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May 16, 2012

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Page 14 THOUGHTBUSTER.COM Chapter -3 – Worldscope an online ebook by Coach Louise Rouse Worldscope is a vision I started writ- ing about 10 years ago from observing the intensity of thoughts and feelings not only effecting peoples lives, but the planet as well. Timing has its own way of showing us that the universe is not separate from us but very con- nected to us. Every time I thought I was going to share this idea some- thing came up, until now. Our planet's natural disasters can makes us feel un-empowered and afraid. We long to help. We use affi r- mations for welcoming our personal change, but have we ever thought our words and feelings might be af- fecting the earth? Thought is very cumulative; it's not instantaneous all the time when it is joined with con- fl icting collective thoughts especially with earth changes. However just a few people can infl uence many. Our collective thoughts have been manifesting since time began. We have evolved through the cen- turies to accept an understand- ing of how our mind works. It has been known and hidden and unhid- den many times. Now a transitional quantum shift of knowledge is moving particle thoughts into waves of feeling. What was hidden has once again been uncovered. That we are extra-ordinary and our feelings/emothions are pow- erful. Like an answered prayer hope is returning to earth. We have many great minds to thank and Louise Hays is one of them. Thirty years ago, I was introduced the power of Divine Love. Worldscope was inspired from my passion for Louise Hays book "You Can Heal Your Life". In her book she listed illnesses and then gave a probable cause for each illness, and then a solution. I have expanded her concept to heal- May 16, 2012 to Louise Hays' book "You Can Heal Your Life". Through the years, every time I go into a used bookstore I al- ways look for her same book to have more on hand. I've given hundreds of these books away: I have given them to friends, to clients, left them in hos- pitals and in waiting rooms. I am so committed and dedicated to her work. Louise Hays is a woman who teaches ing the earth. I would also like to re- mind you that for prayer to work it must be clothed with genuine feel- ing/emotion. Feel the prayer affi rma- tion all the way from your head to your toes. Take a deep breath. Then repeat it once again, this time feeling Divine Love joining with you in your desired world prayer all the way from the heav- ens down to every cell in your body and then traveling through your toes down deep into mother earth. Just like when we take wondrous walks in nature it feels good to be connected with Moth- er Earth. Open your heart and send mother earth love. Feel gratitude, that all is well. Even when life seems very unsettled Events, Probable Causes and World Prayers. Samples of affi rmations are: I can digest life, where there is un- certainty I can add hope. I have the strength, wisdom and power to over- come all adversity. I ask for forgiveness for my part in collective consciousness, which con- tributed to this situation. I send love and compassion, I forgive and affi rm the goodness in all mankind. I am peace. I let go and hand my prob- lems over to God. As I forgive others I forgive myself. Feeling emotionally love, forgiveness and peace is a powerful action. "You are essential!!! It may be that without you, it will not happen and our species will hurtle itself into par- tial or complete destruction" ~ Ken Keyes, author of The Hundredth Monkey. and in trouble I encourage you to be calm in the eye of the storm. When we are calm and centered we can see, hear, and feel what right action to take. However, when you feel an intuition a gut feeling to do something to protect humanity, please listen to your calling. "The pilgrimage is a process by which we change what we think and transform who we are. Prayer is the pilgrim's walking stick." ~ Marianne Williamson Visit for a comprehensive list of Planetary Summer classes at AWC Quartzsite Yes, there will be classes offered at Arizona Western College over the summer! You can register now and classes will begin the week of May 28th. Live classes at the AWC Quartzsite Learning Center include: AJS 210- Court Function, AJS 230-Police Function, ENG 100-Intro to Composi- tion, MAT 081-Beginning Algebra, and PHI 101-Intro to Philosophy. Numerous online classes will also be offered. To view a list of online courses, go to the AWC website at and click on "schedule of classes." It is a great time to increase your employability by working on a college education. Stop by or give us a call at 695 N. Kofa Ave. in Quartzsite, (928) 927-8299. We can answer your questions, help you with fi nancial aid, and get you started on a new path. Registration has also begun for the fall semester so whether you are interested in starting over the summer or in the fall, now is the time to come see us. What act of love can you bring into the world? If you follow our blog on http://www. you'll read the expanding list as I add more World Events for healing the earth. Coach Louise Rouse copyright2012, 541-821-6213. P.S. Thank you for your encouraging - loving calls supporting my work.

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