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November 30, 2021

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM SEPTEMBER 22-28, 2021 UCW 17 Many folks ask me about the correct spelling of the holiday. Confusion comes because the holiday's name is in Hebrew, which uses an entirely dif- ferent alphabet that includes sounds not found in English. e first letter has a guttural sound like the German achtung, so some people use CH while others opt for the closest sound in English, the letter H, to avoid people mistakenly thinking it has the English CH sound. Additionally, depending where you're from, some Jews pronounce the final vowel as AH while others say OH. Also, when transcribing the name into English some do it based solely on sound while others try to parallel Hebrew spelling. In Hebrew it ends with the equivalent of a silent H (like in Sarah), so some spell it in English end- ing with an H and some without. is all results in many legitimate render- ings of the name into English. Chanukah (my preference) means dedication or rededication and refers to the rededication of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem following its puri- fication upon recapture from the Syrian army 2186 years ago. It celebrates the miracle of the successful revolt of a rag-tag force of faithful Jews, hiding in caves and frequently using guerilla tactics against their powerful overlords, who had prohibited the practice of Ju- daism and introduced pagan sacrifice into the holy Temple. Because the Jews celebrated the re- dedication of the Temple by belatedly observing the eight day biblical festival of Sukkot (Tabernacles), Chanukah was established as an annual eight day celebration of this miraculous preser- vation of Judaism. A legend, told hun- dreds of years after these events, relates that reluctant to delay the rededication of the Temple for the eight days neces- sary to acquire the special olive oil required for the sanctuary's Menorah (a seven branched, continually burning candelabrum), they lit the only pure oil they had found – a single day's worth. Miraculously the Menorah burned for eight days until new oil arrived. e main observance of Chanukah is the home lighting of an eight branched Menorah each evening to publicize the ancient miracle of Judaism's survival. A single light is kindled on the first night, adding one more each night, until eight are burning at the end. Honoring the legend of the oil it is customary to eat fried foods during Chanukah, such as potato pancakes and jelly donuts. Chanukah gift-giving mostly originated in America so Jew- ish kids wouldn't feel jealous of their classmates' Christmas gifts. ere is no requirement to give any, much less, eight gifts. Chanukah shifts on our calendar because for religious purposes Jews follow a lunar calendar (although the periodic addition of leap months keeps the Jewish holidays aligned to the same season). Finally, Chanukah is considered a minor Jewish holiday, because it does not originate in the Hebrew Bible, but in the later books of First and Second Maccabees. at makes it compara- tively less significant than the bibli- cal festivals like Passover. It receives oversized attention in America because of its proximity to Christmas. Editor's Note: Chanukah runs this year from the evening of Sunday, Nov. 28 through the evening of Monday, Dec. 6. Chanukah, Hanukkah or Chanuko? by DOV GOLDBERG FAITH RABBI DOV GOLDBERG, Beth Israel Con- gregation. Comments? Editor@upandcomin- gweekly.com. 910-484-6200. A f ully lit menorah burns on the f inal day of Chanukah. (Photo by Samara Gilbert.) 2022 Community Directory 2022 Community Directory POCKET GUIDE POCKET GUIDE 2022 Community Directory 2022 Community Directory POCKET GUIDE POCKET GUIDE 2022 Community Directory POCKET GUIDE FREE to Residents, Businesses and Organizations throughout our Community Reserve your Full Page Ad NOW in the 2022 Pocket Guide. Television and Radio Stations Universities & Colleges Local Annual Events Frequently Called Numbers Area Health Facilities County Libraries Local Festivals 18 Month Calendar Parks & Recreation Town of Hope Mills & Hope Mills Chamber Schools Public & Private Museums & Galleries Live Theatre For More Information Call 910-484-6200 www.upandcomingweekly.com nline 24/7 Welcome to Fayetteville 2021 Business & Community Directory W W W . U P A N D C O M I N G W E E K L Y . C O M POCKET GUIDE 21 vol. 40,000 Distribution All Year Long City-Wide • County-Wide • on Ft. Bragg • and I-95

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