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March 20, 2013

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24 Spring break month with Salome High Salome High School has made a lot of accomplishments in the last year. The Culinary Arts class placed first, second, and third at the competition they attended earlier in the month. All five of the students had a great time, and had the opportunity to meet others that share the love of cooking. The Culinary Arts teacher was surprised to have her class sweep the board in the competition, but she had faith in her students. The five students were also surprised, and they all enjoyed being on the AWC College Campus. The kitchen may have been small, but the students did great! The Track team had their first meet, and a number of students have juggled being on the Track team and the Softball and Baseball team. So far the students have had it in their best interest to enjoy sports, and to keep up WE'RE BACK @ Main St. Laundromat Wash the dog, & the clothes! HOLLYWOOD PETS Mobile Grooming Professionally groomed by Robin Barbour Award winning groomer! 23 years experience! Pamper your pet in our state-of-the-art fully mobile grooming parlor Best Rates in Town! 218-426-5317 on all of their class work. The Softball and Baseball team had their first game on March 5th, against Yuma Catholic. Sadly, both teams lost. We witnessed students have a great time playing a sport they enjoy, and that is one thing that matters. The art class has been doing a lot of activities involving designing shoes for the Vans Shoe Company. All of the students are working together and putting their heads together for the sake of the shoes. Two Art students have their artwork hanging up in the Phoenix Museum of Art for Youth Art month. Yearbook class has being working hard to meet their deadlines to have the Yearbook done before the end of the year. The students have all grown closer as friends and have worked together more than they did before. The entire school has been ecstatic about the upcoming week of spring break. Spring break is a week for everyone to simmer down, catch up on sleep, and to get ready for the end of the year. The teachers' have been working hard, and it is time for them to have a break. All of the teachers are greatly appreciated even if it doesn't seem like it. All the students secretly admire the teachers and believe that they have made a huge impact on how the student body acts. Thank you for your hard work teachers! Balfour will be here for the seniors to talk about Caps, Gowns, and their Graduation plans. The National Honors Society is planning to do a pick up day in April for Roadside clean up. Every student makes a difference! UPCOMING EVENTS • Parent Teacher Conferences/ Early release March 20th at 5:00 • BB/SB Salt River Tournament March 21st • BB/ SB Salt River Tournament March 22nd • BB/SB Double Header 1:00 to 3:00 March 26th • Early release/ Eight Grade Orientation March 28th • Good Friday/ No School/ Wickenburg Softball 3:45 March 29th • Seligman Double Header 12:00/ 2:00 March 30th March 20, 2013 Clinic plans Health Fair for March 27th La Paz Medical Services, or the Quartzsite Clinic, as some of you know us as, would like to welcome everyone to the bi-annual La Paz Regional Hospital Health Fair on March 27th! The fair will be located at the clinic at 150 East Tyson Road, Quartzsite. There will be free screenings such as cholesterol, blood pressure, and bone densities, and there will also be vendors from local health care agencies to educate residents on the services that they offer in the area. The fair will begin at 9:00 A.M. and continue till 1:00 P.M. The Mobile Onsite Mammography vehicle, or M.O.M. unit, will also be onsite that day, so please come out and get your mammograms done if they are due. Prevention is key in fighting breast cancer! You can call the clinic to schedule an appointment time for the M.O.M. unit and get additional details. Call 928-927-8747 to schedule your Mammogram or for more information. Snake bite safety & prevention tips for pets There has been a flurry of snake abatement calls to Quartzsite Fire Dept. this past week. The heat is early, so are the snakes. If you frequently hike or otherwise enjoy the great outdoors with your pet, please take care to prevent painful encounters with snakes. Bites occur most often in between March and October when snakes are most active. According to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC), a snake bite is always considered an emergency—a venomous snake bite can be fatal if not treated immediately, and even a bite from a nonvenomous snake can be dangerous for your pets. The APCC would like to offer the following tips for snake bite safety around pets: • Avoid chance encounters with snakes: • Keep your yard tidy by clearing away undergrowth, toys and tools that make great hiding places for snakes. • Keep walkways clear of brush, flowers and shrubs. • Clean up any spilled food, fruit or bird seed, which can attract rodents— and therefore snakes—to your yard. • When walking your pet, keep him on a leash. • Steer your pet clear of long grasses, bushes and rocks. • Snakes can strike across a distance equal to about half their body length. If you see a snake, head back the way you came. • Familiarize yourself with snakes who are common in your area. In the event of a bite, identifying the type of snake may help with your pet's treatment. Recognize snake bite symptoms: Local or general swelling Bleeding Intense pain Low blood pressure Dead tissue around the wound Shortness of breath Weakness Renal failure What to do if you think your pet's been bitten: Remember to stay calm. Keep your pet calm, too, by limiting his activity. If your pet was bitten on the neck, remove his collar. If possible, keep the location of the bite below heart level. Seek veterinary care for your pet immediately. Treatment options such as cold packs, ice, tourniquets, alcohol, bleeding the wound and trying to suck out venom should not be attempted in place of getting your pet to the vet—they may just waste precious time. Always keep your personal safety in mind and do not try to catch or kill a snake yourself. Even if you think a snake is dead, never handle him. Some dead snakes are capable of inflicting a bite by muscle contractions.

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