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March 20, 2013

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March 20, 2013 New merchant surcharges on credit purchases Most of us have gotten used to charg- • If you know and trust the merchant, you might want to consider using a ing purchases, large and small, on a debit card with "bricks and mortar" debit or credit card. Just swipe the card and avoid the hassle of carrying establishments cash. Look carefully; you may notice • Use a credit card for online purchasa new fee on your receipt. Retailes when you need the greater protecers are now allowed to pass along tions that credit cards offer to consumers the cost of processing credit cards. • Get into the habit of monitoring your bank account and credit cards acIt's called "merchant surcharging" and it's permitted in most states. You counts online can be charged up to four percent on each transaction and, similar to sale taxes, merchant surcharging can be automatically added to your bill. After a while, these charges can add up, so consumers may want to reconsider how they pay for goods and services. Why now? Well, merchants have long been charged a processing fee by the credit card companies when consumers chose to charge their purchases. Previously, the fee could not be passed along to customers. However, as a result of litigation, merchants in the U.S. and its territories can pass that fee along directly to customers using credit cards (but not debit or prepaid cards). 21 Several states have banned merchant surcharges: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas. In other states, it's optional, and will vary from store to store. For more information on managing your credit, check out BBB's "Managing Credit – Made Simple" at bbb. org/credit-management ASK presents Preschool play date Fridays Adults Sharing With Kids Presents Preschool Play Date Fridays, an hour of organized play for kids ages 3-5. Kids must be in comfortable play clothes and tennis shoes with non-marking sole Kids are not to bring food or drinks. There is a filtered water fountain. Registration/Permission slips are required, available on site. Respect and Courtesy is a must -volunteers will be address as Miss, Mister, Ma'am or Sir -please be timely. There is no commitment required. Come play once or every week. For more information, call Nancy 928-927-6249. • • • • • • • Shipping Supplies 50 Sizes Shipping Boxes 3 Sizes Bubble Wrap Popcorn, White, Recycled Gift Wrap & Ribbons Gift & Jewelry Boxes Gift Bags Free Gift Wrap BINGO Final of the season! FRIDAY, MARCH 22ND (with purchase - $3 without) Opens at 5pm. Early Birds 6:30pm. Main7pm 90 E. Main St., Quartzsite 928-927-6325 Quiet Times 928-927-8081 Like us on Facebook at DesertMessengerNews QIA Craft Fair 1st Sat. of every month! Daily Activities! Concessions Available 235 E. Ironwood St., Quartzsite What can consumers do? • Use cash for smaller purchases; some retailers may offer you a discount if you pay with cash • Look for notices about merchant surcharges; retailers are required to let you know so you can decide beforehand if you want to pay with a credit card March 27th 9am-1pm Follow on Twitter @DesertMessenger @QuartzsiteRain READER'S OASIS BOOKS FREE SCREENINGS: Cholesterol • Blood Pressure • Bone Densities VENDORS from local health care agencies to educate residents on the services that they offer Held at the Clinic 150 East Tyson Rd., Quartzsite 928-927-8747 928-927-6551 690 E. Main - Quartzsite (one block east of Family Dollar) Call for your Mammogram appointment with the The Mobile Onsite Mammography vehicle (MOM)

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