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April 17, 2013

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2 Editorial is now located on PAGE 6 Desert Messenger DS! EA FRE Here's the small print: Items for sale under $1000. Private Party Only. 1 per month. Yard/Garage/Craft Sales, Wanted, Give-a-ways, Free, Lost & Found. Email: 928-916-4235 April 17, 2013 Snake Safe Class comes to Parker area New Reality Show may be produced in Quartzsite Parker, AZ - Worried about your dog being bitten by a Rattlesnake? Take that worry away. Teach your dog to stay away from Rattlesnakes and to alert you when one is in the area. Now taking reservations for SnakeSafe classes to be held May 10th, 11th, & 12th, 2013 in Big River, California. This will be the last class of the year at this location. This class works! Graduates have already alerted their owners to RATTLESNAKES in their yard and avoided being bitten!! Contact: LEISA at 760-665-6246 OR 928-503-4819, leave a message and she'll contact you as soon as possible. Class space is limited to 24 dogs for this weekend. Register early, as classes are already filling up. S������ �� D����� M�������� | ����� | M����� M���� By Joanne Winer Local bookstore owner Paul Winer has been getting a lot of attention the past few years from all over the world--people have been taking thousands of pictures with him at the bookstore and local events, and posting them on line, and now this has created a lot of interest from film crews from all over the place--Australia, France, Germany, England, the Netherlands, and more. This past month, Paul received several calls from Metropolitan Entertainment, based in Dallas, Texas and New York City, from film producer Pierce Cravens, and they have talked extensively about the idea of doing a reality show featuring Paul, his music career, the bookstore, and many other aspects of living in Quartzsite. These conversations have led to Paul signing a development agreement contract with this company to develop the reality show--12 episodes that will be broadcast nationwide and perhaps worldwide. Pierce Cravens is a well-known Broadway actor whose career started in his childhood. He now produces documentaries and DEADLINE IS WED. APRIL 24 for MAY 1ST issue of the Desert Messenger Email: Phone: 928-916-4235 reality shows and discovered Paul on the internet, through thousands of sites with his picture on it, as well as learning about his previous music career as Sweet Pie. The producer will be coming to Quartzsite to meet with Paul and film what they call a "sizzler"--a preview and advanced look at what the reality show concept would be. They will also be coming back in January and other times to make sure to get a lot of footage of Quartzsite at the peak of the year as well. Once the "sizzler" is complete, it will be used to interest investors in the project, and hopefully will lead to the 12 show series. Pierce Craven will be meeting with Paul to develop and create the series, and Paul will retain all copyrights to his music and lyrics, giving permission to use some of it in the shows. The show is intended to be humorous, upbeat, and often poignant (will include Celia's Rainbow Gardens), and will show Quartzsite at its best--hopefully it will bring in more vendors and winter visitors as well, and will benefit the whole town. Paul will be looking for ideas of what to include in some of the shows, so if you know of any group, event or people to include, make sure to get in touch with him at the bookstore 927-6551. Read MESSENGER Desert ONLINE @

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