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Page 4 Texas Alpha to the Top Dear Brothers in Texas Alpha Phi Kappa Psi, The past decade has been one of total emersion for me, ending with my term as SWGP, the National President of Phi Kappa Psi. Of the many moving and rewarding experiences I was fortunate enough to witness over the years, this past weekend during Parents Weekend at Texas Alpha was perhaps the most moving and rewarding to date. Friday, I attended a dinner with the students and their parents. Our own Brian Crow '90 had his son and nephew present, showing the current confidence we now have to recommend and allow our own family members to be part of Phi Kappa Psi. We discussed and agreed to a newly formed Parents Club and Moms Club, which will organize all future Parents Weekends, holiday dinners, and Spring Scholarship Dinners going forward. Whatever your experience was during your membership at Phi Kappa Psi, I can assure you that I see more value now in Texas Alpha Phi Kappa Psi than ever before. We are building such momentum with a culture toward a broad and educated support system, and most importantly a serious approach to student development. As long as a family is relevant, our fraternity is relevant. With the dynamics of this country leaning more toward single-parent families, and the volatility of social media, the house being built is an anchor to bring young boys together and develop them into honorable men. All of us have an opportunity to play a part in their development. Early Saturday, the student leadership eagerly participated in a two-hour meeting with alumni and our architect to plan and build a path for success as we move into the house next semester. Our plan will elevate our standards across all important indexes to ensure we will lead the University and community in a broad sense in meaningful areas of interest. We would have stayed for hours, but of course the energy of pregame tailgates had the alumni nervous about missing the reunions they had scheduled prior to the game. I must say that a game at Texas is truly like no other across this great nation; please get back to a game in Austin soon. We entertained a group of 26 student members for the game and they had wonderful dates and manners, and the relationships with our students have never been better. Having a house one block off campus, complete with a true Great Room, dining room, media room and professional kitchen, shows our support toward a brotherhood like we have not seen since the '50s and the students sense and appreciate this grand opening early in 2017. The weekend ended with the initiation of our new fall pledge class of 18 very sharp men, excluding our three athletes who had to be at practice and will be initiated separately. Our oath and ritual has never changed, and it was as beautiful and meaningful as when I took the oath so long ago with my soft perm hairdo. The men were serious and executed with perfection and passion. I was truly moved. Although close, the new house is not ready. In fact—in true Phi Kappa Psi form—we found a way into the garage area, swiftly built a ritual area directly under the new Chapter Room as they were staining the floors directly above us, and initiated the first class of Phi Psis in the new house. It was important to the men to reward this fall class and all these members with this opportunity. The classes will now be named uniquely and begin with the Greek alphabet and in order. This class is the Alpha class in Texas Alpha and signifies the first class initiated in the new house (technically, directly under the chapter house as mystics seem to still be important to many brothers.). In Phi Psi, "our era" continues onward to the many generations of undergraduates of the future that will undertake the same oaths, pledge themselves to our ideals and strengthen the foundation of society. That does not end. Texas Alpha has a great history and legacy that is pushing ahead to forge the next era…make that the next epoch. The new chapter house will for decades to come be the local brick-and-mortar evidence of our strong band, but it is the undying spirit and story of each Phi Psi that shares our common bond that weaves our whole cloth. The solemn few minutes that entailed the first reading of the initiation ritual and receiving your badge are so very alive each time Texas Alpha presents it, and the ideals behind that ritual are sought out by our young men despite what you hear blasted in your face by the media and by people you talk with every day. Among many other lifelong benefits, the chapter develops personality, promotes mutual understanding, crystalizes habits, induces cooperative living, encourages scholarship, widens the circle of friendships and fosters high ideals. Fraternities are highly relevant to collegiate life today and the young men we initiate are hungry for our involvement. Texas Alpha and all of its past, present and future brothers and their communities need you to step forward and recommit yourselves to this continuum. It may have been a long time since you experienced the thrill of being a part of "writing our story," but my guess is that you have a lot to add to it. We need you to be involved in giving, participating, sharing and involving yourself. And we need it now! Your participation will be the catalyst for other brothers to do the same. The generosity of a few has brought us a long way, but your generosity will enable us to continue this exciting momentum. I know you have many financial and time commitments in your life, but I am asking you to add Phi Psi to those commitments in a meaningful way. What we need to do is in the now, not the someday. It is OK to put our efforts toward Texas Alpha first now for the next few years and perhaps rebalance some gift priorities as the timing of our return is important. My family and I are at a place where we need alumni to invest in these young men beyond our resources. Please consider investing in these men now as it is a critical time for furnishing and finishing the house with the character and integrity found in Phi Kappa Psi. My next communication will share the many programs we have developed that reinforce how and why we will lead student and Greek life and contribute to the wonderful community at the University of Texas. Hook 'em, Anthony Scott Noble '81 A Letter from Anthony Scott Noble '81 Texas Alpha and all of its past, present and future brothers and their communities need you to step forward and recommit yourselves to this continuum.

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