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July 7, 2010

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JULY 7, 2010 D����� M�������� Quartzsite Police use training video on SB 1070 Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert announced, “We have received the fi rst training video as provided by AZ POST concerning SB 1070. Every offi - cer is required to view the training vid- eo and has been issued a guide book for referencing selected U.S. travel and identity documents.” “Upon completing this initial train- ing, which is approximately 2 hours in length, each offi ce is registered electronically with the State to ensure compliance. This training is provided as an initial step to review the new im- migration laws in Arizona , and we will stay current with any future develop- ments in the implementation of the statutes and any future court interpre- tations and legislative changes. “The Quartzsite Police Department can assure the community that the new laws will only be applied as intended and that racial profi ling is not allowed under this new law, nor would I con- done any such practice with or without SB 1070. If anyone has any questions regarding the new laws, they can con- tact the Quartzsite Police Department at 928-927-4644.” Due to the tremendous public and media interest in the training video, Az POST decided to make the entire video and associated handouts available on their website: Apply for AWC Fire Academy AWC Fire Academy in Parker, AZ begins in August YUMA, ARIZ. — Arizona Western College (AWC) Public Safety Institute will have a Fire Academy in Parker, AZ for Fall of 2010. Applications are now available at the AWC Parker site. The applications are due by July 1, 2010. Physical Agility and Oral Boards will be at Quartzsite Fire station on July 18th at 07:00 am at 70 W. Tyson Street. The Fire Academy will begin August 17th at 6:00 pm in the AWC building on 11th Street in Parker, AZ. For more information, please call the Public Safety Institute at 928-317-6452 or Chief Hess at 928-927-6556. Register for class at 1109 S. Geronimo in Parker or call Margaret, Kathy or Teresa at 928-669-2214. Petition signers can’t be secret WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court ruled Thursday, June 24, 2010 that petition sign- ers on state ballot referenda do not have a constitutional right to keep their names anonymous. The high court ruled against Protect Marriage Washington, which orga- nized a petition drive for a public vote to re- peal the state’s “everything-but-marriage” gay rights law. Petition signers wanted to hide their names because of worries of intimidation. But the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco refused to keep their names se- cret. The Supreme Court stepped in and temporarily blocked release of the names until the high court could make a decision. The court now says disclosing names on a petition for a public referendum does not chill the signer’s freedom of speech enough to warrant overturning the state’s disclo- sure law. Chief Justice John Roberts, writing the 8- 1 judgment for the court, said it is vitally important that states be able to ensure that signatures on referendum petitions are au- thentic. Roberts said. “Public disclosure also pro- motes transparency and accountability in the electoral process to an extent other measures cannot.” RV & TRUCK REPAIR BEST AUTO SERVICE YOU CAN DEPEND ON! 585 N. Central Quartzsite Open Mon-Fri 8-5 928-927-8787 Johnny DelPino, Owner POW/MIA Flag to be at town hall will require a special fl ag to be fl own at the state Capitol and at certain county, city and town complexes in what is the fi rst state law in the na- tion requiring the fl ag to be offi cially displayed. Arizona House Bill 2684 requires Starting July 29, 2010, Arizona that the POW/MIA fl ag must be dis- played at city or town halls on any day the United States fl ag is dis- played to honor America’s prisoners of war and those missing in action. According to the bill, “United States Code Title 36 § 902 designates the National League of Families POW/ MIA fl ag as the symbol of the nation’s concern and commitment to achiev- ing the fullest possible accounting of Americans who, having been prison- ers of war or missing in action, still remain unaccounted for and those Americans who in the future may become prisoners of war, missing in action or otherwise unaccounted for as a result of hostile action. The fl ag is all black with a silhouette of a sol- dier, barbed wire and a guard post in the background with the words ‘You Are Not Forgotten’ underneath.” P��� 11 EMS-Paramedic training Applications Available for the Fall EMS-Paramedic Academy YUMA, AZ-Arizona Western College Public Safety Institute is currently ac- cepting applications for their upcom- ing EMS-Paramedic Academy that begins Fall 2010 on August 20th. Ap- plications are available at AWC Main Campus in HS 107 and at the Quartz- site Fire Department. The application deadline is July 22, 2010. Students must have EMT-B Certifi ca- tion (EMS 152 Emergency Medical Tech- nician). They must also have a reading score of 85 or have completed English 101, BIO 160 or BIO 201 and 202. Classes will take place at AWC the En- trepreneurial Center (1351 S. Redondo Dr. Yuma AZ 85365). There is a Shift Friendly Schedule (need to attend one day on Friday or Saturday and Sunday or Monday) from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. The Public Safety Institute offi ce is open Monday through Thursday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. For more infor- mation, please call the Public Safety Institute at (928) 317-6452. Turn Your Gold Into Cash Call Today to Request Your Selling by mail is easy, convenient and safe! 1-888-697-2106 Gold Mail-In Kit! FREE We pay CASH for gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, gold & silver watches and pre-1969 silver coins. No amount too big or small Even damaged, broken & dental gold! Over 100 Years of experience in the precious metals industry GOLD BUYERS CALL TODAY Prices Have Never Been Higher NOW OPEN SATURDAY 8am till noon thru March 20th

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