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The Iowa DelTa REPORT Iowa Delta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta • Spring 2016 George A Long III, Indiana Alpha 1413 George A Long, Indiana Beta 10/19/1208 #332 G ranville Moody Jr. Illin ois Et a, 3/7/1914 #232 George A Long Jr., Illin ois Eta, 6/6/1939 #586 Edward C. Loy, Indiana Theta, 4/5/1934 #5 0 4 He rbert Strawbridge, Indiana Theta , 4/19 /19 36 #531 Ro bert Strawb ridg e, Indiana Thet a, 3/18/193 7 # 5 39 Russell Strawbridge, Indiana Theta, 4/27/1947 #749 Dallas Ryan Long, Florida Gamma, 4/2 2/2007 #1663 Colony members were proud to hold their flag at the colonization ceremony. (Continued on page 4) Relays Kicks Off Iowa Delta's Return to Drake I n 2014, Iowa Delta alumni gathered during the Drake Relays weekend with area alumni from other chapters to kick off Phi Delt's return to Drake University. In the fall of 2014, Phi Delta Theta sent a team to Drake to begin the recolonization process. When they were done, a Phi Delt colony was born and the men began working toward becoming a chapter. In 2015, more than 70 Iowa Delta alumni and alumni from other chapters gathered at the Drake Relays to celebrate the colony. All 28 of the colony members attended the event and had the opportunity to meet Phi Delts from every era of Iowa Delta. The men reoccupied the chapter facility in the summer of 2015, and the alumni raised enough money to furnish and upgrade the facility in time for fall 2015 recruitment. As Phi Delta Theta works on its return at Drake, we hope to have continued support from our alumni. Plans for this year's Relays are confirmed, so mark your calendars for April 27-May 1 and let's plan for our best turnout yet! Join us April 30 for the Ghost of the Past Alumni Luncheon, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the chapter house. More event details will come later, but there will be reunions for 20- and 40-year classes. John Reim '96 at is in charge of the 20-year reunion and Al Ryerson '76 at will lead the 40-year reunion. We look forward to seeing you soon! Refounding fathers with Doug Bruce '72 at the 2015 Relays. The newly renovated Iowa Delta chapter house. Check out our new website,! See page two for more information. Iowa Delta men held the Phi Delta Theta flag at the 2015 Drake Relays celebration. Alumni involvement importAnt to members R estarting a chapter with a rich history of excellence is no simple task, but the gentlemen of Iowa Delta have stepped up and made a significant presence in both the Drake and Greater Des Moines communities. Iowa Delta has been fortunate enough to interact with alumni several times in the past year. In the fall of 2014, some of the original colony members joined the original founders of Iowa Delta at a brunch. This experience was unique and put the concept of legacy and Fraternity into perspective. We were also fortunate to connect with alumni at a Drake Relays celebration at the home of brother Scott Carlson '93. It has been quite a journey for Iowa Delta in the best possible way. Though challenging at times, our work to restart the legacy of Phi Delta Theta at Drake University has been met with cheer and enthusiasm from all

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