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Paid for by Fraternity & Sorority PAC, P.O. Box 3435, Alexandria, VA 22302, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee. P.O. Box 3435 Alexandria, VA 22302 Address Service Requested A Β Γ Δ Ε Ζ Η Θ Ι Κ Λ Μ Ν Ξ Ο Π Ρ ΣΤΥΦ CΨ W THE FRATERNITY AND SORORITY POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE For more information, please visit www.fspac.org SAVE the DATE APRIL 26, 2017 Lobby Day and FSPAC Dinner Training will take place April 25. M y fraternity played a large role in shaping the man I have become and I want to see that opportunity preserved for future generations of young men and women. There have been many recent examples where the rights of Greek men and women have been threatened. Our best opportunity to ensure those important rights stay intact is through influencing legislation. The FSPAC is the best vehicle for such influence as it draws on the chorus of voices of the millions of Greek men and women. It enables us to speak in unison to promote and preserve the very positive effect that membership in a fraternity or sorority provides. The need has never been more urgent for all members of fraternities and sororities to come together in support of one of the most impactful experiences we have all shared. I hope many more will join me. President Cheri De Jong, ΣΚ President-Elect Marc Katz, AΕΠ Vice President Howard Pickett, ΣΝ Treasurer Kathryn Goddard, AΔΠ Secretary Bonnie Wunsch, AΕΦ Finance Committee Chairman Scott Wiley, ΔΣΦ Dinner Co-Chairmen Val Lawlor, AΦ Betty Quick, ΓΦΒ Past Presidents Patrick Alderdice, ΔC Sarah Lindsay, ΔΔΔ Vicki Nixon, ΔΓ Cindy Stellhorn, ΚAΘ Larry Wiese, KA Order Executive Director Kevin O'Neill, ΛCA Director of Development Julie Burkhard, ACW Directors Barrett Anderson, ΦΚΨ Bonnie Arthur, AΦ Natalie Averette, ΣΣΣ Brad Beacham, ΣΝ Andrea Bechtel, CW Kelly Bingel, CW Greg Buehner, ΠΚΦ Tom Carter, ΠΚΦ Laurie Connor, ΚAΘ Dan Corah, ΠΚA Betsy Corridan, ΚAΘ Tom Decker, ΔΣΦ Rob Derdiger, AΕΠ Jim Estes, KA Order Derek Flowers, ΣAΕ Pris Gerde, ΚΚΓ Mike Greenberg, ΣC Alison Griffin, ΔΔΔ Phyllis Grissom, ΔΔΔ Jud Horras, ΒΘΠ Lisa Humenik, ΣΚ Patrick Jessee, ΔΣΦ Beth Langford, ΚΔ Kelly Martinez, AΔΠ Ana Miller, ΠΒΦ Jean Mrasek, CW Carmen Rene, ACW Christine Rocchio, ΔΓ Jeff Rundle, ΒΘΠ Ben Satcher Jr., KA Order Wynn Smiley, AΤW Donna Stallard, ΦΜ Brad Sullivan, ΔΣΦ Mark Timmes, ΠΚΦ Katie Vliestra Wonneberg, ΦΣΣ Dian Volkmer, AΟΠ Leslie Williams, ΔΖ Student Directors Julia Martin, ΔΔΔ Otha Nelson, ΣΝ 2016-17 FSPAC Board Michael Greenberg, ΣC, Magnifies His Voice through FSPAC ΚAΘ members, including FSPAC board members Cindy Stellhorn and Laurie Connor, with ΚAΘ President Laura Doerre.

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