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A s the first semester of the academic year winds down, I can confidently say that our chapter is trending in an upward direction. Compared to last year, I believe the main catalyst driving this positive direction is the change in culture and attitude possessed by the brothers of Purdue ΣAE. Stemming from a strong executive committee and other great role models living in the chapter house, a sense of pride and gratification of being a member this fine fraternity has been instilled throughout all members at the beginning of the semester and has continued to grow stronger day to day. For example, there were many problems last year with members disrespecting the physical chapter house by breaking appliances, not cleaning up after themselves, and even trashing certain areas of the house. That major problem last year has been completely eradicated and only occurred once this semester in August. As COVID-19 has impacted everyone greatly and caused a major setback for us specifically this year, we have rebounded and faced those obstacles head- on rather than avoiding them. Our determination to do what's right could be seen with our phenomenal recruitment success this past fall. We recruited and initiated a large number of fine individuals who are eager to participate and contribute to what is being built here. Purdue ΣAE has already accomplished so much in this short period of time, but we have many more goals to achieve and we plan to continue rebuilding and maintaining our upward positive trend. We are excited to start this next semester completely sanction free, which has never been experienced by any of the active brothers on campus. With this luxury, we want to build a healthy relationship with not only Purdue's Interfraternity Council, but also Purdue University as a whole. We plan to accomplish this by hosting philanthropy events and participating in community service for the community of West Lafayette. Due to COVID-19 regulations imposed by Purdue University last year, it was almost impossible to perform community service. As restrictions are being lifted, we are seeing plenty of opportunities to give back to our community. We plan to hold multiple philanthropy events throughout the semester and bring back Paddy Murphy week after a two-year hiatus (which was halted by the university due to COVID-19 regulations) as well as host a mental health seminar for all students and faculty of Purdue. As president of Purdue ΣAE, I am excited and honored to play a part in rebuilding pride within the house and continuing these positive strides we have made. Phi Alpha, Vincenzo Mazur '23 Eminent Archon (412) 996-9488 The State of Our Chapter Brothers Continue Strengthening Purdue ΣAE Page 2 Brothers of the Indiana Beta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Alex Geise '24, Ohannes Sarkisian '24, Brad Hack '24, and Anthony Matejko '24 visit Chicago before watching the Purdue vs Northwestern football game at Wrigley Field. Brothers enjoyed a fantastic bowling night organized by Heralds Billy Freudenthal '23 and Christian Vandeveer '23 at Market Square Lanes. Doug McCallister '88 with his wife, Amy, holding Old Oaken Bucket during their visit to see their son Jake McCallister '22.

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