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October 15, 2014

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4 October 15, 2014 Garden club meets Quartzsite Garden Club will have its fi rst meeting this season Monday Octo- ber 20, 2014. We meet at the Quartzsite Library at 4:30 pm. every 3rd Monday of every month until April 2015. We have programs and group discus- sions about gardening here in the des- sert. Come join us and fi nd out about our "winter" growing season. For more information call Lynn Stimson 928- 916-4562 Dave's DIESEL DIAGNOSTIC SERVICE David Atherton 605-999-0720 • Pat Atherton 816-797-5460 Technical Advisor for CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, MERCEDES, DURAMAX, & FORD Computerized Diagnosis with Printout Located at Quartzsite Marketplace 50 E. Kuehn We can get the Shih tzu out of your carpet! 520-255-9081 MD CARPET CLEANING SERVING QUARTZSITE - BLYTHE Let's Talk Dirty! The Quartzsite Com- munity Thrift Store has again voted to help other organiza- tions in the com- munity keep up their programs. Since the store has opened, it has donated $32,500 back to the communi- ty, with the inclusion of these two donations this month. The fi rst check for $1000. was given to the Quartzsite Business Cham- ber of Commerce to help get their offi ce building ready for occupancy. When their origi- nal chamber offi ce trailer was destroyed over a month ago due to a microburst that tore off the roof and damaged the walls, all the rain got inside the building and ruined all the paperwork, maps, schedules, etc. that were in the offi ce. They were able to save the printers and most of the computers, but lost almost all the printed materials they had around the walls. The thrift store decided that the chamber was one of the most important things in the town to give out information to all the winter visitors, and wanted to help out . Their dona- tion will help get the building fi nished and ready to open very soon. The funds are very much appreciated and very needed to get up and running again with all the printing that will have to be redone and all the rest of the remodeling to fi nish before opening again. The second check for $1000 went to the Good News Club, which is a group which meets once a week at the First Baptist Church with young children for a club of singing songs, Bible stories, playing games, and enjoying snacks. The children learn many things which help them deal with everyday situa- tions at school and home. The club is sponsored by the Child Evangelism Fellowship and is run by volunteers Neriel and Shamar Sherburne. No money is received from CEF, and all supplies are either donated or paid for by the volunteers, so this donation is very appreciated and much needed. The board and volunteers at the thrift store want to thank all the people who donate items for the store, and all those who shop there. The funds raised at the store are being put back into the community to help keep important programs going that are in need of help when their funds get low or do not get funded elsewhere. Quartzsite Thrift Store donates again, totals soar over $32,000 Just Rambling... Provided by Elmer London, Quartzsite and Desert Messenger Shadows can be startling; sunlight does odd and interesting things. It shines through the window shades and draws patterns across the floor. The flag waves and diverts the sunlight, a shadow of a sliver of paper on a basket; appears to be a scorpion crawling up the wall. The store is always happy to take donations during open hours from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Right now they are still only open Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, but will soon go to 6 days a week when the volunteers come back and the store gets busier with all the winter visitors. For more information, or to have items picked up, please call Jini Dill at 928-916-7338 or 928-927-6039. PHOTO ABOVE LEFT: Shirley Phillips and Lynn Crofts from Thrift Store with Business Chamber board members Tony and Cee Carnevale PHOTO ABOVE RIGHT: Shirley Philips and Lynn Crofts, from Thrift Store with teachers Neriel and Shamar Sherburne AA Meetings QUARTZSITE, AZ Gloria 316-617-1877 Mon. & Thurs. 5:30pm Local Survivors Group 375 Sunrise St.

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