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October 5, 2011

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October 5, 2011 Perspectives Quirky Quartzsite's Contributed by Violet Kiss As I sit here in the visitor's waiting area of an ICU wing of a large, modern hospital, I write with a tinge of sadness yet am most appreciative and cognizant of time. I sent my husband, Ron, back to the hotel for a much needed rest after an all-night vigil of his mother who is critically ill. When we are in his mother's ICU room, you look around at the technological wonders both efficient and steely cold at the same time. De- cisions have to be made. The family has been arriving over the last several days, all filing in to celebrate Mom's 90th Birthday which will prob- ably be her last. It has been an ordeal the last few days as there are the emergencies, multiple surgeries; one or two calmer, smiling periods of lucidity versus the uncomfortable painful ones. This also takes me back to missing and re- membering my Mother and Stepfather who both passed in 2003. There were many trips back and forth to Florida, first at their home, then to hos- pitals and finally to hospices and their final rest- ing places. They passed 8 months apart in the same year, as many close couples have. One's mind races through the many decades of their lives that we shared leaving indelible personal phrases of love and thoughtfulness, and "ha" sometimes several embarrassing ones. Things you will never forget. You smile as time passes as one of their colorful sayings sneak into your Famous Gourmet Pizza Daily Lunch & Dinner Specials! HALLOWEEN PARTY Oct. 31 • 7pm Full Service Bar Cash prizes for best costume. Palm Reader, DJ and appetizers 10am-noon & 3:30pm-5:30pm Kitchen Open 10am-10pm 2 HAPPY HOURS: $1 DRAFT 175 E. Main St. 928-927-5585 Serving Quartsite at Same Location for over 20 years! 56250 Hwy 60 Vicksburg area 928-859-3057 Take a short drive... you'll be happy you did ! www.Desert consciousness when you least expect it. As I am typing here a smile grows and gives me a chuckle just thinking about them and a certain funny situation. Sweet memories. Serendipity, sadness, peacefulness, patience: so many terms to try to cover the emotions go- ing on right now. It makes one wonder though how intrinsically valuable life and the time we spend on this earth is. We have all lost family members and/or friends sometime in our lives. Members have been lost or died at war for our country. Some passed prematurely by accident or illness. Our elderly have had wonderful long- term relationships, lives, and wisdom to pass on to us before they go. We are to learn from them, study them. Look at their stature, their dignity. They have much to say without saying a word. Simply watch. Their bodies may ache, they may tire, but what an extraordinary wealth of infor- MOUNTAIN QUAIL CAFE FOR THE SEASON! NOW OPEN Open Tuesday-Sunday 7 a.m.-2p.m. (closed Mondays) 490 N. Moon Mt. Rd., Quartzsite (corner of Moon Mt. & Quail Trail) N CALL IN FOR TAKE OUT! 928-927-8890 Credit Cards Accepted! B-10, Main St. SWEET DARLENE'S RESTAURANT & BAKERY OPEN OCT. 19TH Watch for the return of our Famous WINTER Breakfast and Dinner SPECIALS! Open Daily 7am-7pm • Coffee only 50¢ 776 E. MAIN ST., QUARTZSITE (at the I-10 Exit 19 off ramp) 928-927-9338 Quail Trail X Page 15 mation about 'life' there is to share. A case in point is Rosalee O. Wheeler whom we lost early this year. To her final days, she evidently kept a Journal and wrote, and wrote. It is a proven record of her outstanding love of Quartzsite and her unbelievable talent to bring us into her world of vision and prolific words. She opened our eyes wide with awe and curiosity about the good old days in Quartzsite, the surrounding ar- eas, how they began and changed. Thank you, Rosalee, with respect and love from the many who love to read each and every excerpt. We will remember. I have been seeing a lot of strife in our new hometown of Quartzsite. The last few years have been stressful for many and outright cruel for many others. No matter one's feelings of SEE PERSPECTIVES ON PAGE 22 La Casa Del Rancho MEXICAN & AMERICAN FOOD NOW OPEN! SOMBRERO! Orders to go! TACO TUESDAY IS BACK! $1 TACOS! BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER 7AM -7PM 70 N. Central, Quartzsite (one block north of Shell, Hwy. 95) 928-927-6610 Moon Mountain Rd. Hwy. 95, N. Central the Famous Home of Check out our new look!

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