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The KnighT erranT Page 2 Nine Years of the "A"s' Academy An Opportunity for an Unforgettable Experience J anuary 2014 marked the ninth straight year that Delta Chi hosted the "A"s' Academy, and it was just as inspiring as the first. This year, Saint Meinrad hosted 165 guests (120 undergraduate members, 24 facilitators, 21 staff) as well as members of Delta Chi's Executive Committee, Delta Chi Educational Foundation board members, and guests. Saint Meinrad Archabbey is located in Spencer County Indiana and is only one of two archabbeys in the U.S. and one of 11 in the world. "Saint Meinrand is a special and wonderful place to be at peace, center, and think inward. My soul is refreshed every time I visit," said Michelle Marchand, a small group facilitator. Representatives from 116 chapters attended the four-day retreat that allowed leaders to reflect on their opportunities for improvement. Attendees learned how to define the term leadership through the lenses of Delta Chi's Five Guiding Principles of Leadership. They were able to assess their own leadership style to help identify areas of improvement and development. "A"s from all around the United States and Canada had the opportunity to review and discuss the importance of Delta Chi values, the 11 Basic Expectations, and the Delta Chi Ritual in their everyday life. Participants were encouraged to prioritize intended goals to provide a framework for action when they returned home. Each "A" departed the Academy with a multi-page action plan to better himself and his chapter. Each attendee was a part of a POD (small group consisting of 12 undergraduates and two facilitators), which provided the opportunity to ponder, observe, and discuss a wide variety of topics to elevate themselves as leaders in their chapters. They learned how to identify mentors on campus and seek help when needed, as well as how to develop Communities of Care when discussing risk management. Chapter leaders also engaged in discussions about The V Foundation and best practices that help ignite successful philanthropy campaigns. It wasn't all work. The "A"s were able to break the ice by engaging in plenty of team building exercises and, for some, a Delta Chi all-star basketball game. Leadership Consultants Ricky Conti, Whitewater '13, and Sharif Khan, Pittsburgh '13, drafted their best squads and faced off in a very evenly matched Delta Chi vs. Delta Chi battle. All participants, undergraduates, and facilitators left Saint Meinrad motivated and invigorated after their "A"s' Academy experience. "I always enjoy witnessing the transformation on everyone's face—including the students, facilitators, HQ staff, volunteers, and St. Meinrad staff. This weekend does wonders for the fraternal soul and reminds us that we need to start with ourselves to help others," said one facilitator. Brothers bond during a fun basketball game. DelTa Chi PrePares BroTher For a liFeTime oF PhilanThroPy F or Ronald Martin, New Haven '87, his undergraduate years at Delta Chi New Haven set the groundwork for many of the things he continues to do today, including instilling in him a love and passion for philanthropy. Ron was first exposed to philanthropic work at Delta Chi and became quite skilled at fundraising. His passion for giving back has allowed him much success, including being invited to the White House twice and being honored by the U.S. Senate for raising more than $10 million for Connecticut-based children's foundations. In addition, Ron has served on many boards, something he has found very fulfilling. He notes that the catalyst behind his love of serving began at Delta Chi with simple projects such as clothing drives and other activities that helped people. Ron's experiences as a Delta Chi have influenced him to give back over the years. "I give back because I think it is important to come full circle. When you are an undergraduate you receive benefits from being a member, and as you get older and you have the opportunity to give back, you should, regardless of the amount." In particular, he enjoys giving back to "A"s' Academy. "Delta Chi is the only fraternity group who provides an all expenses-paid trip for every chapter president once a year to learn about leadership and experience brotherhood, and is all done 100% through donations." His continued support over the years has won him two Delta Chi awards. In 2001, he received a Distinguished Delta Chi Award for his philanthropy work, and in 2013 he received a Meritorious Service Award for his work as ABT president of the New Haven Chapter in Connecticut. "It was very nice to be recognized by my peers, and I appreciated the awards greatly. Delta Chi can't afford to pay volunteers, so recognition through awards is critical." Ron stays connected with Delta Chi today through serving as the regent of Region Seven and has served as vice regent for two different regents before that. He attends International Conventions on and off and will always remember his first at age 18. "I was having lunch with my fraternity little brother at a very full restaurant. In walked an elderly brother and we offered for him to join us. He asked us questions about ourselves, and finally, we asked him about himself. It turned out that this quiet, unassuming older gentleman was a physicist who had worked with Dr. Albert Einstein on the Manhattan Project. It was absolutely amazing how someone like that would give his time to a nobody like me. I was overwhelmed by being a part of something so big and important." When Ron is not volunteering, he runs a quality consulting company that works with companies like J.D. Powers and Associates and specializes in telecommunications businesses, mostly cellular, exotic, and super exotic automobiles. Ron has two children and spends his free time collecting old Delta Chi pins and collecting and restoring vintage watches.

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