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Joyful post-initiation celebration, January 2015. Spring 2014 Spring 2015 INSIDE: Alumni Chapter Update 2 • Consul's Report Page 4 • Derby Day Roars Back Page 5 THE HUSKER SIG Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Chi at the University of Nebraska ALPHA EPSILON CONTINUES ON HIGH TRAJECTORY I t is hard to believe it, but the 2014-15 academic year at UNL is about to end. It has been a jam-packed year at 1510 Vine and one that bears witness to our hard-earned momentum. Alpha Epsilon's full reinstatement by the University on May 1, 2014, has been a major boost and one the Chapter guards carefully, especially in this particularly difficult media environment for Greeks across the country. The house is filling up nicely, with 35 members living in this spring term. We fully expect that our goal of being at capacity will be realized next fall. Once again, the alumni involvement and support in rebuilding the house has paid off handsomely as we enjoy a high-quality, first-rate Chapter House that our undergraduates value. We continue to grow our membership with well- screened young men in a very competitive recruitment landscape. As most of you know, we are committed to a year around Sigma Chi recruitment program called Rush 365. Throughout this past year, we have pledged 31 young men, 20 of whom were freshmen. We're also pleased to report that of those 31 pledges, 28 have qualified for and been initiated. As we look ahead, the 52 members we expect to have at the start of the 2015- 16 school year is substantially greater than anytime in the past four years. We have set a goal of 20-25 summer pledges as well. In all, the prospects are that we will be a better and stronger fraternity as we enter a new academic year than at any time in our recent past. Importantly, we've not sacrificed quality for these quantitative gains. Our pledge training program, with its focus on the Jordan Standard, has a "buy in" among new members that we feel is an important qualitative strength of the Chapter. We're all pulling in the same direction in terms of values and what we feel we're here for. Moreover, we're experiencing success in the legacy program. In it, each prospective member is expected to lay out a strategic vision for what his legacy will be to Alpha Epsilon over his undergraduate career and to provide a game plan for how they intend The Sigma Chi Creed I believe in fairness, decency and good manners. I will endeavor to retain the spirit of youth. I will try to make my college, The Sigma Chi Fraternity, and my own Chapter more Honored by all men and women and more beloved and honestly respected by our own brothers. I say these words in all sincerity; that Sigma Chi has given me favor and distinction; that I will endeavor to so build myself and so conduct myself that I will ever be a credit to our Fraternity. —George Ade, Purdue 1887 f f UNL Sigma Chi i Sigma Chi Greater Nebraska Alumni Group (Continued on page 2)

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