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February 1, 2012

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Page 22 "Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving." ~Dale Carnegie Willow Creek Traders Ritter Hats custom made by Herb Buy Sell Trade Antiques & Collectibles Glass Trade Beads Leather Goods Handmade Knives Used Books Quartzsite Marketplace 50 E. Kuehn #22 Next to Bad Boys Cafe 208-431-0111 FRIDAY Register now! Zumba Gold Fitness for Seniors! DITCH THE WORKOUT JOIN THE PARTY! MONDAY 9am Senior Center 4:45pm QIA WEDNESDAY 9am Scenic Road RV 4:45pm QIA 9:35am QIA Arizona Western College on N. Kofa Ave. 515-418-0442 TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 9am, 5pm, & 6pm at AWC VFW Post 769 VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS 120 S. Palo Verde Quartzsite, AZ 928-927-7697 UPCOMING ACTIVITIES Masters Golf Tournament Sat. Feb. 18th See details on Page 29 Check calendar in canteen for changes and updates Food Service now serving: Tuesday Lunch Thursday Night Burgers Friday Fish Fry Saturday Night Menu Varies Sunday Breakfast Comrades Meeting 1st Monday night 6pm VFW Riders meeting 1st Saturday of the month at 2PM Mens Auxiliary Meeting: 1st Tuesday 6pm Ladies Auxiliary Meeting: 1st Tuesday 6:30pm, Senior Center House Committee meeting: CHECK CALENDAR This is a smoking establishment • Members & Guests Only for Alcohol Service THOUGHTBUSTER.COM By Coach Louise Rouse We Can Heal The World "What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?" - Henry David Thoreau We are given three gifts for healing the world: our heart, mind and our spiritual connection. When you apply these to heal- ing you create "whole brain activism". Whole brain thinking is extremely prevail- ing. Some people are naturally more right brain and others more left-brain. If you are more intuitive, join with someone who is more analytical. If you are more analytical join with someone more intuitive. As this will assist a neurological shift, which right now is taking place as we are going through a frequency upgrade. This frequency up- grade is opening all of our minds to become reordered as balanced whole brains. The Grandpas and Grandmas PERFORM MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT Old Standards, Country, Big Band, Rock, Comedy and All-Time Favorites Feb 10 Friday Holiday Palms RV Feb 18 Saturday JR's RV Mar 2 Friday Holiday Palms RV Mar 6 Tuesday Gold Star RV Mar 7 Wednesday Jr's RV Chuck, Del, Judy, Paul, Sherry, Ted All shows start at 7 PM Available for dances at your RV Park. Call Del @ (928) 927-5011 LAPTOP CLEANING AND OPTIMIZING "If I can't fix don't pay!" Virus and Malware removal, plus protection and optimization. Keep your system clean and protected. Optimization allows more system efficiency and speed. Call for appt. & rates today! Have five cleanings get the sixth for free! Send a friend get $5.00 dollars cash or credit. Randall Strong • 928- 927-9139 HOW MUCH MONEY HAS ED FOSTER COST THIS TOWN? Your recalled mayor's misrepresentation of the events of this summer are an embarrassment. He states that there are missing checks..this continues to be his action to attack the town. Put your money where your mouth is Ed Foster! WHERE IS THE PROOF? The Town is subject to audit every year and missing checks have never been an issue. Just goes to show that anyone can say any- thing and there are enough ignorant people who ight just believe it. Wake up voters!!! Do your homework. Vote responsibly! Paid for by Raymond Harris, PO Box 12856, Denver, CO 80204 Analytical has the gift of being focused and understanding complicated legal documents or instructions. Intuitive has the gift seeing beyond what is in front of you, the Invisible, strong heart connec- tion and creative expression. The spiritual connection awakens our Consciousness, through mediation, prayer, communions and scared ceremonies. Giving us a direct link to God within us and God around us. We see individual groups working in the world; often times separate from each other from what side of the brain they are accessing. Power in humanity comes from community all working together. SEE LOUISE ON PAGE 40 February 1, 2012 featuring now

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