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April 05, 2014

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Holy week services for Sacred Heart Catholic Church are as follows: Palm Sunday, 5:15 p.m. Saturday, April 12; Palm Sunday Mass, 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Sun - day, April 13; Holy Week Mass, 7 a.m., April 14- 16; no 7 a.m. Mass Holy Thursday, April 17; Mass of the Lord's Supper with Mandatum (washing of the feet) 7 p.m.; no 7 a.m. Mass Good Friday, April 18; 12:15 p.m. Solemn Lit - urgy of the Lord's Pas- sion and Death, Church; no 5:15 p.m. or 7 p.m. Masses or Sacrament of Reconciliation, Saturday, April 19; 8:15 p.m. Solemn Vigil of Easter – Bless - ing of the New Fire, Lit- urgy of the Word, Sacra- ments of Initiation at the Church. A reception will follow in St. Mary's Hall. Easter Sunday Masses are scheduled for 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Sun - day, April 20. For more information, call Beth Garibaldi at 527-1351 or send an email to BGaribaldi@sacred - Sacred Heart Holy week services schedule The community is in- vited to attend three spe- cial events hosted by Sunrise Bible Fellowship, a Baptist church family, beginning 6 p.m. Sunday, April 6. Jim Solomon, from Baptist Church Planters, will speak during a spe - cial evening service at Sunrise 6 p.m. Sunday, April 6. Sunrise will also host sessions of Shasta Bible College's Alpha Omega Conference at 7 p.m. on Wednesday and Thurs - day, April 9 and 10. Alpha Omega is a conference on creation and end time prophecy. On Wednesday eve - ning, Dr. David Wilcox will speak on "Remem- ber the Revelation." On Thursday evening, Pro- fessor Mark Armitage will speak on "Soft Tis- sue in the Suborbital Fos- silized Horn of the Dino- saur, Triceratops Hor- ridus: An Evolutionist's Nightmare," and Dr. George Gunn will speak on "Israel, the Church and the Olive Tree." More information on the Alpha Omega Confer - ence can be obtained by calling 221-4275. A com- plete schedule for the conference can also be found at More information about the events at Sun - rise can be obtained by calling 526-2524 or by visiting www.sunrisebi- Sunrise Bible Fellowship is at 956 Jack- son St. in Red Bluff. alpHa Omega Special events to be held at Sunrise Bible Fellowship It was 1984 when outlaw biker Roger Ralston had a prophetic dream. God told Roger to found a ministry of compassion for pregnant women in crisis. A new Christian, he knew only to obey the voice of God, obe - dience was a new concept to him. God said more. If Roger and others would be faithful the ministry would become a full service medi - cal facility, operate in three counties simultaneously, and one day take over the facilities of a local abortion referral service. Roger retired after a few years as the first director of Crisis Pregnancy Cen - ter in Shasta County. Those who knew of his dream con- tinued to pray it, and count- less volunteers worked it whether they knew or not. By 2006 the name had changed to Carenet Preg - nancy Center, they were op- erating a medical facility with volunteer doctors and nurses, had expanded into Trinity and Tehama Coun - ties, and taken over the fa- cilities of the abortion ser- vice at the provider's invi- tation. The dream was as pragmatic as it was pro- phetic, and this is one of the principle reality checks to be passed by any legitimate prophecy. If it is prophetic it is pragmatic. Carenet is now part of a national network. Just as nationally well known is LifeLight; both have chap - ters in my city of Redding. Their donor bases tend to cross-pollinate. In 2005 they inadvertently sched - uled their primary fund- raisers for the same night. Aghast at what seemed a disaster for both minis- tries in the making, they listened to my prophecy to leave the double scheduling intact and bless each other that the Lord might bless them both. Each sent peo - ple to assist the other min- istry that night and both ministries broke all previ- ous