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October 5, 2011

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Page 18 QES menu for Oct. Quartzsite Elementary School offers Breakfast for $.30/Reduced Students, $1.50/paying students. Lunch is $.40/ Reduced Students, $2.00/paying stu- dents. If you bring your lunch and want milk, cost is $.30. Milk & Fruit are offered with every meal. Non-stu- dent breakfast is $1.50. Non-student lunch is $3.00. Menu subject is to change without notice. We have a NO CHARGE Policy in all Cafeterias in ac- cordance with Federal law and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture policy. All Meals must be paid for in advance. In accor- dance with Federal law and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national ori- gin, sex, age, or disability. USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Em- ployer. B-Breakfast; L-Lunch Oct. 5; B-Cereal, Toast.L- Hot dog, chili. Oct. 6; B-Pancakes, Sausage. LTurkey, Potatoes/gravy. Oct. 7; B-Cereal, Toast. L- Burritos, Corn. Oct. 10; B-Cereal, Toast. L- Corn Dog, tots. Oct. 11; B-Waffles, Sau- sage. L- cheeseburger, curly fries. Oct. 12; B-Cereal, Toast. L- Chef's Salad. Oct. 13; Waffles, sausage. L- Spaghetti, salad. Oct. 14; B-Cereal, Toast. L- Grilled Cheese, veggies. Oct. 17 B-Cereal, Toast. L- Chef's Choice. Oct. 18; B-Sausage, egg, toast. L- Bean Tostada, corn. Oct. 19; B-Cereal, Toast. L-Macaroni & Cheese, veggies. Oct. 20; B-Biscuit, gravy, sausage. L-Nachos, beans. Oct. 21; B-Cereal, Toast. L-Chef's Choice. Oct. 24; B-Cereal, Toast. L- Chef's Choice. Oct. 25; B-Pancakes, sausage. L- Chicken, gravy, mash potatoes. Oct. 26; B-Cereal, Toast. L- Chef salad. Oct. 27; B-Cereal, Toast. L- Chef's Choice. Oct. 28; B- Cereal, Toast. L-PB & J sandwich, veggies. Oct. 31; B-Cereal, Toast. L- Chef's Choice. Happy Halloween! Bingo at Senior Center Bingo will begin again for the sea- son starting October 12th. The doors open at 5pm. Early Birds at 6:30pm. Regular Bingo games be- gin at 7pm. The Snack Bar will be open. Please bring a can of food for a free early bird pack. Senior Cen- ter is located on Moon Mountain Rd., Quartzsite. 928-927-6496. October 5, 2011 Donate for holiday baskets It's that time of year again to being thinking of the holidays. The Food Bank is asking for holiday food for Thanksgiving Baskets. Let's all chip in together and make it a thankful holiday for families in our area. Please drop off food donations to the Food Bank Tuesday or Thursday mornings from 8am - 12 noon. The Food Bank is located on Moon Moun- tain, just north of the Senior Center. "Best of Quartzsite" - coming soon.... Okay, folks, here's how "The Best of Quartzsite" will work! In the November 2nd & 26th issues of the Desert Messenger, the Survey Bal- lots will be published. It will kinda look like the sample one to the right, but much, much bigger!!! Winners will be announced in Dec. 7th issue. There will be lots of different categories for you to vote for your favorite or best - whatever! Just fill in the blanks on ONE "official" (real paper) entry form from this paper, or you can vote online (but only one time per ISP). No stuffing the ballot box! Ballots without names will not be accepted. So make sure to fill them out correctly. No Facebook or Twitter Names, just your legal name, please! You know, the one on your state issued Drivers License or ID Card. You don't have to fill in each and every category, but give it a try! Fill out as many as you possibly can before going legally crazy! Got ideas for some unique categories? Email your ideas to: Best of Quartzsite 2011 - - Sample Ballot - - Best Alternative Energy Source______________________ Best BBQ ___________________________________________ Best Breakfasts _____________________________________ Best Burgers ________________________________________ Best Cell Phone Coverage ____________________________ Best Coffee _________________________________________ Best Dinners ________________________________________ Best Food Vendor ___________________________________ Favorite Area at Celia's Gardens _____________________ Favorite Waitperson _________________________________ Favorite Honey Wagon _______________________________ Friendliest Propane Service __________________________ Hardest Working Doctor _____________________________ Most Active Community Volunteer ____________________ SAMPLE

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