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2 Max Akers Creighton University "Max is as playful and silly as he is smart, perceptive, and self-reflective. It is fitting that he has always taken a rolling luggage backpack with him to school, as he is an explorer. He is a thoughtful young man and I look forward to seeing where he lands in life." Dr. Schawang, Advisor Abby Baldwin Wichita State University - Engineering "Abby began as a very quiet presence who soon blossomed into a thoughtful, engaging young woman. She is one of our untapped treasures at Seabury and we are blessed to have had her in our advising. She will be an amazing addition to Wichita State and will be the most considerate roommate ever!" Ms. Lawrence, Advisor Reaghan Bible Olivet Nazarene University - Pre-Physician Assistant and Volleyball "Reaghan is personable and friendly and cares about the people around her. She is definitely a great athlete, but there is much more to her. She will be a great teammate and friend to the students at Olivet Nazarene University. On behalf of our group, we wish you good luck and we'll miss you!" Mr. Nelson, Advisor Sophia Chindamo Bethel College – Environmental Biology and Volleyball "Sophie showed a lot of leadership and spirit during her years at Seabury. She was enthusiastic about every activity we did. She is a dedicated athlete, student, and friend. She has a radiant spirit that draws people in. It's been a pleasure, Sophie! We wish you all the happiness and success you deserve!" Madame Derby, Advisor Colin Farha Colorado State University "Colin is funny and clever. He can have conversations that are elevated or mundane. He is sensible and a key player in brokering agreement in his class. I will miss his presence on every single international trip that we sponsored, but I hope one day to run into him overseas, eating the most exotic food he can find. Good luck, Colin!" Dr. Schawang, Advisor Brenner Gollier University of Colorado "I'm very proud of Brenner and all that he has accomplished. I'm fortunate to know him now and to have been a part of his journey so far. It's been such a pleasure to watch him grow up at Seabury. When I peek into the Senior Lounge, I see a young man with a bright future ahead!" Ms. Meyers, Advisor Aris Grady University of Nebraska – Biological Sciences "Aris is a champion for social justice and is president of the Diversity Club. She is charismatic, funny, and caring, making her a very approachable prefect. Aris, it's been such a pleasure getting to know your self-deprecating, confident self! I look forward to seeing how you will go out there and change the world!" Ms. Porter, Advisor Cameren Green Undecided "Cameren…wicked smart... funny...chill...athletic... supporting—these are just a few of the words that come to mind and they don't begin to truly describe who he is. Not only a blessing to this advising group, but also to Seabury. We will miss you Cameren, yet we know it is time for you to go out and explore this beautiful world. Thanks for always being you!" Mr. Gollier, Advisor Lyle Griggs Yale University "It is so refreshing to meet someone who is truly, authentically themselves. His intellectual and extracurricular pursuits all seem to stem from an abundance of energy, commitment, and desire to lead a well-rounded life. We'll miss his friendship and leadership. He has contributed so much to Seabury and the Lawrence community. We wish him the best of luck and all of the success and happiness he deserves." Madame Derby, Advisor Harrison Hartzler Missouri Valley College – Soccer "Harrison has been gifted with a set of incredible athletic talents and will showcase them next at Missouri Valley College, where he will be a member of the school's soccer program and no doubt be a major contributor to their future success. I am confident that his smile and gracious way of greeting others will impress those who meet him and cause them to also say, 'I want Harrison as my friend.' Keep that balance in your life; it will help you stay centered. You have amazing things ahead of you! I just know it!" Mr. Meier, Advisor Erin Higgins Texas Christian University - Strategic Communications "To compete as much as Erin does in competitive horseback riding requires a great deal of organization and time management skills. They are skills not only important for a high school student, but imperative when moving on into college and adulthood. I'm proud of her hard work and effort to succeed academically and in her own passions. I know that those attributes will serve her well in the future." Mr. LaRocca, Advisor Stavian Jones Post-grad at Colorado Preparatory Academy "Stavian has shown leadership not just on the basketball court, but academically within his class and in Diversity Club. In our advising group, we always feel lucky to see him. We will miss you, Stavian. We hope you make new friends off and on the court and that each time you shoot for your dreams, they are all 3-point shots!" Dr. Eicher, Advisor Namoo "Josh" Kim Undecided "We are really glad that Namoo, after having attended a couple of different schools, settled down at Seabury to finish his high school career. Wherever the future takes you, Namoo, you will make the adjustment with style and grace!" Mr. Patterson, Advisor Evan McHenry Brown University "Evan has developed into one of the most thoughtful, well-rounded, and excellent seniors in the school's history. His intellect is such that some of the best schools in America are pursuing him, yet he stands out equally for his empathy and thoughtfulness. Evan has been a leader in my group for many years and we are all excited to see what the next chapter is for him. We wish him good luck and will miss him!" Mr. Nelson, Advisor Congratulations, Class of 2021!

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