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May 10, 2016

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8 MAY 11-17, 2016 WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM EVENTS Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry VOL. 16 FREE to Residents, Businesses and Organizations throughout our Community. Welcome to Radio & TV Stations 18 Month Calendar WINNERS! UP & CO M I NG W EEKLY 'S Local Festivals County Libraries Area Health Facilities Schools Public & Private Parks & Recreation Universities & Colleges Frequently Called Numbers Town of Eastover City Welcome Mayor Nat Robertson Rodney Anderson Cumberland County Commissioner Marshall Faircloth Live Theatres Museums & Galleries Local Annual Events Town of Hope Mills & Hope Mills Chamber Cumberland County Schools Dr. Frank Till Cit y Center Galler y and Book s isn't like the large chain book stores. Located in dow ntow n Fayet tev ille at 112 Hay St reet, it is a beaut if ul place to spend an af ternoon and get in touch w ith the local ar t ist ic com- munit y. Diane Parf it t is the ow ner of the Cit y Center Galler y and Book s, and for her, this book store is a dream come t rue. "I always wanted to open a book store. I was always in a book club or reading. I just loved the at mosphere. I was a nurse and I worked as a nurse for years. So it was never really something I thought would act ually hap- pen. I just thought to myself, wouldn't it be great," Parf it t says. Parf it t 's journey to f ulf ill- ing her long-t ime dream of ow ning a book store, wasn't direct . " W hen my husband and I t ravel, we always f ind the local book stores and galleries. We are ar t lovers, especially original pieces. We collected a lot of local ar t f rom Fayet tev ille ar t ist s. In 2000, when we bought this space we thought, why not make this of f icial? So we rented out a space in dow n- tow n and had a galler y for a few years. We were renovat ing our space, and as we got closer we thought that hav ing the galler y by it self might not be the best opt ion," she explained. "I always wanted a book store, so why not? A book store and a galler y are a perfect combo!" Cit y Center Galler y and Book s is primarily a used book store. Much of the select ion consist s of classics, but there is a small sect ion of new book s that explore local histor y or are w rit ten by local w riters. The ar t dis- played in the galler y is also f rom local ar t ist s. The exhibit current ly on display is Stephanie Bostock 's work, which w ill be displayed unt il May 22. Parf it t and her husband choose the ar t ist s to display in their galler y w ith t remendous care both by exploring local ar t shows and rev iew ing por t fo- lios that ar t ist s submit themselves. Bostock 's work is a g reat example of t his process. "Stephanie Bostock c a lled us one day and int roduced herself. She was get t ing back into ar t and had never been in a ga ller y and she wanted us to consider her ar t . So we ar ranged to meet and we went to her st udio, which is in t he back of her home. We wa lked in and in less t han a minute I could see how wonder f ul her work was! It was an inst ant aneous con- nec t ion. It rea lly spoke to me. It is such a ref reshing and up beat st yle. She has a couple of st yles like watercolor and some more abst rac t work . It rea lly spoke to me," Par f it t ex plained. The nex t exhibit w ill be a compilat ion of several ar t ist s that embrace a summer and beach theme. A ll pieces displayed in t he ga ller y are avail- able for purchase. "Stephanie's work is ver y af fordable and most lo- c a l ar t ist s are. You c an decorate your home w it h pieces of and about Fayet tev ille or by Fayet tev ille ar t ist s t hat you have never seen before. T hey a lso ma ke rea lly wonder f ul g if t s, especia lly for people who lived in Fayet tev ille and are mov ing ," Par f it t said. Find out more about Cit y Center Ga ller y and Book s at w w w.facebook .com/cit ycenter.ga ller yandbook s. Find out more about Stephanie Bostock 's ar t at w w w. stephaniebostock ar t .com. Stephanie Bostock at City Center Gallery and Books by ERINN CRIDER The works of Stephanie Bostock will be on dis- play at City Center Gallery and Books until May 22. ERINN CRIDER, Staff Writer. COMMENTS? Editor@upandcomin- gweekly.com. 910.484.6200.

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