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May 18, 2011

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M�� 18, 2011 ���.D�����M��������.��� Paul Winer’s new DVD now available DVD of concert at QIA by Paul Winer available When Paul Winer performed last January at the Q.I.A., the hall was so full that they had to close the doors--still many people stood outside on the patio watching through the windows--he now holds the record for the most people on one night in the history of the Q.I.A. If you didn’t get to see the show that night, you missed a great time. Luckily, someone was there with a great video camera, and took a fi lm of the whole concert, and gave it to Paul the next day. After so many people wanted to buy it from him, he made arrangements with the lady who took it and with permission from her and the other performers, they decided to put out a DVD of the concert in its entirety so anyone could have a copy to watch. The DVDs are now in production, and will be available for sale at the Read- ers’ Oasis Bookstore within the next two weeks. If you missed the show, or just want to relive the experience, be sure to stop by and get a copy! Paul has already been booked back at the Q.I.A. for two performances next January, and will not be doing any local shows until after that. QUEEN OF HEARTS by Hygeia Halfmoon “Perhaps it’s time for us as individuals to think about how we can come together more often, remembering our gratitude, and share our successes.” Shanana “Rain” Golden-Bear Quartzsite is a small town with a Big Heart So big that every year we embrace hundreds Of thousands of people who return for Friendship, Financial Affordabil- ity and Peaceful Simplicity Those of us who stay through the summer Prepare next season’s welcome mat by Keeping the home fi res burning… AT THE EATERY Dessert Socials every Wednesday (6pm – 8pm) Dinners every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (4pm – 7pm) 205 East Main Street 928-308-0011 “I am glad that I made friends here and have you all by my side whenever I need you guys! You are all awesome, cool, nice and caring to me.” QUARTZSITE RESIDENT QUEEN OF HEARTS PUBLISHING PUBLIC NOTICE Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act Five-Year Review of Twenty-six Sites at the United States Army Garrison Yuma Proving Ground The United States Department of Defense recognizes the importance of stakeholder participation in our Instal- lation Restoration Programs. There- fore, United States Army Garrison Yuma Proving Ground is announcing a fi ve-year review of our environmental cleanup actions. The review will exam- ine the following Army environmental cleanup programs: the Installation Res- toration Program, the Military Muni- tions Response Program, and the Com- pliance Cleanup Program to protect human health and the environment. The YPG-10 site involves the opera- tion of a soil vapor extraction system that employs dual internal combus- tion engine units, for remediation at the site. Concentrations of volatile organic compounds at the site exceed State of Arizona soil remediation levels and groundwater protection levels for soils, and state drinking water quality standards. This remedy was selected based on comments from state regula- tory agencies and the public. The re- view will not reconsider the currently functioning remedy for YPG-10; how- ever, it will re-evaluate the remedy’s performance, and recommend im- provements if the remedy is not per- forming as designed. The remaining sites are currently in a variety of investigational phases, with no remedial action currently approved or functioning. There may be neither a complete risk characterization nor a decision regarding possible future cleanup of these sites. It has been de- termined, in coordination with regu- lators and with the knowledge of the community, that these sites pose no imminent and substantial endanger- ments to human health and the envi- ronment. The full Five-Year Report will be available to the public, in June 2011 at the USAGYPG Environment Sciences Division. P��� 19 Citizens with questions concern- ing the may contact CERCLA Five- Year-Review may contact: Ms. Don- nett Brown, IRP Program Manager, IMWE-YMA-PWE, U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground, 301 C Street, Yuma AZ 85365-9498. Telephone (928) 328- 2754, Fax (928) 328-6696. WE‛RE NOW ONLINE! Sign up for VIP alerts when the next E-edition of the Desert Messenger is available Community Saturday May 28th at Town Park Football Field @ 4:00pm Join the Fun! * Bar-B-Q * Vendors * Music * Beer Garden * Rock Painting * Water Slide * Hoosegow * Games, More! * Penny Auction Fundraiser for Quartzsite Food Bank Quartzsite

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