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June 2017 • Mental Health

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14 | YOU AT YOUR BEST | NWADG.COM/YOUATYOURBEST JUNE - MENTAL HEALTH | SATURDAY, MAY 27, 2017 crisis stabilization. The goal is to help patients, stabilize, develop healthy lifestyle patterns, identify and begin to heal the emotional issues that trig- ger symptoms and develop the coping skills needed to prevent relapse. Women pursue symptom management through building new strength and fi nding new resources to regain command of their lives. Services offered at the Center for Women include a full continu- um of mental health services exclusively for women. A professional team of psychiatrists, master's prepared therapists, physicians and 24/7 nursing care, and the development of a collaborative interdisciplinary treatment plan. It also includes integration, education, and coordination with primary care providers and the referring agency and an active in- dividualized discharge plan. In addition to the Center for Women, Springwoods Behavioral Health also provides several other programs. Adolescent inpatient care is pro- vided and is specifi cally designed to address the mental and behavior- al issues of clients ages 12 to 17. Individuals experiencing behavioral disturbances, the inability to function at home or school, or those with thoughts of hurting themselves or others may be appropriate for acute inpatient services. The adult acute inpatient program treats mental health patients in an intensive therapeutic structure, providing medical and psychiatric stabilization with 24-hour nursing care for patients experiencing critical symptoms. Springwoods offers a comprehensive treatment approach to stabilizing acute psychiatric and addictive disease problems in a safe and structured environment. Inpatient services treat suicidal/homicidal thoughts, medical detoxifi cation, drug/alcohol abuse, Depression/mood disorders, personality disorders, Bipolar disorder, panic/anxiety, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Inpatient services are also offered for senior adults at Springwoods Behavioral Health. Mental illness affects older adults just as it does other age groups. But with seniors it is often ignored or overlooked as a 'normal' part of the aging process. Life challenges such as decreased physical and mental capabilities, the inability to live independently or the loss of a lifetime companion are problems sometimes too severe for an older adult to manage on their own. The family may be the fi rst to notice changes in his/her behavior. Warning signs that could indicate the need for treatment include: anxiety/agitation, confusion/disorienta- tion, depression, fear/paranoia, fl uctuations in weight, hallucinations/ delusions, increase in alcohol or medication use, loss of interest in ap- pearance, memory loss, mood swings, sleep disturbances, social with- drawal, suicidal thoughts, and wandering. Although older adults may frequently experience these behaviors, in many cases the true cause may be psycho-physiologic and, therefore, very treatable. If you sus- pect these issues have become diffi cult to manage, schedule an assess- ment with a mental health professional. Outpatient programs are also offered at Springwoods Behavioral " Restoring hope for tomorrow, and recovering lives today. " Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JTC) , Springwoods Behavioral Health is a provider for most insurance/managed care plans, as well as Medicare.

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