records for fundraising. Again, if it is prophetic it is pragmatic. The contemporary pro - phetic movement is an au- thentic move of God. He has been speaking to and through His people from the beginning. He speaks because He is a God of speech; He spoke the world and its creatures into being. What changes with the in - carnation of His Son is the disbursement of His words through the whole commu- nity of His Body and His Blood – with many voices contributing a panel to the tapestry – just as He prom - ised in Isaiah 59, Jeremiah 31, Ezekiel 39, and Joel 2. The role of the prophets in this fulfilled divine econ - omy is to release and pastor the prophetic voice He has released over the prophetic community. But the Old Testament prophets were ever focused on what was happening at ground level – whether they spoke of past, present, or future events. No authentic prophet of Is - rael would have been con- tent to speak in a raptur- ous tone of voice about some mystical and non-specific "shift" in the heavenlies, or to predict year after year that this was the year the Lord transfers all the wealth of the world to the saints and all our dreams come true. The people tested the prophetic utterances then and we need to test the spir - its now – as Paul insists in 1 Thessalonians 5:21. Proper testing of proph- ecy is not rocket science. It must be consistent with the scriptures; God does not contradict Himself. It ad - dresses present, past or fu- ture events through the lens of God's perspective. And it includes a practical directive toward a prag - matic outcome. That said, some prophecies deal with the apparently mundane while others deal in what can only be called grandi - ose. The Alamo prophecy is downright grandiose and the jury is out on its fulfill- ment. On a 2009 visit to the Al- amo God called me to pray fulfillment of His purposes for that 1836 battle in our nation today. He said those purposes were fulfilled then in the crucible of encircle - ment, assault, and massa- cre. He identified them as the garrison becoming one race – as Indians, Ameri- cans, Europeans and His- panics came together in the common cause of freedom – and one faith – as a garrison co-commanded by a Baptist and a Catholic and repre - senting every known Chris- tian background learned to pray together as they fought and gave their lives. The third purpose was person - ified in the thirty-two from Gonzales who rode in on the ninth day – they rode to- ward rather than away from the place of danger. He says our nation struggles in that same crucible today; it is a spiritual, political, and phys - ical assault, and in that or- der. He says that what cost the Alamo defenders their earthly lives and brought them to eternal life is on the table for our nation today. It passes prophetic mus - ter; the question is whether it passes from our ears through our minds and into our hearts. James A. Wilson is the au - thor of Living As Ambassa- dors of Relationships and The Holy Spirit and the End Times – available at local bookstores or by e-mailing him at raynorthstate@ gOdtalk If it's prophetic, it's pragmatic In Brief The Associated Press VatIcaN cItY » Pope Francis on Wednesday hailed Pope John Paul II's legacy as he marked the ninth anniver - sary of the Polish-born pon- tiff's death. A crowd of tens of thou- sands of tourists and pil- grims, including some from Poland, applauded when Francis recalled during his weekly public audience in St. Peter's Square that John Paul died on April 2, 2005, and will soon be made a saint. Francis w ill lead the sainthood ceremony on April 27 in the square for both John Paul and Pope John XXIII. Francis urged the faithful to prepare for the event by "rekindling the legacy of faith that John Paul left behind." He added that the long-ailing John Paul, who led the church from 1978 until 2005, "even accomplished good with his suffering." In Warsaw, a few hundred faithful watched a documen - tary dedicated to the pope on a giant