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May 4, 2011

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M�� 4, 2011  LETTERS FROM PAGE 5 The latest tax cut package was not an isolated in- cident – it was part of a trend that has bankrupted our state. As the Arizona Daily Star reported Feb. 9, 2010: “The Legislature has made 42 tax cuts to the three major general-fund revenue sources (sales, in- come and corporate income taxes) since 1992, and it has also eliminated statewide property taxes that accrued to the general fund. Tax cuts imposed since the mid-1990s are the equivalent of cutting $2.6 bil- lion annually from today’s revenues, after adjusting for the cost of living and population growth.” Where has all this gotten our children? Forty- ninth in overall health and dead last in oral health. Spin it any way you want – the state government’s priorities aren’t working for its own people. Voters can keep accepting empty rhetoric about tax cuts being the magic bullet that makes everything bet- ter, or they can believe what their eyes are telling them. Our state is falling behind, and our children are being hit hardest. Giving away billions of dollars in tax cuts to corpo- ���.D����� M��������.��� SHOCKED AND DISGUSTED On Tuesday evening April 19th I attended the B.L.M. meeting in regards to the land use for the So- lar Energy Plant north of Town. There was standing room only and I was genuinely glad to see the people who came to ask questions regarding the land use. In attendance were several representatives from both the Yuma and Phoenix B.L.M. offi ce along with the Solar Plant Project Manager. A little after 6 pm., people were visiting and talking rate special interests and then pleading bankruptcy when it comes time to function as a state is negli- gent at best and has not helped working families. “We don’t have the money” is where many state lawmakers begin and end any conversation about budget priorities, because it lets them off the hook without discussing why we don’t have money or how we can start to turn things around. It’s time for some results. As a parent and grandparent, the status quo isn’t good enough for me. No amount of tax cut rhetoric is going to improve our state’s embarrassing failure to help keep its own people healthy. Top-ranked states for children’s health – like Wash- ington, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – don’t turn their noses up at the idea of corporate taxes paying for a healthier overall society. They understand the value of everyone pooling their resources and mak- ing sure children don’t fall through the cracks. If Arizona can make that decision once again, we can start to build a better health care system for our children and families. If not, forty-ninth will turn into fi ftieth before we know it. Representative Raul M. Grijalva (D) for Arizona’s 7th Congressional District QUEEN OF HEARTS Inspirational words for town-folk of all ages “Give as in yonder valley the myrtle breathes its fragrance into space.” THE PROPHET I smell myrtle in Quartzsite Our desert town Perfect for raising kids Peace offi cers Promoting domestic harmony Standing around talking To our youth We love it here That is why we stay. IMAGINE a Splash Park Attracting families For miles around! MEXICAN AND AMERICAN FOOD Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner 1099 W. MAIN ST. Quartzsite DAILY SPECIALS! CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED! BIG SCREEN TVS! MARGARITAS - PINA COLADAS - BEER Mardi Gras mentality fosters the way… Queen of Hearts Publishing, Hygeia Halfmoon, Quartzsite Friday - Fish & Chips Open 7am - 8pm Daily Take Out Orders: 928-927-6282 Gift Shop & Restaurant Breakfast & Lunch NO GIMMICKS! Just Great Food! 60 W. Main Street, Quartzsite (next to the Post Office) 928-927-4000 OPEN 7 am to 2 pm with the representatives and staff when Jade Har- ris had leave to exit her seat in the second row. She proceeded to look at Starr Bear Cat and extended her middle fi nger for the duration of her walk to the back of the room. This woman has serious issues! Doesn’t she realize that everyone in that room saw that disgusting display. What type of individual has no respect for the other people present? If she feels she is personally being picked on, maybe she needs to do some soul searching and refl ect on some of her past and present actions. I personally think a lesson in etiquette and decorum should be fourth coming. This is a person who wanted to represent our Town as a Council Member. I certainly applaud the voters of Quartzsite for realizing this person does not have the interest of our town at heart. Actions like these during a public meeting says it all. Respectfully, Mary Huntley, Quartzsite Deadline for May 18th issue of the Desert Messenger is WED. May 11 Email: Phone: 541-218-2560 P��� 15 FAST FIVE NOW SHOWING IN PARKER Fast Five is now showing at BlueWater Cinemas. Fast Five (also known as Fast & Furious 5[2] and Fast & Furious 5: Rio Heist[3]) is a 2011 street racing action fi lm directed by Justin Lin, starring Vin Diesel. It is the fi fth fi lm in the The Fast and the Furious fi lm series. One of the action sequences was shot last year, just north of Parker on Rice Road. Principal photog- raphy of the fi lm commenced in Puerto Rico in Nara- njito, San Juan, and other parts of the island. Fast Five was also fi lmed in Parker, AZ; Atlanta, GA; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Vidal, California. For local times and prices call BlueWater Cinemas at 928-669-9222 or visit online at Read the Messenger online at IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN TO AL’S YOU HAVEN’T BEEN TO QUARTZSITE! 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