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Once a Seahawk ... A PUBLICATION FOR ALUMNI, PARENTS, AND FRIENDS OF BISHOP SEABURY ACADEMY 2017 SPRING I began this school year by sending a letter to parents. Over the rocky summer of violence, protest, and division both in the United States and the wider world, I reflected on the difficulties of being a parent at this moment and wanted to remind parents that they were not alone in their efforts to raise confident and healthy children. As the school year concludes, it is evident that our school continues to be a place where students can feel safe and supported and where they should develop mental clarity and moral responsibility to ground them in the midst of disruption. Our ultimate goal is to do more than prepare these students for college. We are developing thoughtful citizens. Amidst the year's success stories— outstanding academic statistics; state victories in gold, debate, chess, and basketball; national performance with history day and the spelling bee; and top ranking amongst state private schools— the most important successful story doesn't come with fanfare. Our greatest success can be found in the quiet revelations that occur daily in our classrooms and hallways: tight bonds amongst students and faculty, the revelation of new talent and growing confidence, and a sense of personal identity that is the foundation of extraordinary lives. Our success has occurred despite our school's youth and humble resources, and we will soon be announcing a plan to provide our students and staff with the physical resources to match their talents and to help them unleash their potential. Stay tuned. Yours respectfully, Dr. Schawang FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL Seabury Winds Down Successful Year and Looks Toward Future Bishop seaBury academy parents proud of setting and accomplishing goals A s I reflect on the year and the BSAP purpose statement, I realize we've done a bang up job "supporting and enriching school life through strong partnerships." THANK YOU doesn't begin to cover the commitment, time, and hard work so many contribute. It's been a pleasure working side by side with those in the trenches! BSAP ENHANCEMENTS AND SUCCESSES We added an executive team to broaden the leadership foundation, PayPal to make BSAP payments convenient for parents, and monthly grounds workdays to keep our school looking consistently spiffy. We also streamlined our budget, committees, and responsibilities. We improved our communications with a weekly presence in the Friday letter and by adding co-communication officers who helped create and maintain an online BSAP bulletin board with the latest event details. And, proudly, we've organized and hosted two successful BSAP programs tackling the navigating of technology within our families and racism. COMING UP What's next and who will lead the charge, you ask? It's with great excitement I introduce the 2017-18 BSAP president, Devon Kim. Devon brings experience, efficiency, heart, and pizazz to carry BSAP to the next level of maturity. If you haven't met her, you're going to love her. BSAP is in good hands! Thank you for your support! Shawn Bay BSAP President BSAP exists for the purpose of supporting and enriching school life at Bishop Seabury Academy by fostering strong relationships (partnerships) among the school, parents, teachers, and staff. The seniors had a blast on their senior form trip to Florida. Our students look forward to this Seabury tradition.

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