screen in downtown Pilsudski square, where John Paul made historic speeches during his visits. They later held a prayer vigil by his relics — a glass and metal case holding a piece of robes stained with John Paul's blood from the May 13, 1981, assassination at - tempt he survived. "The relics are a visible sign that he is still with us, they are a part of him," said Agnieszka Liwinska, who took part in the prayers. But she noted the small size of the crowd, compared to tens of thousands who filled the square with lights and flowers after the pope died. "W e re me mb er h im , bu t daily chores have laid claim on our time, that's why so few people are here," she said. The southern cities of Wadowice, where the pope was born Karol Wojtyla in 1920, and Krakow, where he served as priest and bishop for almost 40 years, also held prayers that started before 9:37 p.m. (1937 GMT), the time of his death. VatIcaN Francis recalls John Paul II's death 9 years ago AlessAndrA TArAnTino — The AssociATed Press A crowd of tens of thousands of tourists and pilgrims, including some from Poland, applauded when Francis recalled during his weekly Wednesday public audience in st. Peter's square that John Paul died on April 2, 2005, and will soon be made a saint. Francis will lead the sainthood ceremony on April 27 in the square for both John Paul and Pope John XXiii. Tehama County Church Directory Red Bluff.... ABUNDANT LIFE FELLOWSHIP 21080 Luther Rd. • 528-2499 Pastor J.E. Heitman • WORSHIP Sunday 11AM & 6PM ANTELOPE HOME FELLOWSHIP(SBC) Berrendos School 401 Chestnut St • 200-4112 • Pastor John Bohrer • WORSHIP • Sun. 10:30AM APOSTOLIC ASSEMBLY 1321 Nelson Dr. • 527-8541 Pastor Rudy Cepeda • WORSHIP • Sunday 1:00PM & Friday 7PM BETHEL ASSEMBLY OF GOD 625 Luther Rd. • 527-0445 Pastor David Blythe • WORSHIP • Sunday 10AM CALVARY CHAPEL 12375 Paskenta Rd. • 527-8219 Pastor Gilbert DeLao Jr. • WORSHIP • Sunday 9:00 & 11:00 am CHURCH OF CHRIST 1605 Park Ave • 529-3063 • Evangelist Gary Den WORSHIP • Sun. 11AM & 6:30 PM • Bible Study • Sunday 10AM & Wed 7PM CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS Antelope 545 Berrendos • 529-2506 • Bishop Phillip Smith • Sunday 11AM CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS Red Bluff 545 Berrendos • 527-7012 • Bishop Jim Wilhite • Sunday 9:00AM CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS 12881 Baker Rd., Open Daily 9-11am Pastors Brad & Susan Harms•WORSHIP•Sunday 2PM•Bible Study Thur 2-4pm COMMUNITY BAPTIST CHURCH 598 Round -Up Ave. 527-4203 Pastor Dr. Paul Wright • WORSHIP • Sunday 9AM • PRAYER • 6PM CORNERSTONE CHURCH OF GOD Hwy. 36, Jorgenson 527-9210 • Pastor Roy Duggins • WORSHIP • Sunday 10AM & 5PM FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 501 Pine St. • 527-4361 Pastor Bruce Cloutier • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:15AM FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Hickory & Madison • 527-4688 Pastor Dan Woolery • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:30AM FIRST CHURCH OF GOD Jackson & Luther • 527-5717 Pastor Rod Thompson • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:15AM FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Johnson & Hickory • 527-3361 Pastor Jesse Morris • WORSHIP • 10:30 AM FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH 585 Kimball Rd. • 527-5083 Tom Turner • WORSHIP • Sunday 11AM FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 525 David Ave. • 527-5754 Pastor Nancy Pharis-Cure • WORSHIP • Sunday 11:00AM FREEDOM CHURCH 601 Monroe St. • 355-2284 • Pastors Pete & Bev Williams • WORSHIP Sunday 10:30AM • YOUTH Thurs. 7PM GATEWAY BAPTIST CHURCH, IND. FUND. 12830 Glasgow Dr. 527-2964 • Pastor Jeff Eldred • WORSHIP • Sunday 11AM & 6PM GRACE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF RED BLUFF 22630 Antelope Blvd. 530-727-7344 • Pastor Carl Miller • WORSHIP • Sun. 11:00AM • Antelope School LAKE CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY CHURCH Lake Club • 347 6970 Jim Bredow, Pastor • WORSHIP • Sunday 8:30-10:15AM NEIGHBORHOOD CHURCH 1625 Johnson St. • 527-8134 SERVICE • 10:00AM NEW HOPE FOURSQUARE CHURCH 645 Antelope Blvd, Suite 13 528-0642 • Pastor Christopher Church • WORSHIP • Sun.10AM • Youth, Thurs. 