie Palmer, Page 23 WWW.DESERTMESSENGER.COM for Deadline Schedule and Current Rate Card. DAY NIGHT SHADES REPAIRED 3 YEAR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE Local Resident • FREE Estimates Larry - cell 928-273-3719 The best little RV Park in Quartzsite! NIGHTLY • WEEKLY • MONTHLY RENTALS Al‛s RV Park Clean and comfortable On the quiet side of Quartzsite at the corner of S. Riggles Ave. and East Kuehn. Call 928-927-6715 JERRY Lukkasson for MAYOR! • Community Minded • Business Owner • Moving Quartzsite in a Positive Direction Paid for by Jerry Lukkasson, PO Box 4812, Quartzsite, AZ 85359 56480 Hwy 60 (1/2 mile West of Vicksburg Rd.) VICKSBURG AREA Open for Lunch & Dinner 11am - 8pm "If you are hungary for good Mexican Food" 928-859-3057 Factory Chords!

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