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April 17, 2013

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14 "ADDICTED TO DEALS" "ADDICTED TO DEALS" 1270 W. Main St. Bright Pink Building (across from McDonald's) "MIX N‛ MATCH" WHILE THEY SUPER SALE! LAST!! 3 FOR $1000 -ACAI BERRY -ACIDOPHOLIS -B 12 100 -B 12 500 -BRAIN MIGHT -CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM AND ZINC -CALCIUM 600 MG. 60 CT. -CALCIUM CITRATE 60 CT -COFFEE FRUIT -CHROMIUM PICOLINATE -COLON CLEANSE -CO Q 10 100 MG. 45 CT (PSD) -VITAMIN C 1000 MG 1000 CT. -DHEA 50 MG. -FISH OIL 1200 MG. 60 CT. -NATURES MADE D 2000 MG. 250 CT. -VITAMIN C 100 CHEWABLES 500 MG -NATROL 5-HTP FOR MOOD -VITAMIN E 100 SOFT GELS 400 IU‛S. -NIACIN 500 MG. 60 CAPSULES -SOOTHING PUREWAY C (LIKE ESTER C) -VISION VITAMINS 60 TABLETS -NATURES MADE 60 CT. 500 MG VITAMIN C -ECHINACEA/GOLDENSEAL -ODORLESS GARLIC 400 MG. 100 TABLETS -BORON PLUS -NATROL VITAMIN D-3 10,000 IU‛S 60 CT. -MELATONIN SLEEP AID 60 CT. 10 MG. -PREMIUM DAILY MULTI 75 TABLETS -COMPLETE MULTI 50 + 100 TABLETS -SAW PALMETTO 50 SOFT GELS 160 MG. -ONCE DAILY BY NATROL $1499 RETAIL -CALCIUM LACTATE -HOT PACK (MADE IN THE U.S.A) -NATROL FISH OIL -STRESS COMPLEX -YEAST SHIELD -CALCIUM CITRATE WITH MAGNESIUM -NATURES MADE 1000 MG. VITAMIN D 180 CT. -NATURES BOUNTY 1000 MG. 120 CT. VITAMIN D-3 -TODAYS HEALTH GLUCOSAMINE CHONDROITIN 50 CAPSULES -NATROL FISH OIL WITH D-3 90 SOFT GELS $1599 RETAIL -MARINE HEART FISH OIL BY NATROL $1599 RETAIL -GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE 500 MG. 60 CAPSULES -NATURES MADE MAGNESIUM 250 MG. 100 TABLETS -NATROL MELATONIN 240 TABLETS 3 MG. (PSD) 17.99 RETAIL -NIACIN (NATROL) 15.99 RETAIL 100 TABLETS -FIBER CON FIBER THERAPY $1399 RETAIL -NATURES MADE POTASSIUM 550 MG. 100 TABLETS -NATROL 60 SOFT GELS 1200 MG. FISH OIL -YOHIMBE $1299 RETAIL PROMOTES MALE SEXUAL VITALITY AND HEALTH -ST. JOHNS WORT (MOOD ENHANCER) -WOMENS DAILY MULTI VITAMIN 100 CAPLETS Indian Jones Original HANES HEAVYWEIGHT Skull on Pedestal T-SHIRTS $ Retail $2499 NOW $999 each 1 EACH ( Limit 12) LIMIT 6 COUPON DISNEY MOUSE PADS Asst. Licensed Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, Mini Mouse, Toy Story, Winnie the Poo, and More! Original Packaging, High Quality. MUST HAVE COUPON! Retail $1999 WITH COUPON $499 each *PSD = Date Past Shelf "ADDICTED TO DEALS" TOO 1198 W. Main, Quartzsite (across from Pilot) 928-927-DEAL (3325) April 17, 2013 Voices from The Past in Quartzsite, AZ Excerpts from "In the Shadow of Saguaros" by Rosalee Oldham Wheeler Arbuckle's Coffee 16 cents a pound From 1904 to 1906, Bill Keiser had a job hauling 50-gallon barrels of water out to the mines around Quartzsite for 50-cents a barrel. It took six horses to pull the wagon loaded with eight barrels of water over the long sandy roads and up into the hills. Middle Camp, Ora Fino, and the Mariquita Placers were six miles west of Quartzsite, the La Cholla Placers were seven miles to the southwest, the Plomosa Placers seven miles east, and the Valenzuela Mine was located 17 miles northwest of Bill's water supply. There was over a hundred men placer mining for gold with a few of them making as much as $10 to $20 a day. They would give Bill their grocery orders and he would deliver their grub the following week when delivering their precious supply of water. Bill especially liked their method of payment, freshly mined gold that could be exchanged for supplies at Scott's Store. Considering that food had to be freighted-in some 100 miles from Yuma, food supplies were still inexpensive. Bacon or ham was sold for two-bits a pound and a 24-pound sack of flour fetched 75-cents. A 12-ounce can of milk cost seven-cents, and dried frijoles beans were six-cents a pound. Baking powder was in short supply so the miners learned to make their own by mixing a half pound of bicarbonate of soda with a quarter pound of cream of tarter. This mixture needed to be kept in an airtight container or it would quickly loose strength. If biscuits were made with a substitute that had become weak, they wouldn't rise, and the biscuits would be as hard as the rocks the miners worked. Every miner's grocery order included a package of Arbuckles' whole coffee beans. Tucked inside the coffee beans was a small wrapped piece of hard candy, a special treat for lonely miners. Two Pennsylvania brothers, John and Charles Arbuckle had developed a new pre-roasted coffee that they coated with a glaze made of egg and sugar then sold in one-pound packages. Up until that time, coffee had been as green whole beans, which had to be roasted in a skillet over a campfire before it could be ground and brewed. If just one bean scorched, then every cup of coffee from that batch carried a bitter, burned flavor. Packages of Arbuckles' Ariosa (air-eeo-sa) Coffee had a bright yellow label with the name ARBUCKLES' in large red letters over a flying angel. Bill told me how the miners ground the whole beans without a coffee grinder. They simply put the beans for the morning's coffee into a can and, with a piece of drilling steel pounded the SEE ARBUCKLE'S PAGE 17 Got Drugs? Turn in your unused or expired medication for safe disposal Saturday April 27th 10am - 2pm Quartzsite Police Department

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