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July 7, 2010

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JULY 7, 2010  LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 hour later, while at the main Post Offi ce, I saw Mayor Foster sitting in the recall booth. Does this not breach some ethical conduct for a seated mayor? Perplexed, I went home and reread the Desert Messenger and found several comments by Mayor Foster that were taken from his website: fi rst, wanting to bring both sides together and help put an end to the current destructive political climate. Second, “I have not encouraged recall efforts over the treatment I received Tuesday evening” (June 8th meeting). Third, “My goal is to remain accessible to those people that put me in offi ce and to maintain dedicated to them, willing to listen to any concerns they may have.” I would think at this point, Mr. Mayor, you should not only be dedicated to the people who put you in, but should be striving to win over the remainder of residents who DIDN’T vote for you. Words are powerful. Honorable men should strive to maintain those words. Sadly to say, at this point, I don’t see that happening for truly your ACTIONS continue to speak louder than words. Morale in the workplace “We are as strong as our weakest link” Morale is the emotional and mental condition with respect to confi dence and zeal, especially in the face of opposition or hardship. Some employees face both hardship AND opposition when harassment behavior is rooted in the workplace. By defi nition, to be harassed is to endure being disturbed persistently, tormented, pestered, persecuted and troubled by repeated attacks. Co- workers who practice bullydom affect both morale in the workplace and the functioning of the organization. A domino affect occurs when bullydom begins and soon there are three groups of workers...the bullies, the victims, and the witnesses none of whom can function at peak performance because one group is busy planning their next attack while the victim falters due to emotional upset and the witness seethes in silence. It’s impossible to have harmony in the workplace and mutual respect amongst co-workers if bullydom is allowed to continue. This letter is to the person(s) that just abandoned 4 kittens in the caretaker’s What Were You Thinking? Hygeia Halfmoon ���.D�����M��������.��� yard at the animal shelter. The care taker owns a Schnauzer, a natural born ratter, you were lucky the care taker found them before the dog could do any damage, the dog would not have been to blame if he had killed the kittens. Schnauzers do not see kittens as kittens but as rodents. You obviously had the compassion to bring them to the shelter, but if you hadn’t been already, you would have been turned away. We are currently not accepting cats/kittens because we are to capacity that our shelter can hold. If we make an acceptation we may risk the health of the whole Cat Cottage. It probably would have been better for you to fi nd homes for them yourself. Sad to say, only one in four shelter cats ever fi nd a permanent home. This brings us to Spaying and Sincerely, Mary I. Huntley Quartzsite Neutering. Yes it does take afford on your part to fi nd the money and time to have this done, but will eliminate unwanted kittens and other unwanted characteristics of unaltered animals. Western Arizona Humane Society (located in Lake Havasu) has opened their SNIP program to the community of Quartzsite. It only takes one day in Lake Havasu and you go home with a pet you can enjoy the rest of their life. You may call the Paw Power animal shelter for more information at 928- 916-0657. Animal Shelter Chairperson Editor I am fi nding it very diffi cult to ignore Patty Patton ashamed of yourselves. You know, you are going to cost the Town possibly 6- 10,000 dollars which we cannot afford. Look at what your choice of a mayor has cost us this past year and yet, you put him on the council. I believe that he cost the Town in excess of $11,000 with his recalls and the legal bills he created. On another note, why haven’t our minutes been put on our website? I really appreciate the Desert Messenger printing the council minutes on their website. Way to go Rain & Starr— thanks to you so much. I didn’t want to write anything regarding the situation at our Town Hall, but, this situation is not going to improve as long as outsiders are infl uencing this “New Person” with their ideas. That goes for bullying shrimps also. This person, by the way, at the Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 Town meeting stated that this is the last time that he will say anything to this public body and he stated the reasons why. Doesn’t stand by his word, does he? Wes Huntley Quartzsite Quartzsite under budget I learned some very interesting things P��� 5 was not caused by this Town Manager or this Council. For about ten years, HURF Funds were improperly used to subsidize water and sewer fees and our monthly rates didn’t increase, which caused the massive debt. That required a major increase in our rates to catch up. The HURF Funds must be paid back or the State will turn the Water and Sewer over to an independent company and our rates would skyrocket! Cleaning up those past serious issues was not easy and we applaud the Council and Town Manager for taking the “bull by the horns” and solving these issues. Paying back the HURF Fund is on schedule and IS included in the Budget, and we have still been under Budget for two straight years! I applaud this Council and the Town Manager for this outstanding accomplishment. We thank you all. We are proud of Quartzsite and its return to a safe, and solvent, Town. Proud Quartzsite Resident Violet Kiss Yes, we do have a large debt but it just what is going on regarding my beloved Town of Quartzsite. You, the citizens and others that are not citizens of our Town have seen fi t to put a person on our Council that does not have the best interests of our Town in his heart. I have only attended one council meeting since this “New Person” has taken offi ce. I saw immediately what a great mistake was made by you, the citizens and others that are not citizens. I don’t know how you can correct this possible dictatorship that is now happening. This person has stooges that will disrupt every meeting when he does not get his way. His actions toward the Town Manager are deplorable, as is his attitude toward the council is. He has a stooge trying to recall every councilmember just because he didn’t get his way when he was on the council. In other words, “I’ll take all the toys and continue to create havoc in the sand box.” Grow up. As for the rest of you that is active in this recall effort, you should be at the Quartzsite Town Work Session on June 18th concerning the 2010- 2011 Fiscal Year Budget. I’m a CFO and understand budgetary issues so I questioned Heidi, the Finance Director from the podium. I asked if the town uses Standard Accounting Procedures, Standard Chart of Accounts, if they balance the books regularly, etc. Heidi said they did, which tells me a lot. Funny, I hear all this arguing and belligerent behavior (including from the new Mayor) accusing the Council of being way over budget. I assumed that was true because we’ve heard it constantly. I was very surprised to learn this is the 2nd year in a row that Quartzsite has been under budget. I doubt many cities, states, or countries are under budget during these diffi cult times. Want a little? Place an order. Want a lot? Have a party. Want it all? Become a Consultant! Now in Quartzsite! Scholars’ Radio 91.7 FM Quartzsite Student Run Radio Station! Lisa Finch Independent Consultant 928-554-7555 Order online at:

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