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Page 2 Texas Alpha to the Top Class Participation Is Vital to Our Campaign's Success 1937 Participation: 66% Robert Baxter* Lowell Wilkes* 1938 Participation: 100% Henry Sullivan 1939 Participation: 33% Ben Duffie* 1940 Participation: 100% Clifford Dillon* 1941 Participation: 100% Felipe Ramon* 1942 Participation: 33% Roy Vineyard Jr.* 1943 Participation: 50% James B. Franklin* Oscar Wilkirson* 1945 Participation: 20% John Cheesman Sr.* 1946 Participation: 25% Courtney R. Clark 1947 Participation: 100% Edward Andrews* Walter P. Buckthal Kelly McAdams* Joe M. Parsley* Irvin Wall* 1948 Participation: 33% Robert Hamilton* Lloyd Hand 1949 Participation: 25% John Dubberley Thomas E. Rodman 1950 Participation: 15% Henry Chapman R. George Cunningham 1951 Participation: 40% Julian L. Biggers Jr. James Miller S. Louis Moore Jr. John C. Steinberger 1952 Participation: 25% Robert Gribble Jeff M. Neely Jr. 1953 Participation: 27% Robert Floyd James Holcomb John Notestine Arthur M. Rauch* Richard J. Thomson, M.D. 1954 Participation: 30% Keys Curry Jr.* Clint Hurt James H. McGuire William H. Pool Jr. 1955 Participation: 60% Ben A. Donnell Joe Edwards* Lloyd W. Jary Jr. 1956 Participation: 63% William Biggs Charles Culver* Dr. J. William Davis Lawrence A. Mann Donald Mullins* Alden Smith Gage Van Horn, M.D. 1957 Participation: 60% Gene Anderson Morris Creel Thomas Field Jr.* Greg N. Martin William F. Schmidt Jr. Ronald G. Woods 1958 Participation: 18% William E. Matthews David E. McDonald 1959 Participation: 38% James A. Bartlett Scott Cantine Robert Demler Jr. Bill LaFont George E. Ramsey III 1960 Participation: 11% W. Thomas Allison II Jarrell Ormand 1961 Participation: 11% Gary Bernhard Jerry W. Gunn 1962 Participation: 30% William C. Cobb Galt Graydon Patrick Moore Daniel Verona 1963 Participation: 10% John T. Burdine Henry A. Kelly Chris von Doenhoff 1964 Participation: 50% Robert Johnson C. Samuel Judge Hugh B. Ruckman III Gregg C. Waddill III 1965 Participation: 28% A. Michael Hoffman Larry L. Hutson J. Chase McEvoy Jr. Rev. Ken H. Morrill Scott C. Shelton Rhett Stone 1966 Participation: 5% John E. Stokes 1967 Participation: 35% David E. Anderson Robert Bush James Malernee Jr. John B. Meadows Gary R. Rodgers James Ward 1968 Participation: 13% Douglas M. Danforth Henry W. Wells Robert C. Zivney Jr. 1969 Participation: 10% A.F. Klam* 1970 Participation: 9% Randy D. Rodgers 1971 Participation: 14% Chris Doose* Charles Daniel Smith 1972 Participation: 12% Greenberry B. Brown IV* Stephen Smith 1973 Participation: 10% Michael D. Boswell 1974 Participation : 4% Dan M. Wilkirson 1975 Participation: 100% Anonymous 1976 Participation: 23% Russ Kempton Doren C. Martin Lloyd Segler J. Greg Wilson 1977 Participation: 71% Joseph E. Anderson Kelly E. Fish Winston Grant Timothy O'Brien Bennett J. Roberts III Rick Siegel Jeffrey Taner Kenneth C. Treaccar John Wilkirson Charles S. Williams Jr. 1978 Participation: 66% Pam and Darrell T. Carpenter Leslie Courson Keith Westmoreland 1979 Participation: 31% Henri deCompiegne Thomas DeWree J. Robert Meyer, M.D. Richard C. Miller Kenneth Sandoval 1980 Participation: 25% Barry Jones Tom C. Pennington Douglas Putney Mark H. Taylor Doug Throckmorton 1981 Participation: 25% Bennett Grayson William T. Greene W e are deeply grateful to the following brothers for committing $6,959,909 to the Texas Alpha to the Top campaign. These individuals recognize the importance of ensuring the future of the Texas Alpha Chapter and have demonstrated a sense of gratitude for their personal experience by making an investment in the future of Phi Kappa Psi at the University of Texas. Commitments are still needed from the rest of our alumni to achieve our goal. Includes gifts made to the 2003-07 house campaign. Campaign Status At-a-Glance Total Raised as of October 18, 2016 $6,959,909 Campaign Goal $8 million Number of Contributors 242

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