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April 4, 2012

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April 4, 2012 "Come on down, Debbie Ventling!" Quartzsite, AZ-- On April 2nd, locals watching The Price is Right game show were pleased and surprised to see a group of 25 Quartzsite area snowbirds in the audience. One member of the group, Debbie Ventling, of Montana, made it onto the stage and won a beautiful living room set complete with furniture, huge fl at screen television and game system. The show was taped on Wednesday, February 22, 2012. The group left the Quartzsite area early in the morning to arrive at the CBS studios in California. Dean Baker stated, "We were all wearing green 'Quartzsite Trailer Trash' T-shirts to be part of the Price is Right audience, hoping one of us would be chosen to Come on Down and Debbie was chosen!" It was a long day, as the caravan of four vehicles left Quartzsite at 5:30 am and returned later that night after 1 am but Baker said everyone had a good time! Pat Baker was instrumental in the success of the trip. RVers making the trip were from Idaho, West Virginia, Montana, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Wash- ington, Oregon, California, Utah, and Quebec, Canada. Business Chamber speaks out against boycott Dear Business owner, We were very disturbed when we got to the offi ce last week to fi nd a letter attached to the door, placed by Hy- geia Halfmoon, a resident of Quartz- site (who, by the way, just opened her own business in Quartzsite). The let- ter urged the Quartzsite community to boycott the businesses listed. This list included 30 businesses in town. We are writing this letter in response to the boycott letter. WE ARE TOTALLY AGAINST ANY KIND OF BOYCOTT OF ANY BUSI- NESS IN QUARTZSITE. Our goal has always been to work towards creat- ing a stable and prosperous business community, one where everyone is treated equally and one where our business members know that we will do everything we can to help promote their business by giving out informa- tion about them. Our members come fi rst, but we will give out information about non-members if requested. This helps keep people in town supporting local business instead of going out of town for their needs. First of all, we feel that every busi- nesses into our town to help it survive, rather than trying to boycott any busi- ness and destroying their lives. We feel this boycott letter should be offensive to any business in town, not only those on the list, but anyone who has the best interest of our town at heart. Think about what a boycott of these businesses would do. A boy- cott would not only effect the business owner, but all of their employees and their families who are just trying to make a living and have a decent life in these times when every dollar is hard earned and doesn't stretch too far. A boycott would not only hurt them, but everyone in town who depends on their business for things they might need. The ripple effect can be enormous. We are a small community, and we Page 3 QES head teacher says he's "corrupting Arizona's youth one child at a time" [Editor's note: This was a diffi cult article for me to write. It is my intent to educate the public about pitfalls of social media] By Shanana Rain Golden-Bear Quartzsite, AZ -According to Janet R. Decker, assistant professor of education at the University of Cincinnati, "Educa- tors' online behavior is under tremen- dous scrutiny. It may be shocking that a school asked a teacher to resign after discovering her Facebook page had va- cation pictures showing her holding a glass of wine and a mug of beer. "Facebook posts have resulted in the dismissal of numerous school employ- ees. A Florida teacher who posted that he "almost threw up" after watching a news story about same-sex unions was asked to resign. After posting that she hated her students' guts, a New York teacher was suspended. Similarly, a Massachu- setts teacher was asked to resign after describing her students as "germ bags" and parents as "snobby." Recently, Mark Orgeron, Head Teacher at Quartzsite Elementary School (QES) learned just how powerful words can be. After discovering Orgeron's "About Mark:" Facebook statement of "Cor- rupting Arizona's youth one child at a time", the news quickly spread. Jacque Price, QES Superintendent, told Desert Messenger that she looks at Facebook pages during the hiring pro- cess of employees, but doesn't peruse the social media sites during the year. SEE FACEBOOK PAGE 9 HANDYMAN Residential and RV Experienced Plumbing & Electrical Service & Repair. Minor Carpentry & Yard Work. All Work Guaranteed - FREE Estimates! • Qtz. Business Licensed Call Bud 928-583-3905 Pocket Watches (keeping time or not) PUBLIC NOTICE Jim Buys All Non-Quartz This week Jim wants to spend $10,000.00 ness in this town has a right to give out any newspapers or other media they choose, whether everyone agrees with them or not. This is a free coun- try, and no one should be able to tell you not to advertise or give out any- thing they disagree with, and cer- tainly should never be subjected to a boycott because of it. We should be working towards bringing more busi- have to work together to keep our town going and growing at a time when the country is suffering from an economic decline. We cannot afford to lose any business in our town for any reason. We hope that our community will join our chamber neighbors in coming out against this boycott because it is so wrong. In a town this small, we are all neighbors, and how we treat each oth- er is what matters most of all. Please support all local businesses and help our town grow. 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