6 PM NORTH VALLEY BAPTIST CHURCH (Ind.) 345 David Ave • 527-0543 Pastor Scott Camp • Sunday 11:00AM • NUEVA VIDA 11841 Hyw 99W • Red Bluff • Spanish-speaking Pastor Freddie Villasenor • WORSHIP • Sunday 11:00AM OPEN VISTAS AWARENESS CENTER 900 Walnut St. • 529-9285 Rv. Tresha Wing • SERVICE • Sunday 10:00AM OUT OF THE BOX MINISTRIES-COWBOY CHURCH 585-3070 22812 Antelope Blvd. –– Wednesday 7:00PM –– Sunday 10:00AM PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Jefferson & Hickory St. • 527-0372•Rev. Beth Hoyt 9:30 AM Sunday School • 11:00 AM Worship • Childcare Provided PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF GOD 370 Kimball Rd. • 527-6346 Pastor Mike Cox • WORSHIP • Sunday 11:00AM RED BLUFF COMMUNITY CHURCH 1920 Park St. Pastor Stan Kolbert • SERVICES • Sunday 9:30AM • 282-2248 SABBATH COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN 705 So. Jackson St. • 529-1890 Pastor Ron Largent • WORSHIP • Saturday 10:45AM SACRED HEART CATHOLIC CHURCH 515 Main St. • Father Joyle T. Martinez MASS • Saturday 5:15, Spanish 7PM • Sun. 8:30AM, 10:30AM, Spanish 12PM THE SALVATION ARMY 944 Walnut St. • 527-8530 Major Kit Wetter, Pastor • SERVICES • Sunday 10AM & 11AM SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHRUCH 720 S. Jackson • 527-3733 Pastor Robert A. Clark • WORSHIP • Saturday 10:30AM ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH Jefferson & Elm • 527-3414 Pastor Dallas D. Dubke • WORSHIP • Sunday 8:30AM & 11AM ST. PETER'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Jefferson & Elm • 527-5205 Rev. Maryly Adair • Sunday 9:30AM, Holy Eucharist Rite II SUNRISE BIBLE FELLOWSHIP GARBC Corner of Cedar & Jackson 529-6884 • Pastor Chris Hurton • WORSHIP • 10:50AM • Bible Study 9:30AM TEMPLE BETH ISRAEL 8529 Placer Rd., Redding 243-5726 • For service dates & times • 529-9246 TRINITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 20920 Hampton Rhodes Dr. 528-8668•Pastor Loren Browning • WORSHIP • Sun. 10:45AM - Wed. 7PM THE ROCK CHURCH OF RED BLUFF 285 Gilmore Road • 527-7234 Pastor Vik Hylen•WORSHIP • Sun. 10AM & 6:30PM - Wed. 7:30PM - Mens Prayer Sat. 9AM VINEYARD CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 738 Walnut St. • 527-2449 Pastor Steve Igarta • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:30AM WALNUT GROVE CHRISTIAN CENTER RHEMA Bible Church • 527-9065 435 Round Up Ave.• Pastor Michael Ragsdale • WORSHIP • Sun. 10:30AM ZION CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES 836 Washington St. 529-1836 • Pastor Joshua John McKim • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:15AM Bowman... COMMUNITY CHURCH Bowman Rd. & Landes • 347-6130 Pastor Mark Lugg • WORSHIP • Sunday 10AM Corning... BELIEVERS CHURCH OF GOD 783 Solano St. • 824-6502 Pastor Dan Steigmn • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:00AM CHURCH OF CHRIST 1418 South St. • 824-3603 WORSHIP • Sunday • 10:30AM CHURCH OF CHRIST 1440 Yolo St. • 824-4333 David King, Minister • WORSHIP • Sunday 11AM & 6PM CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS Marguerite & Blackburn • Bishop Scott Davis • WORSHIP • Sunday 10AM CORNING FOURSQUARE 404 5 th St. • 824-5776 • Sr. Pastor John Gehrung WORSHIP • Sunday: adults 9:15, 10:30 AM • Tues.10AM prayer meeting FAMILY BIBLE CHURCH Marin & Pear Sts. • 824-0989 Pastor Joycel • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:45AM & 6PM FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 506 Colusa St. • 824-3490 Pastor Chris Fissori • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:15AM • Sunday School 9AM FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH 1421 Marin St. • 824-5739 WORSHIP • Sunday 11AM FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 824-5535 • Marguerite & McLane Pastor Howard Sanborn• WORSHIP • Sunday 11AM GOOD NEWS LIGHTHOUSE 1520 East St. • Pastor Ben Rorie WORSHIP • Sunday 11AM • Bible Study 10AM • 824-0175 , Cell 701-9292 HARVEST CHRISTIAN CENTER CHURCH OF GOD 1006 6th St. 824-2091 • Pastor Michael Sharp • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:00AM IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CATHOLIC CHURCH 824-5879 814 Solano St. • Father Juan Manuel Ponce • MASS • Sun. 10AM, Spanish 12PM MT. OLIVE LUTHERAN CHURCH 341 Solano St. • 824-5530 Pastor Dallas D. Dubke • WORSHIP • Sunday 9AM NEIGHBORHOOD FULL GOSPEL CHURCH 901 South St. • 824-2323 Pastor Ken Killinger • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:50AM & 6PM NEW LIFE ASSEMBLY CHURCH 824-3426 • Pastor J.R. Gonzales WORSHIP • Sunday 10:00AM - Sunday School 9AM OLIVE BRANCH BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP 565 1st St. • 824-3661 • SERVICE • Sunday 10:30 AM SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH West & Butte • 824-2153 Pastor Robert A. Clark • WORSHIP • Saturday 11AM ST. ANDREW'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 820 Marin St. • 680-0353 Rev. Diana Lueckert • CHURCH • Sunday 11AM Capay... COMMUNITY FRIENDS CHURCH • 4th & Moller Ave. • 865-2806 Pastor Toni Brown • WORSHIP • Sunday 9:30AM Cottonwood... FOURSQUARE CHURCH 2400 Rhonda Rd. Rev. Paul Shrum • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:30AM & 6PM Dairyville... CONE COMMUNITY METHODIST CHURCH 11220 Hwy. 99E • 527-2329 Coordinating Pastor Nancy Pharis-Cure • Clay M Pastor Chris Bauer • WORSHIP • Sun. 9AM El Camino... COMMUNITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Hwy. 99W • 385-2314 Pastor Nancy Pharis-Cure • WORSHIP • Sunday 9:30AM SHADY REST FULL GOSPEL CHURCH 7211 Hwy. 99W 385-2155 • Pastor Andrew Dalson • WORSHIP • Saturday 7PM Gerber... BAHA'I FAITH OF TEHAMA COUNTY 385-1091 Prayer meetings Fridays 7:30PM Brickyard Creek Apartments FAITH HOPE LOVE MINISTRIES 21941 Chard Ave. 385-1431 • Pastor Ina Driggers • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:30AM GERBER BIBLE FELLOWSHIP 301 Samson @ Ventura 385-1718 • WORSHIP • Sunday 10AM Los Molinos.... COMMUNITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Sherwood & Josephine • 384-2656 Coordinating Pastor Nancy Pharis-Curie•CLayM Pastor Ray Watkins • WORSHIP 11AM MILL CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH HWY 99E and Taft St., 384-1564 Pastor Carl DeBiase • WORSHIP • Sunday 11AM & 6PM SPIRIT OF LIFE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF GOD • 25235 Orange St. 340-2873• Pastor Anthony Roman• WORSHIP • Sunday 10:30AM & 6PM Manton... MANTON COMMUNITY CHURCH Forward Rd. • 474-5156 Pastor Michael Stiener•WORSHIP•Sunday School 9:30 Sun. 10:45 Paskenta... PASKENTA FLOURNOY BIBLE CHURCH 13140 Round Valley Rd. Sunday 10:30AM • 833-0557 Platina... ST. HERMAN OF ALASKA MONASTERY Begum Gorge Rd. Abbot Herman • LITURGY • Sunday 8:30AM Rancho Tehama... COMMUNITY CHURCH (Non-Den.) • 585-2526 WORSHIP • Sunday 11AM CHRISTIAN LIFE MINISTRIES 585-2975 Pastor Don Luke • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:30AM/6:00PM Tehama... ASSEMBLY OF GOD Third St. • 384-2603 Pastor Walter Bright • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:30AM ST. STANISLAUS CATHOLIC CHURCH • 824-5879 Corner of 4th & D • MASS • Sunday 8:00AM - English Vina... VINA COMMUNITY CHURCH 5th & D Street • 839-2340 Pastor Larry Peterson • WORSHIP • Sunday 10:30AM & 6PM HOYT-COLE CHAPEL OF THE FLOWERS 816 Walnut St. - Red Bluff FD 652 This directory sponsored by: TEHAMA ESTATES A Retirement Community for the Active Senior Citizens 750 David Ave. - Red Bluff - 527-9193 Your Ad Could Be Here Call Daleen at 527-2151 ext.101 Hospice Gift and Thrift Store Thank you for ongoing support – M. – F. 9 – 5 • Sat. 10 – 4 Riverside Plaza Main Street 530.528.9430 | FAITH | redBlUFFdAilYneWs.coM sATUrdAY, APril 5, 2014 4 B

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