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April 4, 2012

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April 4, 2012 Perspectives Quirky Quartzsite's Contributed by Violet Kiss ous issues last summer when specifi c people (Jennifer Jade Jones, Ed Fos- ter, the Q-7 and others) advertised to patronize specifi c stores, restaurants and vendors. It was circulated by the Oppositionists of Quartzsite once known as the Coalition to the Oath- keepers, Tea Party members and any others coming into town last summer for a so-called yet fi zzled "march". Well, none of that worked. They Damage Control, I knew we had seri- used the term "friendly stores" to those coming. What does that mean? Does it mean those 'allowed' services are going to pull you up a chair, pour you a cold one? I bet if any person walked into any restaurant, gas sta- tion, grocery or any store or vendor in Quartzsite that they all would wel- come you in with a smile and take care of you, every one of you and no matter whom you vote for or what you believe in. Recently, we had one misguided per- for every single person who lives here, visits here, or works here. Every es- tablishment should take care of you no matter what. This is business, this is what makes up our town, this is how the town's infrastructure, public services and other organizations work, and they work for all. When are people going to see that our lovely town of Quartzsite is, and should be, apolitical. Apolitical means: not in- terested in political issues or connected to any political party, and as it should be. Our town is just that, our Town, all of ours. We work together, play, pray and talk together. As I go into a store or service, I may already know that the owner has a different view of things in this town than I do. Does that stop me from going in? Of course not. son using the same tactic, but for the other side. I assume that person had a point to make, but let's be serious, that is a personal choice whether it is to vote for a certain person or to enter any establishment. Our services and vendors are to go in, enjoy my time there, do my business, and have good conversations with the owner or manager. It is your personal choice as always to I choose go into a business, or not. Possibly you do not like the food, or poor customer Full Service Cardiovascular Office in Quartzsite! Page 19 service, they may handle their employees badly, whatever, it is your choice. On the other hand, "Quirky" as we are, I hope that everyone appreciates and utilizes the many businesses we have here and especially those who are here year-round for us. Every business is important here, every single one. Everyone, slow down, think a bit. Hear the 'music' before the song is over. Let's be good ambassadors to others. We need more businesses. Thank busi- nesses for doing business with us, and they thank you for your patronage. Now that's how to welcome other businesses to come and hang out their shingles. Quartzsite makes the March/April cover of Workamper. News Sunday Worship: 10am & 6pm Wednesday Service: 6pm Phone: 928-927-5035 375 E. Sunrise St. Quartzsite "Come join our Family where the Love of Jesus is preached" CARDIOVASCULAR DIVISION OF IMS Diagnose and Treat • chest pain • shortness of breath • leg pain • varicose veins • leg swelling • palpitations LOCATED in Palm Plaza 255 N. Central Blvd. #5 Quartzsite Cardiac Services Provided • stress testing • echocardiograms • vascular ultrasound • PAD screening • coronary angioplasty/stenting • peripheral angioplasty/stenting All testing done on-site No need to travel 928-927-6105 1015 N. McQueen Rd. Suite 167 Gilbert, AZ 85233 INVERTER CHARGER SOLUTIONS Authorized Sales & Service 877-483-5747 Fax: 1-602-457-5026 Email: Chris Hanrahan

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