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Iowa Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity at the University of Iowa

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438 4 178 61 50 6 the hawKeye page 2 ADVANCING IOWA ALPHA Chapter Welcomes Talented Incoming Class Brothers man the grill at a Chapter recruitment event. Brothers gather outside the Chapter house in their favorite sports jerseys. Members chatting around the basketball court. Members run home to Phi Psi. F or the first time in our college careers at the University of Iowa, Greek fall recruitment was held in person. Previously, formal recruitment had always been virtual due to COVID-19. Formal recruitment filled the week following the Iowa State football game, with half the events occurring at the IMU and half at our Phi Kappa Psi Chapter House before bid night. Recruitment coordinators and active members hosted dinner around the grill, played bags and basketball, threw a football around, and conversed with hundreds of potential new members (PNMs) throughout the week. In-person recruitment helped PNMs open up and truly connect with us compared to the virtual environment of recent years. We are proud of the 50 members we brought in and are excited to see what they will bring to our Chapter over the next four years. As recruitment coordinators, this experience was exciting but stressful. As it was the PNMs' first time going through this process, it was our first time too. Each day, we had to make a plan of attack before adapting to the situation. For example, the first event is like a career fair. In prior years, each table had about 10 PNMs at most. There ended up being around 50- 60 PNMs at our table at once, which was overwhelming. As recruitment chairmen, scheduling Brothers to tasks and activities were important pieces of the process. We needed to make sure members were at event locations helping socialize with PNMs, or assisting with important tasts like taking pictures of PNMs, coordinating house tours, or answering valuable questions about dues and brotherhood. It was our job to meet everyone while making sure the little things were completed to make the recruitment process go as smoothly as possible. The recruitment process helped us practice many skills that will benefit us in the future. The opportunity to meet many new people helped us practice our conversation skills. PNMs were nervous in most conversations, as you would expect, but it was on us to help each person open up and feel comfortable. Developing a simple script of questions helped conversations last longer and become more genuine. This is something that will help us long after recruitment and college, as well as learning how to coordinate events and manage tasks. Overall, fall recruitment '22 was a success, and we were pleased to be back in person at 363. BY THE NUMBERS Students participated in fall formal recruitment Recruitment events were hosted PNMs came to preference night Bids extended Bids accepted Legacies among the incoming class Fraternally, Conor Wright '21 Micheal Keough '21 Recruitment Chairmen

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