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June 27, 2023

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM JUNE 28- JULY 4, 2023 UCW 19 Great part-time jobs for retirees a STAFF REPORT Many adults nearing retirement age count down the days until they can bid adieu to the daily tasks of commuting and working so they can enjoy much more time for recreation, travel or whatever they aspire to do. As enticing as unending free time may seem, some retirees find it is not ideal to be entirely free from the responsibility of working. As current seniors can attest, inflation can drive up the costs of living. Seniors who were once able to afford a certain retirement lifestyle may no longer enjoy that hard-earned luxury. Others may miss the daily opportunities to so- cialize that working provides, or the way prob- lem-solving on the job stimulates the brain. But even retirees who miss working may not be ready to return to the workforce full-time. at can make part-time employment an ideal fit for mature workers. Here's a look at some part-time positions that could be a good fit for older adults reentering the workforce. Retail sales associate Working in retail opens seniors up to a wide array of responsibilities and scenarios. Jobs may include greeting customers, making sales, put- ting out inventory, and helping customers select merchandise. Being personable and having good customer service skills are necessary traits to have when working in retail. Many stores offer part-time employees flexible hours so schedules can be customized. Consultant Retirees who loved their job but wanted to spend less time doing it can return as consul- tants. According to e Balance: Money, individu- als often find they earn more per hour working as consultants than they did as full-time staff members. Consulting is a way to share expertise and experience without making a full-time commitment. Customer service representative A customer service representative is tasked with helping cus- tomers solve problems and ensuring customer satisfaction. He or she may work at a traditional office or store location, or answer calls and resolve issues from home. School positions Retirees may want to consider jobs working in schools or in related capacities. Driving a school bus is an option if people are willing to undergo the proper training and licensing to operate this type of vehicle. Seniors also may consider working as lunch- room aides or lunch service providers, crossing guards, substitute teachers, and paraprofession- als in the classroom. School employees will only work a few hours during the day. ey'll also enjoy many holidays off as well as summer vacations. Receptionist Receptionists greet patients or customers in of- fice settings. According to AARP, they are the wel- coming faces of organizations. Answering phones and light clerical work also may be required of receptionists. ose who want to work off-peak hours can think about working nights and weekends in hospitals or skilled nursing facilities. Seniors have many different options if they decide they want to return to the workforce in a part-time capacity. ere are a number of part-time positions that could be a good fit for older adults re-entering the workforce. MONEY Golf courses are serene settings that allow people to enjoy the great outdoors while simul- taneously engaging in the thrill of competition. ose factors undoubtedly motivate people to hit the links and play a round of golf, which remains a wildly popular sport. In fact, a recent report from the National Golf Foundation found that roughly 119 million people followed golf on television or online, read about the game, or listened to a golf-related podcast in 2022. Golf can certainly be a fun sport to follow, but it's just as fun to play. Golf is a challenging sport, and it can be especially difficult for newcomers. Patience is paramount when learning to play golf, and the following are some additional strategies beginners can keep in mind as they learn to golf. Work with a pro. Golf pros at local courses or even private coaches typically have extensive experience teaching the game. at experience is invaluable. Beginners can learn the basics from a seasoned pro, who can instruct students on fundamentals such as stance, grip and swing so they enjoy their first round that much more. Purchase a good set of clubs. e right clubs can make the game that much easier. Adults who are not sure if they want to fully commit to playing can get by with secondhand clubs, while parents can do the same as they try to teach their children the game. Once a commitment has been made, a new set of custom fitted clubs can be a worthy investment that lets golfers take their game to the next level. Using clubs that are too small or too large can affect performance, as can other factors like grip size. Custom fitted clubs can be expensive, so beginners may want to wait until they catch the golfing bug before they make such an investment on the sport. Golf with a friend. e buddy system makes numerous recreational activities more fun, and golf is no exception. Beginners can ask a friend who already plays to tag along, but it also can be fun to learn the sport alongside another novice. Friends with experience may be willing to of- fer some tips to becoming a better player. Two beginners can share a few laughs as they navigate their way through rounds that might end up well over par. Choose the right courses. Certain courses are more challenging than others. Par-3 courses can be perfect for beginners because they include only par 3 holes, which feature shorter distances from tee to cup and tend to be flatter and easier for novices. Par-3 courses also tend to be just nine holes, which can be ideal for beginners. When playing a traditional course, beginners can look for one with a reputation for being less challenging so they are not discouraged by their final scores. Millions of people enjoy playing the game of golf. As beginners introduce themselves to the game, they can keep various strategies in mind to ensure their day on the links is fun and fruitful. Tips to help beginners get in the swing of golf a STAFF REPORT SPORTS & RECREATION ere are a few strategies beginners can keep in mind as they learn to golf.

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