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May 18, 2011

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M�� 18, 2011  LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 SURPRISE! Hats off to all of you who pulled off a big surprise! What a surprise it was. I was called to come to the wonderful Main St. Eatery, the happiest gathering place in town after a council meeting that I didn’t attend because of certain issues- people, and their problems, so I chose to miss this one. I thought and I thought as I drove, “will all this unnecessary wrong evil mess ever end?” Then I thought, “oh, what’s up? Here we go again, more worries, more work created, useless wrongdoings, plus so costly! But I drove over to meet all my dear friends who live their life, in light in the right to see how could I help, what to bring or even what to do. As I pulled in the driveway, oh to my eyes, I thought oh my, this is not good. The parking lot was full. so I pulled right in, put on my grin, gathered my things, to go see what needed to be done. I felt worried and sad, but I hoped my smile would hide the worry. Then I opened the door and wow, oh, wow! To my big surprise, the room was completely full, a 100 eyes all on me . My dear friends jumped up smiled and yelled “Surprise! Happy, happy birthday!” Needless to say, it took my breath away! I was truly surprised as tears feel from my eyes! There were cakes and pies and coffee and tea, gifts of friendship so priceless to me. Love in laughter fi lled the room! So we choose for a moment, to put all the problems aside! Rejoice it what’s good and what’s right! True friendships, life, love, and laughter. Wow! Was it great! So my hats off to all of you, thank you for the surprise and great time. Now we all are back hard at work doing the things we need to do, but moments like this are priceless! Thank you all, Sandy Gilbert, Quartzsite HOW INEFFECTIVE I was born and raised in Montana. I then served my country in the military for 30 years, defending our constitution. I’m a resident of Montana and as such I stay out of local politics. I reside in Quartzsite in the winter and volunteer for many projects and organizations. I only watch/read the political circus in the media. However, when one of the “circus clowns” include me in their rhetoric, I feel I must respond (Re: “Way Past time”, Desert Messenger, April 20, 2011). Experienced HANDYMAN Residential and RV Plumbing & Electrical Service & Repair. Minor Carpentry & Yard Work. All Work Guaranteed - FREE Estimates! Call Bud 928-583-3905 Wayne’s Pet Service Need someone to take care of your pet(s), in your home, while away? REASONABLE RATES! Call 928-927-4329 ���.D�����M��������.��� My “junky trailer” is called “Home” by me does not move, even though it has wheels and tires. It has approximately 125 miles on it since it was bought new in Palm Springs and set up in Quartzsite. The man who wrote the article does not seem to realize that in the Old West, a “House” is the place that cowboys search for when they come to town. I would also like to point out that privileges for only freeholders was discussed at length by the framers of our constitution, hence anyone eligible to vote for an offi ce is also eligible to run for that offi ce. As a former mayor of Quartzsite, he took an oath to uphold the constitution but doesn’t seem to understand its contents. He said he would like to continue to serve the citizens of Quartzsite, but apparently only for landowners, but not for renters or winter visitors or the $100 Million they bring to the economy. How ineffective. This attitude by a former mayor may possibly be part of the problems our town council are having. Maybe all should read and heed Coach Louise. Jesse R. Koontz, AKA “Ray Ray” Quartzsite DONATIONS KEEP MUSIC PLAYING! A huge thank you goes out to the local VFW Post 769 for their generous donation to Arizona Western College. The donations allowed the AWC Quartzsite Learning Center to purchase three Yamaha piano keyboards and fi ve head sets for our piano keyboarding class. In addition, two local residents donated keyboards of their own. Mr. Frank Oulman and Mr. Mel Lindsey both contributed keyboards that they hoped would be put to good use at the college. All the keyboards are currently being enjoyed by piano students at the Quartzsite Learning Center. Both the college and local students have benefi tted from the generosity of these gifts and extend a heartfelt thank you. Quartzsite Learning Center QUARTZSITE SCHOOL IN RUNNING FOR $25K GRANT! VOTE TODAY! Pepsi Challenges America to Rock the House for a good cause! QUARTZSITE, AZ - Pepsi is giving away millions each month to fund refreshing ideas that change the world. Linda Ward, Quartzsite Elementary School, was notifi ed May 1st, that her grant proposal was approved. The grant proposals with the most votes will win! The Pepsi Refresh Project is all about supporting great ideas that move communities forward. “Inspire Dreams of Art” is a proposal for an art program in Quartzsite El- ementary School. Quartzsite is the Rock Capital of the World and this program combines rocks, art, and entrepreneural spirit, perfect for Quartzsite! So spread the word and get the votes out! In an effort to support those who BEYOND HELP What I witnessed last Council meeting of the actions of the “mayor” is hard to understand. Why in the world has he not learned anything about our Town and our citizens? A simple act of having a minister give the invocation has become a major stumbling block for our “mayor”. Doesn’t he realize how much of a fool he is showing himself to be? I think that he is beyond help of ever being a statesman; he should go back to the dairy farm from whence he came. As far as his statement last meeting that he is The Chief Executive Offi cer of our Town, I believe that he has been drinking his own bathwater. The only ones that he is chief executive offi cer over are his very few malcontents. I’m sure that his time as “mayor” is coming to a close as he has done almost irreparable damage to our Town and its citizens. He has cost our Town well in excess of $30,000 and it is still climbing. His last non-appearing court action will fi nally cost him the Town’s legal fees according to Judge Burke. Wonder who will bail him out for that? Now this business of him interfering with a heroin investigation maybe will wake him up, although I doubt it. Oh well, we can always hope I guess. Wes Huntley, Quartzsite generate innovative, optimistic ideas, the Pepsi Refresh Project (www.refre- awarded more than $20 million in 2010 to move commu- nities forward. Pepsi funds projects that make a dif- ference in six categories: Health, Arts & Culture, Food & Shelter, The Planet, Neighborhoods and Education. To vote, log onto: http://www.refresheverything. com/dreams-of-art. Now through September 30, you can get up to 100 extra votes with a unique “Power Vote” code found under the cap of specially marked Pepsi bottles and specially marked Pepsi 12 pack and 24 pack can packaging. Vote Today and Everyday! P��� 5 antiques - jewelry gold - silver BUY & SELL Placer Gold & Nuggets YEAR ROUND! Nature’s Nuggets Richard Thomas 928-927-5479 14 years in Quartzsite!

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