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April 19, 2016

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APRIL 20-26, 2016 UCW 35 WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM ADVICE GODDESS The Mummy's Cursor I'm a woman in my 20s, and female friends and I find that, generally speaking, once a guy gets into a relationship, his texting dwindles into brief news bites, like "fell asleep!" or "phone died." Why do men seem to lose interest in chatting by text like I do with my girlfriends? Are men just less feeling than women? — Annoyed The male brain is not the emotional dead zone many women suspect it to be. In fact, neuroscientist Tor Wager reviewed 65 brain imaging studies and found that men's brains aren't any less responsive to emotional stimuli than women's. However, women do tend to be more emotionally expressive. This difference makes sense, as women evolved to be the caregivers of the species — tending to the needs of babies (who typically require a more nurturing response than "Bring it, bro!"). Men, on the other hand, evolved to be the warriors of the species This has had an effect on how men express themselves. As sex differences researcher Joyce Benenson explains, when you're a warrior, revealing your feelings — like having a good cry on the battlefield — puts you at a disadvantage. Conversationally, where men and woman differ is in why they talk and what they talk about. In short, while women use conversation (including texting) as a form of bonding. For men, it's a tool. And just like other tools, men use it as needed. This explains why many guys text more in the chase phase, when they need to "talk chick," to a degree, to reel you in. Once they have you, they fall back to what's more natural for them — texting merely to say stuff like "late!" or "w/get wine" (the SMS form of grunting). But this should simply be seen as a different style of communicating, not a deficient one. You judge whether a man cares about you by the sum of his actions, not by his pointer finger action. And besides, if you demand that he text you like a woman, he's within his rights to expect you to act like a man — by carrying his luggage like a pack mule while he totters behind you in heels or by chasing a mugger while he stands on the corner crying softly and hoping you'll come out of it alive. Copyright Amy Alkon WEEKLY HOROSCOPES NEWS OF THE WEIRD by CHUCK SHEPPARD Depar t ment of Veterans A f fairs employee Elizabet h R ivera R ivera, 39, was f ired af ter her ar rest (followed by a Febr uar y g uilt y plea) for ar med robber y, but when she was sentenced only to probat ion, an arbit rator ordered t he VA to rehire her — and g ive her back pay she "ear ned" while sit t ing in jail await ing t r ia l. (She had been t he dr iver for a man ar rested for a st reet robber y in San Juan, Puer to R ico.) R ivera's union had demanded t he reinst atement w it hout sa lar y pena lt y — for " fair ness" — bec ause t he same Puer to R ico VA of f ice had earlier hired a conv ic ted sex of fender, and t he of f ice's hospit a l direc tor, recent ly charged w it h DUI and dr ug possession, avoided VA discipline bec ause of technic a lit ies about t he t raf f ic stop. [ Daily Ca ller, 3-22-2016] Evolut ion of t he Civ il R ig ht s St r ug g le Tur moil in Selma, A labama, March 1965: T he histor ic "Bloody Sunday " at t he Edmund Pet t us Br idge ult imately bec ame a t ur ning point in t he bat t le for vot ing r ight s. Tur moil in Selma, A labama, March 2016: T he tow n is r iven by demands for st r ic ter enforcement of t he ordinance requir ing horses on t he st reet to be wear ing diapers — a c ampaig n led by Ward 8 's Councilman Michael Johnson (an A f r ic an-A mer ic an): "I'm t ired of it bec ause t here's ot her t hings I could be doing t han dea ling w it h horses." [Selma Times Journal, 3-23-2016] Break t hroug hs in Science Ger man researchers, publishing in March, revea led t hat fema le bur y ing beet les uniquely discourage t heir mates f rom pester ing t hem for sex af ter bir t h — t hus ex plaining how t he ma le of t his species is obser ved ac t ua lly helping w it h child c are. T he fema les apparent ly release a chemic a l "ant i-aphrodisiac" to t he fat her 's antennae. Said t he lead researcher (a woman), " T hey are a ver y moder n family." Said anot her biolog y professor (a lso fema le), "Bur y ing beet les are super cool." [New York Times, 3-23-2016] COPYRIGHT CHUCK SHEPPARD ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, now is time to channel your energy in a creative way to inspire others. You can achieve great things when you work with others as a cohesive team. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, there is time for fun and there is time to get serious, and you may have difficulty distinguishing between the two. Find someone who can guide you. GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, share your insight on a project if you have ideas on a different approach. If you keep your thoughts bottled up, frustration can fester and aggravate you. CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 You need to take an intellectual approach to handling some trouble that has come your way. Thinking rationally can help you, as can taking time to find the best solution. LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, let someone else take over the reins this week. You can use a break and this is a good chance to see what others around you are capable of accomplishing. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Consider a new approach to personal interactions, Virgo. By being more open to others' opinions, you may get to see another side of the equation. It's important to be receptive. LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, do something spontaneous instead of weighing all of the options this time around. It's good to be act on instinct once in a while. This could be just what you need. SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, a disagreement could quickly boil over if you are not around to put out the flame. You thrive as a mediator, as many people look up to you and trust your opinions. SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, spending too much time indoors is not good for you. Try to get out and socialize a bit more this week, taking in some new sights while you're at it. CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, you can see what you want to achieve just hovering in the distance, but right now you do not have the means to get there. A little patience is warranted. AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, the more things have been going your way, the more you feel confident everything will fall in line this week. Just don't get too ahead of yourself. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 If you want your ideas to be valued, you'll have to speak up a little more, Pisces. Don't be afraid to express confidence in your abilities. 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