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The KnighT erranT PAGE 2 THE IMPACT OF YOUR GRADUATE STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS MAKE A DIFFERENCE B oth Ryan DesCamp, Indiana '15 and Nicholas D'Alberto, Hobart '13 received the Graduate Student Scholarship in 2017 and 2018. These are their stories... Ryan will graduate from Indiana University Medical School with his M.D. degree while also earning his master's in public health. Ryan intends to go into emergency medicine. "Medical school is incredibly expensive, and you can't work, so you have to take out student loans just to live. Another cost that most people don't realize is that you have to pay for travel to interview for residencies! This scholarship is incredibly helpful in allowing me to work on my degree and travel for my required interviews, without having to take on additional student loans. I am forever grateful for this support from my Delta Chi Educational Foundation!" Ryan intends to work in under-privileged areas focusing on emergency medicine. He wants to work on the front lines to help find ways to treat and prevent epidemics such as the current opioid epidemic. Since receiving his last scholarship, Nick graduated and is now a professor at the University of Vermont, teaching neurobiology. Delta Chi gave Nick (a former "A") alumni connections to men in his field of study: Richard Salter, Hobart '86 (Faculty Advisor) and Mark Mapstone, Hobart '89. "I came back to the house one day and Richard was in our parlor with Mark. I struck up a conversation and it turned out that Mark works in the exact field I am interested in. I was able to work in Mark's research lab over the summer. That helped me get a foot in the door for graduate school. The Graduate Student Scholarship helped me with living expenses and allowed me to upgrade my computer, which was desperately needed as I was having to process a lot of data for research projects. This was BEYOND helpful." Nick has always wanted to teach at the university level and has now been able to take advantage of his degrees and knowledge. He looks forward to helping others pursue their dreams by helping them through their education. Ryan DesCamp, Indiana '15 Nicholas D'Alberto, Hobart '13 I n the past 15 years, the DCEF has granted over $1 million to help fund the "A"s' Academy. Jack Jenet, William & Mary '19 and Quinn Reiley, William & Mary '18 attended the "A"s' Academy for the William and Mary Chapter—the 2018 most improved chapter. "The "A"s' Academy helped us learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Quinn (the prior "A") and I decided our chapter needed to develop a culture of good leadership. We took what we learned and focused on brotherhood, community service, leadership development, and public relations. The knowledge and experience we gained at the "A"s' Academy, along with the guidance of our ABT Director, John Larson, Iowa '02, was the catalyst that helped us win the Most Improved Chapter at Convention in Denver," Brother Jenet said. How the "A"s' Academy Helped the 2018 Most Improved Chapter The 2018 Most Improved Chapter—our chapter at the College of William & Mary.

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