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May 4, 2011

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M�� 4, 2011  LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 We will also encourage our friends and acquaintances to do the same. Jerry and JoAnne McClure, Quartzsite Resident THANK YOU QUARTZSITE! Palm Plaza Laundromat thanks the town of Quartzsite for welcoming us the new owners,and for your patience in the busy times. We are looking forward to serving you this summer,and we have met SO MANY happy, cordial people. Sincerely, Darryl and Cynthony Owners, Palm Plaza Laundromat GRIJALVA SPEAKS TO QUARTZSITE PARENTS Since the state legislature wrapped up its session this week and everyone is looking back to see what was ac- complished, it’s time to ask an often unasked question: what has the state done to improve our children’s health? The answer, unfortunately, is nothing. That’s not good enough. In February, the nonpartisan Com- monwealth Fund released a report TO THE RESIDENTS OF THE TOWN OF QUARTZSITE For you residents that do not attend our coun- ���.D�����M��������.��� that ranked Arizona forty-ninth over- all in children’s health and fi ftieth in children with oral health problems. The legislature and Gov. Jan Brewer responded by maintaining the freeze on enrollment in the statewide Kids- Care program in place since January 2010, saying the state could no longer afford to help low income families. This one-sided fi scal austerity – which throws its hands up whenever children need medicine, but is always ready to spend hundreds of millions of dol- lars on the latest corporate income tax giveaway – is not going to get this state back on the right track. That’s why it was so disappointing to see Gov. Brew- er, in the same week the children’s health report came out, sign a corpo- rate tax cut package that will cost the state approximately $538 million. That’s money that could give Quartz- site’s children a chance to stay healthy and live their lives without diabetes, tooth decay or other conditions that plague our state. That’s also money that could be invested in alternative en- ergy projects, transportation programs to connect our state’s rural and urban centers, or any number of other job cre- ation efforts our state badly needs. cil meetings, and hear the decisions and items heard by our council and staff, but have the mordacity to comment and complain, and read the slander sheet that is presently being pub- lished. To hear this “citizen” call our public offi - cials idiots at a public meeting and not be cen- sored by their “leader” is an intolerable act. To have another citizen who evidently does shouldn’t either, sounds a little childish, like if I can’t have it you can’t either. And if you spent some time around town hall you might see these same employees doing the job of janitor, maintenance, clerk or errand runner while still doing the job they were hired for. So yes if they earned it and they deserve it. And then the question of the headstones, not read the rules for the call to public, stating that the council and staff cannot answer their questions, but to stand there and say well sev- eral times does not show much intelligence. In answer to a few of his questions- if he Brewer decided to give that taxpayer money to corporations to do with as they see fi t. Some of that money will go straight into CEO bonuses. None of it will make children healthier. If Republicans were right that tax cuts create more jobs and more reve- nue all by themselves, our state would be living proof. The truth is much dif- ferent, and the evidence is all around us. Our economy and our health care system are a shadow of what they were a decade ago thanks to corporate give- aways that don’t pay for themselves and – whether Republicans admit it to themselves or not – come at the ex- pense of our children.  SEE LETTERS ON PAGE 15 Wayne’s Pet Service Need someone to take care of your pet(s), in your home, while away? REASONABLE RATES! Call 928-927-4329 had paid attention to past meetings and dis- cussions, he would have had some idea to what the answers were. One of them was that the staff and council should not get their cost of living or performance raises because the town is so broke. Where were you when the budget was done? We have a surplus; not a huge one, but at least we are in the black and our checks don’t bounce. Also please remember that about a year or so ago our council members gave up $100 a month to save the town a bit of money. Where were you? Also at a recent meeting the salaries where listed and compared with other towns in our state, a booklet was shown with all of these fi gures and the people of the audience that night where told the web address to get one of these booklets for themselves. As far as the pay scale for our council and staff it falls mostly in the lower third of the rest of the state. But to argue that because we seniors didn’t get a Social Security raise, town staff I didn’t hear anyone beg for money for them. These veterans who served our country are en- titled to a headstone from the United States. All that was asked for was a letter and support from the town to help get them. I would be happy to pay for one of these headstones for a person who fought to keep me free as my family is 5th generation military. And your next question was a real corker: why would we want to spend money recalling the mayor? There’s not in enough room in this pa- per for all those reasons. Also was it alright for the “other side’ to have a recall on our council people that failed? Was that one free?? I think anyone who wants a recall should have to pay for it. Then there would not be so many. Maybe instead of sitting in the audience whis- pering and gesturing, you all might pay atten- tion to what’s going on at the meeting and you would not have to ask redundant questions. And to the writer of that slander sheet, you might need to take some memory pills and get your facts straight and not print half truths. Tonight I was very pleased to hear a mission statement read, and approved for additions and adoptions. I applaud our current council and staff for the work they have accomplished un- der the strained atmosphere that has hovered over our town. Thank you. Carol Kelley Paid for by Carol Kelley Instead, the legislature and Gov. Read the Palm Plaza Laundromat (next to the bank) N. 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