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February 1, 2012

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Page 2 BLM FROM PAGE 1 The La Posa Travel Management Area surrounds Quartzsite, Arizona, and en- compasses over 380,000 acres of public land in La Paz and Yuma Counties. For more information about the open house on February 7th from 2pm to 5:30pm, please contact Jennifer House at 928-505-1263 or Joe Raffaele at 928- 317-3238. TREE FROM PAGE 1 "Why not," he mused, "a house from one of these?" The tree which Allen selected years later was not hollow when it was cut. After spending over a month going through the forest to find that was suit- able and one that could be taken out of the woods without too much damage done to the bark, the tree was found at last on the property of the Georgia Pa- cific Lumber Co., Near Eureka, Califor- nia. The tree was 14 feet in diameter at JD's Custom Wood Signs Gold Chain by the Inch Come see us at Tyson Wells Centre • Space 28 Judy & Dennis Meyer 208-890-5109 • 208-861-6408 the stump cut, 267 feet high and 1900 years old. The exhibit is the fourth log that was cut from the base of the tree. The log is 33 feet long, 8 feet wide and 9 feet 4 inches in height at the larger end. The end was cut 65 feet from the stump cut, after the tree was felled. After the log had been cut it was taken into Eureka and then the gigantic task of removing the material from the inside of the log. Working around the clock for over four months with drills, chisels, and foot adz- es over 11,000 board feet of lumber was removed. Enough material was removed to have built a five-room home but it could not be saved. The walls were sanded and rubbed down by hand, then finished with a clear varnish to bring out the natural grain of the wood. The case work and cabinets are all built in of redwood material but not of what was taken from the log. Stop in at Tyson Wells Row B and take the walking tour thru the Log House. Donations are accepted. DEADLINE is WED. Feb. 8 for Feb. 15th issue of the Desert Messenger Email: Phone: 541-218-2560 NASCAR RON & PATTY'S DIECAST Collectibles & Apparel NEW LOCATION! Now at the Main Event Corner of W. Main & Quartzsite Blvd. 704-575-6719 ACROSS FROM BURGER KING Editorial Wow! Quartzsite really rocks! These past few weeks brought thousands upon thou- sands of visitors into our little town, known affectionately as "The Gathering Place". Vendor permits are up over last year, RVs parking where never seen before, and lots of beautiful weather welcoming our visitors. I hope folks visiting Quartzsite found some great deals, enjoyed the beauty of the desert, and maybe even made a new friend or two. I know I did. As busy as I was, it's always fun to visit with vendors I've met over the years. It's hard to say goodbye to those vendors getting old and retiring their businesses. But then right next door, I met a vendor and it's their first time in Quartz- site. "Shift" Happens. Folks vending here 30 years ago are now in their retirement years or have passed on. Many of you may have noticed the famil- iar sign welcoming snowbirds at the cor- ner of Sunset and Washington. "Quartzsite Mike" lived there for many, many years and wanted folks to know he, along with many of us, are so glad the "Snowbirds" are here. He passed away last week, taking flight with snowbirds of the past. We wish you well on your journey, Mike. The flavor of Quartzsite remains, even with new faces arriving sharing their en- trepreneurial spirit with everyone. Each year, shoppers are introduced to new gad- gets at the Big Tent, making life in the RV easier. The Big Tent continues with their 2nd show, as well as Tyson Wells and other swap meets still open. Be sure to check out DESERT CRAFTS & YARN Tyson Wells Space #11 • Lots of New Items! We're looking forward to seeing all our friends and customers! Arlene & Dale 605-390-6379 February 1, 2012 the new vendors arriving for those shows, too. The QIA Pow Wow was by Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear graced with another Zumba Flash Mob which was well received. Shoppers gathered round, with cameras in hand, enjoying the two demonstra- tions and the energy the gals bought. Personally, I am very grateful to be living in Quartzsite year-round. I've never lived in a community that is such constant change as this. With the huge influx of visitors, Quartz- site will always be changing to adapt to the needs of visitors and residents alike. As folks are attracted to the phenomenon of Quartz- site, new events, such as the flash mob, will appear. Imagine if we held on so tightly to the past that we didn't allow newcomers to share their gifts with us. I believe that would be a boring and lifeless community. We are so blessed in this community to have all the volunteers of the QIA host their beautiful Pow Wow rock and gem shows. Look around and know that the majority of these town events are run by volunteers. They are everywhere, making Quartzsite what it is today. From the craft shows, to the parades, rock shows, Museum, Busi- ness Chamber, thrift stores, the musical shows and jams, fundraisers, the Senior Center, and food bank, people are giving of themselves year-round keeping Quartzsite as the Gathering Place for everyone to visit and enjoy the beauty of our town. I do hope visitors and locals alike enjoy the unique quality of life in Quartzsite! Feb. 20 Bob Kelley Memorial 11am Memorial Service for Quartzsite's Council Member Bob Kelley will be held Monday, February 20th at 11am at the Quartzsite Improvement Association (QIA). QIA is located at 235 E. Ironwood, Quartzsite. Reception will follow. The family suggests memorial contribu- tions be sent to Hospice of Havasu. Quartzsite‛s FREE Community Paper Founded by Walt Akin, October 1, 2004 Contributing Writer, Joanne Winer PUBLISHED BY PILOT ROCK PUBLISHING CO. P.O. Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359 • E-mail: Published twice a month on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday, Sept. - May, Special Summer Editions in June, July & August Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Desert Messenger. Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear, Publisher Copyright © 2011 541-218-2560 MESSENGER Name Plate Lettering by Paul Winer Contributing Photographer, Starr BearCat

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