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the Fraternity and Sorority Preserving the Greek experience for future 2 C apitol Hill can be a mystery to many observers if you believe everything reported in the press. While it may appear that inter- party battles dominate the legislative atmosphere, a closer examination through personal involvement can give a person a much more accurate— and encouraging—political perspective. This is just one reason why it's extremely valuable for our FSPAC alumni members to get to know key congressional members. Over the last six months, your FSPAC leadership has become more actively engaged in such member contact, led by President Andrea Bechtel, XΩ and President Elect Tom Decker, ΔΣΦ. Our fearless leaders (as I call them) began their tenures in late 2021, attending congressional committee events normally attended by multiple members of Congress and their key staff. I can tell you all, from personal experience as a former senior staffer for the Senate Majority Leader, that having a highly motivated volunteer approach me was much more impressive and credible. Additionally, it's a real expression of sincere purpose to be able to say, "I'm simply here as a concerned volunteer alumnus working issues related to preserving and enhancing college Greek life." I'm happy to report that many of our colleagues have stepped up this spring, spending their own time and resources to attend member events. Additionally, your FSPAC officers have held numerous one- on-one Zoom calls with key congressional members to educate them on our priority Greek issues. Continuing to build these relationships is most important as we pursue our policy agenda, including freedom of association, anti-hazing, and collegiate housing issues. With the pandemic having a particularly negative impact on Greek housing recently, several member groups requested that our CHIA legislation get particular attention during this legislative cycle. So, allow me to recognize David Ashinoff, ΣX, Kelly Crompton, AΔΠ, Sarah Lindsay, ΔΔΔ, Jamie Miller, AΣT, Vicki Nixon, ΔΓ, Toby Roth, ΘX, and Ben Satcher, KA Order, who've attended recent in-person member events. We also appreciate the additional board members—Carole Jones, AOΠ, Caroline Lazzara, AOΠ, and Michael Mayer, ΘX, who volunteered for D.C.-based events while attending our April in-person board meeting and FGRC Hill Day. I'd also be remiss if I didn't thank Donna Chereck, AXΩ and the team of Julie Burkhard, AXΩ and Scott Turk, ΘX in advance for their volunteering to attend future out-of-town events. I really appreciate your time and energy! We've all made a real difference, as I've sensed through my own travel to attend multiple events this year. As donors, please rest assured that your Political Affairs Committee will continue this trend of reaching out to members of Congress, as I believe that we have the true passion to preserve this Greek life system that has meant so much to us all. I truly feel that a well-informed and motivated volunteer can make all the difference when dealing with congressional members and their key staff. I hope that our communications give you an appreciation for what really happens on Capitol Hill and how we are trying to advance legislative causes on behalf of us all, but for now, please know that the nation's most critical business (while sometimes delayed and less than sensible) gets done. Trust me, it's not as scary as the pundits and press would have you to believe. Fraternally, Tom Carter, ΠKΦ Vice President, Political Affairs The Unique Influence of Volunteers How to Make Our Voices Heard TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8. ELECTION DAY. This is a critical day for the Fraternity and Sorority PAC. We want to elect as many candidates as possible who believe in the value of the fraternal experience. Who believe in freedom of association, access to safe and affordable housing for our students, and completely eliminating hazing. We cannot do this without YOU—our donors. When you make a donation to the FSPAC, you are helping us to do just that. SUPPORTING A BIPARTISAN SLATE OF CANDIDATES FSPAC supports candidates and members of Congress who stand up for issues of importance to the Greek community, regardless of party affiliation. Most recipients are members of fraternities or sororities, but some are not. ELECTING MORE WOMEN TO CONGRESS FSPAC makes priority investments in NPC alumnae running for Congress for the first time. As of this writing, only one state (Texas) has held a primary election. Things picked up again in May, with 12 states holding primaries. June (17 states) and August (16 states) are the busiest months. We are especially interested in helping women win competitive primaries, because we know early money dramatically improves a woman's chance of winning an election. The vast majority of Greeks in Congress are NIC alumni, followed by NPHC alumni/ae, then NPC alumnae (thus the focus on helping more get elected). Our Time Is Now Help Greek Life Win in November!

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