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The KnighT erranT PAGE 2 Kameron Kales, Appalachian State '16, Learned How to Lead as a Result of "A"s' Academy A ttending "A"s' Academy in 2015 "gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to facilitate change in my chapter," says Kameron Kales, Appalachian State '16—change that was incredibly important, as a week after Kameron was elected "A" the chapter was placed on probation after a risk management violation. The "A"s' Academy "most notably helped our chapter navigate improving risk management while keeping everyone bought into our long-term vision." Kameron also learned how to challenge his brothers in a respectful way and to bring out the best in them. Kameron joined Delta Chi to gain a group of mentors who would help him "navigate the mountain in the snow" and push him to hold leadership roles. He feels very lucky to have had an amazing chapter that helped him. He studied economics and started a software company, Glance Technology, which helps companies identify and hire talented sales professionals using machine learning. Chris Comrie, Appalachian State '16, and Kameron were awarded grant money and mentorship by Citrix and RedHat to build the company, located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. As a young leader in the chapter, Kameron "learned how to lead without making every decision myself. The Academy exposed me to how much I needed (and the chapter needed) the support of the ABT, active members, and alumni to be successful." In just a year, the Appalachian State Chapter made many improvements and was no longer on probation. In summer 2016, the chapter received a Certificate of Achievement, as well as several individual programming awards. "It goes to show how great the young leaders were. Without the excellent mentorship of previous "A"s, I doubt the results would have been as great." Kameron interned at the 2016 "A"s' Academy to provide his perspective as a former "A" and to mentor other chapters. "It's easy to start making big decisions and hard to admit you are unsure (as a young "A"). I intend to stay involved and help as much as possible." Kameron lives in Raleigh. He hopes to get a dog soon and enjoys learning new programming languages and playing sports. The Academy is critical to preparing Delta Chi undergraduates for the challenges they face on campus and in life after graduation. As evidenced by Kameron and the Appalachian State Chapter, the leadership programs work and are deserving of our support. "Being a part of the "A"s' Academy is an experience I'll never forget. Before "A"s' Academy, I didn't really know what to do as president. I just knew I wanted to make an impact on my chapter. The "A"s' Academy helped me formulate a vision for my term and create specific and attainable goals for the year. Getting to learn from experts in fraternity and sorority life, as well as interacting with other "A"s, is what put me on the right path to having a successful term as the "A" for the Missouri State Chapter." -Justin Roux, Missouri State '16 Foundation Board oF directorS and StaFF Chairman & President James M. Marascio, Bryant '93 Vice President Donald E. LaPlante, Southern California Secretary Lyle E. Sprinkle, Georgia Tech '96 Treasurer Bobby Dewrell, Troy State '92 At-Large Executive Committee Members Rod Arnold, Texas A&M '88 John S. Ziegler Jr., Louisiana Tech '01 Directors Jason Butler, Central Missouri '99 Michael L. Carroll, Auburn '71 Andrew Haggerty, New Mexico State '03 Robert Hendershot, Purdue '72 Steven R. Michels, Marquette '87 John G. Tunila, Connecticut '81 J. Don Turk, Florida '68 Miles Washburn, Massachusetts '87 Patrick F. Weber, Oklahoma '87 Chad M. Wolett, Arizona State '94 Staff Chief Administrative Officer Justin P. Sherman, Central Missouri '08 (319) 621-2203 Project Manager Christian A. Wargo, Case Western Reserve '13 (319) 337-4811 Headquarters Office Staff Claudia Jansenius (319) 337-4811

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